Thursday, September 30, 2010

Yep Lily the Black Bear Gave US HOPE, and still...

HOPE looking at Sue
for this picture
That's our HOPE
Layin right there on her MOM
Lily The North American Black Bear

Wake UP... Wake UP... time to get your shine on.
Time for Lily and HOPE to pick one, any one
just pick a DEN and den... Hope should be ready for a long winters' nap with all those trees she has climbed, all the places she has roamed and all the tumbles we have seen...
Seems they have a choice, Lily has about three she has been workin' hard on with HOPE leaning her paw on Lily's back as she digs, moves rocks and digs some more... emerging with brown dirt all over that beautiful face, in her ears and probably in her eyes.
And baby girl HOPE?
Nah, she doesn't seem to care for diggin', much preferring checking out the trees for berries, or layin on her Mom and posing for Sue while having her picture taken and all those fans to "ooh and awww" over!

The light is changing; fall is in the air. I'm seeing pictures of the trees where the colors are brilliant. They will get even more beautiful as October comes with its splendor, here in Florida noticing that we are approaching the dark months... the light is really beginning to move to different angles;
 it's getting light later, darker earlier.

I was wondering this morning how many people out of that 113 thousand plus on Lily the Black Bear's page visit there frequently? Do they stop in from time to time; have they forgotten they are signed up?
It seems there are a dedicated many... many who post often and regularly, many have become friends there, some periodically drop in and some are new to the site, trying to catch up and catch on.
MOE from Duluth won the bid at $250.00
Healing Heartaches yesterday.
His autographed book will ship out to Duluth today.
The WRI is doing a spectacular job... the auctions are hot and they continue on...
Be sure and visit
if you are not on facebook to read the updates and see the videos and the great work being done there.

Dr and Mrs Rogers are probably safely back at home now... Last week he handed his daughter Kelly's paw to her now new husband, he walked her down the path... in the mountains of Colorado... I'm sure he had a good  "heart to heart" before that happened with his now new son in law!
Congratulatons Kelly,
 may you and your new husband walk many paths together each bringing to the other magic and beauty each day for many many years of wonderment and love together.
I wish them great happiness, may they find their new lives as beautiful as that we've come to know shared by Dr Lynn Rogers and his bride of many years.
He is a remarkable man... with all of his doings, his great love of family, the press now hounding him, he does love to walk with his bears!
He even let them take his shoes off his feet to auction them off in the fun raiser... is signing his name to shirts and to sun visors and ball caps, conducting valued research on the North American Black Bear
and at the end of a long day, is giving the fans updates on a day in the life of one who
Walks With Bears that trust he will
Do No Harm.
"Bear... it's me, It's Me Bear" now available on ringtones for those who just can't get enough!

Sue Mansfeld has been standing in while the wedding party was happening, tending to the Bears; writing the updates, has been roaming in the woods walking with the bears while Dr Rogers was walking the bride down the isle and celebrating/crying at the wedding... she continues to amaze us with her spirit and her resiliency.
Seems HOPE has taken to following Sue and walking with her as Doc walks with bears!

Meanwhile in Maryland; Nana's girl is a lively and gentle warrior, in school on those crutches with her neon orange cast being signed by friends!
She is doing great with her fantastic attitude.
Little Godson Kamryn #10 is on the football field each evening, home to exhaustion after a day at school, the Rock Club where homework is done and then football ... making touchdowns recovering fumbles and ending his day with his prayer that includes hopes of Olivia to heal quickly so she can once again hit the soccer field,
16 year old Godson D'Vante is seeing the doc this week to find out if he will have to have knee surgery now since his knee is forcing him on the sidelines as #51 aka "The Beast" does not like to sit on a bench!

I was on the facebook page yesterday watching and commenting on the auctions, saying hello to others as they jumped on... I saw a link someone had posted and a couple of folks had clicked on it.
I guess my brain/eyes/guts had not really connected so I clicked on it as well.
I read the article and looked at the picture of a teenage girl standing over her kill; a Black Bear she had shot with her new bow and arrow.
The story went on to talk about how it was her new bow and arrow, she had been taught by her proud dad, and this was her first big game kill; it told of her adrenalin rush when hunting, her excitement upon gazing on a bear.
I stopped reading, looked around and saw the solid wall between the glass sliding doors, imagined it saying:
Got up, went to wall, banged head... saying over and over... "why why did you click that
 what were you thinking"
Came back ~ sat down, doozie of headache now, am reminded of when Olivia was 4 and was told to sit on stairs for a time out... and she was heard to say,
"Mom, the next sound you will hear is me hitting my head on the wall."
And then,
BAM -bam-BAM
"And MOM... it really really hurts"


As I clicked that particular link closed, I go to kitchen still thinking, "that really really HURT", take 2 Tylenol, get ice pack for head, return to computer.
Now I am really wondering,

what was I thinking?
What are we thinking?
Lily the North American Black Bear gave us
We have the ability to choose what we look at
what we listen to
how we react/respond/and treat others
what we do with our lives.

Then I begin to remember, and it hits me,
I believe in choices
I do NOT take Tylenol for someone elses' fever.

But sometimes I cannot understand why someone would choose to make others feel badly.
It has happened a lot on the Lily the Black Bear page at times. Someone will not like what someone says, or not think something is appropriate, or generally just want to squawk/squak ..
wonder how you do spell that.
Feelings get hurt there and everywhere now that I think about at times, perhaps it is a part of the way people think!

Lily gave us HOPE. There are times of great joy there, a party almost every night! Gotta tell you, it is on that page that I joined my very first "virtual party ever" and it was a hoot, I could taste the "tater salad" really I could. We celebrate HOPE's birthday each time she is a week older I think, with party hats, tater salad, and all sorts of stuff, there is a fan there that paints her dogs nails purple, his name is TINK and he is friends with Scooter and you oughta hear them talk to each other...
They have Moderators and "ADMINS" of the page now, it's gotten so large. Folks that sit for hours on end and just watch what gets posted for appropriateness, politeness, ugliness etc...
Those folks must have they eyes of the eagle
I would probably go insane and blind
to be certain.
For the very most part, I do admire their ability to keep all flowing with their gentle reminders when passions sometimes get too intense, or moods a bit too askew...
I often try to tell them that, to say
"bravo, you all are terrific"
talk about patience, talk about those who are the messengers...
Remember the old saying:
"Don't shoot the messenger"?
 I'm thinkin others forget that message often.
The thing about fame is; once you are in the lights, you are a target for many things, and others can affect your light by reflection. And then there are those times that you find when you take a stand, you may be, or feel as though you are standing alone.
Things are like that sometimes.
Did you notice how that was captured in the sculpture of "Changing Woman"
in yesterdays' photo?

Ahhh, did you know when you laugh you cannot experience anxiety at the same time?
If only folks would remember when reading things to take a deep breath, to read again before hitting the "enter" button or going to the post office... and then laughing or singing while doing so before responding that would avoid a lot of stress and hurt in responses.
Perhaps we are on to something here.
maybe walking away for a few minutes is the answer... I know that there are times when someone's words can hit you like a ton of bricks ... you literally feel like the breath has been knocked out of you, or that someone has let the air out ~ and can feel your energy just go.
~ ~ ~
It has been an interesting and most amazing page to associate with... North American Bears are magnificent creatures... and so much education is being given through the updates, through the sharing, and who would have ever thought that a North American Bear named Lily would give us such a gift asHOPE
I am continually amazed at the number of people from all across the world that have found that page; that have reached out to the other from the beginnings of a North American Bear and a gentle man who walks with them.
Now if only HOPE can impart kindness; perhaps the next cub should be named:
or Kindred
or DOC-kind

People come from all over, with all sorts of life stories, some great some not so great; some with great burdens great sorrows... many with life threatening illness, so many with Cancer of all types/stages/chemo/radiation/
some are caregivers, some are grieving losses
new and old.
Some are loners others social butterflies.
all are represented there
Some are laughers, some criers, others are neither

One man there is Dennis Carney; he is also known as the DJ, playing wonderful music for folks to click on if they want to hear some music on Lily's page. And he can pick some out right great tunes.
Music is wonderful for the spirit and the soul.
Recently I read a post made that someone wanted him to stop with the music! And he replied that he would and guessed he would just "lurk" in the background now... and I haven't seen posts from him or heard music since.
I'm thinking he is deeply hurt, and I cannot understand why anyone would hurt someone who is so kind and fighting the battles that he is fighting.
He is a loyal supporter of NABC, of Lily and HOPE and others there. He is a man who has twin daughters one barely escaping death on 9/11 and both now living in Europe... His wife has been hospitalized for months from degenerative bone disease and he is preparing for her to come home where he will be her 24/7 primary care giver.
And Lily the Black Bear gave us and Dennis HOPE
and the music eased our stress
and we gave him support
and he enjoyed providing the music for us.
and now he is with hurt because someone made him feel unwanted on a page of over
113 thousand gathered because
a North American Black bear had a cub
that was named HOPE
and folks came together across
religions, tribes/clans/musical preferences/beliefs/customs
Cant we just all get along?

Why not just scroll on down, it only takes a second.
People can be kind without there being a "hidden agenda", folks do not have to click on each and every link... I know I did out of habit, and you see what that got me ... a head banging!

So with my ice pack melted, my Tylenol working,
I'm thinking folks take things way to critically at times, way to seriously at times
looking always looking to criticize
to find wrong ways
rather than to
embrace the light
spread the good intentions and gratitude
We are only here for a short while...
and once again
I leave you with the words
of His Holiness
The Dalai Lama
"My religion is rather simple.
My religion is Kindness"

Kelly 2 Wolves is donating a fantastic 3 hoop dream catcher for auction... she too is now captivate by Lily the North American Black Bear, Lily, Braveheart and the others...
or contact her
to ask her about it or readings
she is wonderful and ever so good!

The Fire is burning brightly today, the sage and cedar fill the air, with HOPE for all living things and prayers for those who have asked.
You have seen their names here, you know who they are.
Please hold these people UP as you move through your day.

Walk In Beauty,
author of
Healing Heartaches, Stories of Loss and Life

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

A Legend To Heal By

Statue of
Changing Woman
in Sedona

Late start for me today, much doin'
but have been thinking about
a legend I was told a very long time ago,
and somehow it seems right today...
Particularly after a conversation I had with someone last evening of their recent loss... This conversation was then followed by another long conversation with another dear soul of a grief resolved after a long journey walked and resolved with a guide that became a trusted companion through that unfamiliar path...
Seems this legend is once again asking to be shared ~

Long ago and many many moons ago there lived  a man and his wife who had one daughter. Mother and daughter were deeply attached to one another, and when the latter died the mother was disconsolate. She cut off her hair, cut gashes in her cheeks and sat before the corpse with her robe drawn over her head, mourning for her dead.
After death came, would she let them touch the body to take it to a burying scaffold. She had a knife in her hand, and if anyone offered to come near the body the mother would wail, “I am weary of life. I do not care to live. I will stab myself with this knife and join my daughter in the land of spirits.”

 Her husband, relatives and close friends tried to get the knife from her but could not. They feared to use force lest she kill herself. They came together to see what they could do. “We must get the knife away from her,” they said.

At last they called a boy, a kind of simple one it seemed, yet with a good deal of natural shrewdness. He was an orphan and very poor. His moccasins were out at the sole and he was dressed in wei-zi (course buffalo skin, smoked). “Go to the tipi of the mourning mother,” they told the boy, “and in some way contrive to make her laugh and forget her grief. Then try to get the knife away from her.”

The boy went to the tent and sat down at the door as if waiting to be given something.
 The corpse lay in the place of honor where the dead girl had slept in life. The body was wrapped in a rich robe and wrapped with ropes.

Friends had covered it with rich offerings out of respect to the dead. As the mother sat on the ground with her head covered she did not at first see the boy, who sat silent.
But, when his reserve had worn away a little he began at first lightly, then more heavily, to drum on the floor with his hands.

After a while he began to sing a comic song.

Louder and louder he sang until carried away with his own singing he sprang up and began to dance, at the same time gesturing and making all manner of contortions with his body, still singing the comic song.

As he approached the corpse he waved his hands over it in a blessing.

The mother put her head out of the blanket and when she saw the poor simple boy  with his strange grimaces trying to do honor to the corpse by his solemn waving, and at the same time keeping up his comic song, she burst out laughing.

Then she reached over and handed her knife to the boy. “Take this knife,” she said.

You have taught me to forget my grief. If while I mourn for the dead I can still be mirthful, there is no reason for me to despair. I no longer care to die. I will live for me, live my life for my relations and hold my daughter's life UP so that she too will live on in memories.”

The boy left the tipi and brought the knife to the astonished husband and relatives. “How did you get it? Did you force it away from her, or did you steal it?” they asked.

She gave it to me. How could I force it from her or steal it when she held it in her hand, blade uppermost? I sang and danced for her and she burst out laughing. Then she gave it to me,” he answered.

When the Elders of the village heard of the orphan’s story they were very silent. It was a strange thing for a boy to dance in a tipi where there was mourning. It was stranger that a mother should laugh in a tipi before the corpse of her dead daughter. The Elders gathered at last in council. They sat a long time without saying anything, for they did not want to decide hastily. The pipe was filled and passed many times. At last an Elder spoke. “We have a hard question. A mother has laughed before the corpse of her daughter, and many think she has done foolishly, but I think the woman did wisely. The boy was simple and of no training, and we cannot expect him to know how to do as well as one with good home and parents to teach him. Besides, he did the best he knew. He danced to make the mother forget her grief, and he tried to honor the corpse by waving over it his hands."
 The mother did right to laugh, for when one does try to do us good, even if what he does causes us discomfort, we should always remember rather the motive than the deed. And besides, the boys’ dancing saved the woman’s life, for she gave up her knife. In this, too, she did well, for it is always better to live for the living than to die for the dead.

And for this we give thanks in our thoughts today, and so it is ~

Wherever you are whatever your struggles, know that there is light, there is HOPE in healing,
and we are with you... in all ways...

The Fire is burning brightly with thoughts on the wind to all mentioned here, we are with you along with some powerful angels...

Walk In Beauty,

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Lily the North American Black Bear gave us HOPE

We must Protect
The North American Black Bears

Good morning morning and all who gather here!

"My religion is very simple. My religion is kindness.
{Dalai Lama}

The coffee is hot and good this morning as I await my friend the sun. Monday was lovely, but oh so quickly did it run past,
in the late afternoon from out of nowhere, the rains came straight down from the skies...
 just straight down and the smell was delightful. The 4 leggeds didn't know what had happened until minutes later when they realized they were soaked while dancing around the pool!
They are so very funny.

Those fans on the Lily the Black Bear Facebook Fan Page are having a great time with the auctions, to benefit the North American Black Bears.

I have to tell you, I have been ROTFLMBO{rolling on the floor laughing my butt off};
so often, I think I'll just keep the computer and a pillow there!

This mornings picture is "JO"
The North American Black Bear... she is now a "star and  poster "Bear" and is the one chosen of many that were submitted to Dr Lynn Rogers at the North American Bear Center,
to be used to educate, to let others know that we must protect and care for the research bears there...
asking from a place of respect and honor; pleading:
to others out there: to not shoot these special bears.
This is JO the North American Black Bear; isn't she just the most beautiful and gentle eyed bear...

"This one captured the eyes and gentleness of Jo in an especially compelling way" said Dr Rogers.

They have now printed the posters and put them up in the Bear Center. I hope they have also gifted them to the sports shops and to the DNR as well.
Dr Rogers and Sue Mansfeld along with thousands of fans on the Lily the Black Bear Fan page, and Hunters alike have sent letters to those in power, those politicians who can affect change in the legislature and laws... 
also requesting Commissioner Holsten and others;  
asking for a Commissioner’s Order to protect the radio-collared bears wearing ribbons in central St Louis County (the study area) in MN. 

 The law now needs to be clear ... two collared bears have been needlessly killed this year, one wearing bright pink ribbons killed. One was Lily's brother, he was wearing a collar; he was killed.

Ethical hunters are outraged; many have a great relationship built on trust with Dr Rogers who has spent his life working with the North American Bears... they know the value of his work; they appreciate the time, they understand that these bears are special, that there is no claim to glory in hunting bears that have known humans and that are gentle spirits, nope no sport in that at all.

There are 20,000+  bears in MN, there are but so many that are collared, that are being studied...

 These bears have known and come to trust the scent of humans...
There is no honor in hunting bears that have come to know that safety, bears that have known they are safe when walking among humans, now sacrificed by tags led by ethics. There needs to be a clear cut law making it illegal to shoot collared/tagged/ribboned bears; one that has stiff penalties if violated. Many commentaries have been read on hunters sites, in local papers since the outrage of Sara's death by the anonymous hunter who dropped her collar in a mailbox... and it was with great sadness that I read many who wrote, "if it is a law, I will follow it", or "if I am lucky enough to draw a tag, I'm shooting it, collar, ribbons or not, unless the DNR shows me a law"...

With so many comments like that; even on sites where ethical hunters were outraged I say:
MAKE IT A ILLEGAL TO SHOOT COLLARED/TAGGED/RIBBONED NORTH AMERICAN BLACK BEARS... with a damn hefty fine or suspension of hunting license to boot if violated.

That will make it abundently clear to those that hunt who need more than ethics pleads and posters asking along with requests from the DNR and Dr Rogers to lead them.

Ethical hunters have said as much; they feel sick about what has happened to Sara; a yearling of Braveheart, and to Cal, Lily's brother... those ethical hunters feel badly, feel the same anger and outrage that many initially felt on Lily the North American Black Bear's page on Facebook. That angst turned quickly to grief, to sorrow, to feeling heartache for the work of so many years by Dr Lynn Rogers and Sue Mansfeld both so very dedicated, working without pause for the understanding and education and research of the North American Black Bear.

If you do not have a facebook account, you can read and get to know all about this wonderful group and the work being done at
It is almost time for Lily and HOPE and JO and Braveheart and Juliet and the rest to den; the others as well. Each day and night virtual and real candles are lit by thousands for the bears and their safety; those who walk in the woods with them to try and protect them now in hunt season... folks wishing them safety on the facebook, urging them to go "nite nite", and telling them to "go to your den and stay put"!

They are all slowing down now; we all pray them safety, plead for them to dig, to den, and hope to follow again this winter as Lily and HOPE snuggle in, perhaps she will gift us with cubs once again...

The WRI, (Wildlife Research Institute) now has auctions on the Facebook page. And oh what a hoot that is; they've talked Dr Rogers right out of his boots! Sue lost a boot in the woods, it was retrieved by Lily and taken into the den where she and HOPE gnawed on it for a while... and oh how I hoped to win it~!
I was certain I would look quite cute wearing one beat up bear boot with a flip flop here in FL and maybe start a new fashion, but someone else now gets to do that instead... poor me...
There have been gorgeous earrings, necklaces, bear sun catchers, gift baskets, a fabulous cotton shirt autographed by Dr Rogers... and more yet to come...
Such fun I tell you... and all for such a great cause... The posts and comments make it lively; the commentaries about each of us falling in the floor laughing, the bidders canning peaches and conning spouses, the dogs and cats and hit send and bid on behalf of the bears... all move quickly on that page...

I remember writing here about cub HOPE's SCAT... do you remember reading about it? The SCAT fetched ... $1000.00
yep you read that right~!
Waiting for Jay Leno to call, he better hurry before Ellen D beats him to it... sure wish you could have read that thread in the discussions... I cannot remember laughing so hard...

Kelly 2 Wolves hand painted a feather for auction in memory of Sara Bear who was killed by a hunter, and then anonymously left her blood stained collar in the mailbox of the DNR in MN ~ the pink ribbons had been cut off though, makes one wonder about the intent behind that.
Now that feather brought a hefty price... somehow thinking... well let's just say it brought a large sum to the WRI...

Yesterday up for auction was an autographed copy of HEALING HEARTACHES, Stories of Loss and Life, and the bid began at $20.00.
I heard from Dotti and Guin on a post to go and take a look at the auction, my book was there... and it was rolling... So off to the discussion I went... I was humbled and overwhelmed... with great excitement I could not believe my eyes...

I was not prepared for what I found!

They were having a ball, the auction board was rolling, I got there as my book had hit
$80.00 ....

and the comments were hysterical, Kim and Cindy were at it... Cindy was canning pickles; the 7 day kind... so she was quite the multi tasker... others were "lurking" and watching and waiting for their opening... Cindy's hubby is praying he won't have to sell their house, and I am surprised he hasn't stolen the power cord of the computer yet... I swear Kim must have facebook on her phone cos' she pops up at all hours and sneaks a bid in, and I think she has esp...

Next thing I know Kim has gone and bid:
$135.00 and wants an autographed box of tissue too ~ Guin thinks that a great idea, but does not want "krumpled kleeenex" for fear that they would be used! LOL

and it continues on.... with folks wanting to know how to make pickles, how their hubbies think them crazed, with laughter, humor, happiness, and a love for North American Bears.... I sometimes wonder if he and Mrs Rogers and Sue ever sleep once they read those threads, but instead just laugh themselves silly!

And while we are rolling in the floor hysterical...
good ole Moe jumps in and bids:
you know MOE... he bid for the SCAT/THE FEATHER...
he's goin to open a Bru thru in Duluth ...
Moes Brew Thru and Pastry Too
Get YOURS and SCAT!!!
anyway, Moe jumps in and bids:

$250.00 for an autographed copy of

and the page blows up; and humble Moe, aka {Mato Oyate Kola}friend of the bear nation kindly reminds all that this auction is not over until 11am today,
I can hardly wait to see if the bid has jumped higher there ...

And I have laughed until my sides are aching, my stomach will not allow me to eat solid foods... and I can't still breathe normally....
So I jumped on Twitter last night of course, and "tweeted Jay Leno" giving him the link to the discussion tab on the auction! At one point we suggested in a mock phone call to him that he fly all the fans to his show to talk about Lily and HOPE and Moe's Brew Thru and my book too, asking if he would put us up in the Ritz, or his garage, taking us for rides in his cars and Harley?  That sounds good, and we would make really great guests I'm thinking... and after all, although we would embarrass Dr Rogers and Sue, Jay would love to promote and be an ambassador for Lily the North American Black Bear and her cub HOPE... I mean just imagine the lines and material he could come up with from this crowd... HOPE's poopie gets 1 grand in a bid, someone suggests making it into gourmet coffee and having brew thru; making parfum from it, body scrub, wine that has earthy flavors and Filament Wine... why the places he could go with all of that material!!!

So how was your night last night... and how is your day going to be today?

And to think, last winter a North American Black Bear in her den, and a live cam... brought folks together from all across the globe... and Facebook exploded she now has more than 113 thousand friends watching, saying good morning from everywhere to each other; there are people there with life limiting diseases, with Cancer, there are Survivors, warriors, care givers... there are people there because of a man named Dr Lynn Rogers is living his dream and walking with bears, with an assistant named Sue, who also lost a boot in the woods (which was auctioned off to benefit the bears)
and together the lights are burning for this dreadful hunting season to end... and for the work to continue...

Lily gave us HOPE... HOPE gives us light, laughter and love ... How wonderful is that to start the day ~ and "SCAT" to think... most folks think it is jazz!

Wherever you are, whatever you are doing...
Be great to you today... STOMP, you are a winner...

The fire is  burning brightly, the sage and cedar fill the air as I hold the prayer bowl and send thoughts and prayer across the winds to all that are in that sacred circle...
STOMP ~ I ask that you remember them, hold them up in thoughts so that we all remember, we are together, along with some powerful angels here and in the next place ~
and for that I give thanks... and SO IT IS!

Walk In Beauty,
That is the hope in Healing Heartaches
and for that I give thanks and so it is!

Monday, September 27, 2010

In Quiet Moments

In Quiet Moments

Yesterday sparkled with sunshine. Hot, humid, hot hot, hot. Then, the wind picked up. Gentle at first, a breeze that felt good, stirred the branches of the trees. Gray sky appeared from the east, pushing the sun away. The wind picked up, the sky darkened. I watched as the sky hinted at impending rain. Ah, a fall storm, a welcomed gentle rain to come? Sprinkles. How wonderful! Then, moments later, the gray sky cleared, the smattering of rain dissipated and the sun returned in all it’s glory. The breeze was intermittent. The shadows from the trees dancing about casting shadows, then sun, then more shadows.

Odd, my attention was riveted on the play of light. I felt buoyed by the chance of rain, and teased by the light winds. Cooled, hopeful that we might enjoy a shower, surprised as the sky struggled to make a commitment to brighten or bring forth the rain.

I sat quietly for a long time. Patiently waiting to see how this would play out. Thankful for these quiet moments to be fully present to enjoy the moment. No desire to be pulled away. Not a life changing experience but a pleasant experience. A gift form the Universe I might have missed had I allowed myself the time to enjoy it. I stayed in the moment until the sun gently set. Still a breeze, no rain, a silent goodnight to a lovely day.

I am grateful for having had those moments. Having enjoyed the quiet suspense of nature.

The the darkness gathered, I felt at peace. Relaxed. Thankful.

"I don't believe people are looking for the meaning of life as much as they are looking for the experience of being alive." {Joseph Campbell}
Then The darkness felt gentle. Awash with the last muted colors of the setting sun. The breeze still hinting at the possibility of rains unspent. Perhaps I will awaken late in the night to the sound of the rain, or before the sun rises, enchanted by the expectation of another perfect day. Another day filled with whatever gifts the universe will offer.

I will stay open to accept the gifts. I will create some time to enjoy the offering. I will give thanks again. I will remain open to each experience this day will hold ever mindful of the unique and wonderful gifts of each view, each touch of the wind through my hair and on my face...

I am also filled with thoughts of the young man in Georgia, you remember, I called him "Little Cub"... I'm looking for someone who works or has worked for the airlines to try and "hook his mom" up with an airline ticket so that she may fly from Colorado to be with him there in GA during whatever is to come with testings/and such during these frightening times... Mom also has Cancer... Please hold this family in your thoughts and prayers... AND, if you have some frequent flyer miles to spare, or creative ideas, or if you have an "in" with the airlines let me know, let's help Mom get to her cub...

The fire is burning brightly, the sage and cedar is being offered in great gratitude with thoughts on the wind...
The list of our prayer/thought/intention circle in listed on yesterdays thoughts...

I invite you to join me in holding the people up in thoughts and prayers... Because you choose to, because together we are warriors here, along with some powerful angels and some energetic light workers...

And for that I give thanks, and so it is!

Walk In Beauty,
That is the hope
Healing Heartaches, Stories of Loss and Life

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Embracing The Light, Embracing Others

May this day grace with you
with changing beauty
from within

That wonderful day at
The Grand Canyon
was spectacular
and what was most remarkable
as the light changed
so did the view
from each and every place you stood ~
You could feel the light being held
UP as it danced through the
Grand Canyon.

The fire is burning brightly, its embers are hot... The sage and cedar are burning with
Thoughts and prayers being offered on the winds to and for many today


... STOMP "Little Bear Cub" a young man who has just been diagnosed with brain Cancer needs our strength, our united prayers and light, please think of him as you move into your day, his family, and to you young warrior I will offer prayers and urge you to fight, we are with you here, along with some powerful angels, healers, light workers and bear spirits. We will fight right along with you from a distance; with you and your family, know that you are not alone dear ones.

To those who have served and are serving this great Nation, I thank you and your families.

We are together in prayer, in thoughts of all that is needed to remind you out there, we are WARRIORS...

We are always alongside the journey with you, along with some powerful angels and light workers too...

May you find comfort in knowing we are with you always: AND for that I give thanks, and so it is!

FOR:Tampa, our Mayor Iorio, Chief Jane Castor, Tampa PD, all who serve:


Dotti B., Becky and Barry Long, Christina, Matt and children, Aaron, Lisa and family, Freda, Linda Katie, Pat D, 2Wolves, Tink..and Mitch, Jerry, Trish, Barb, Anastasia, Mary, Rylee, Lindsay, Ann, Sarah, Ruth, Johnny, Bobby and the Tucker Family, The Spraker Family, Aunt Effie and family,Kenny H, Michelle, Sandy, Addie and family in Canada,

The Kocab Family, baby Lilly Nicole Kocab, The Curtis Family, Tarpon PD, those serving here and there in Uniform...

Mylee, Mikey and family in DC, Jack M & Janis in OC, Stephen, Stuart Wittel in Pakistan and his parents, Lavie Coltrane and her loving family, Pat in Southwest VA, Andrea Gasse and family here and in New England, Ali and family, Randy and Winnie in New Mexico, Jill Wheaton, Dennis and Lynn, Dr Peter in NY, Dr Mortonette, Dr Lee, Dr Rev Bev, Dr Kenya, Dr Dennis in Austrailia,

Irene M, Bernice, Eileen and family, Dorothy, Angela, Elijah, Ode, Linda M, "Southwest VA",

Vicki, Matthew and family, Chris, Lovie, Pedro and Our adopted family in BRAZIL, Our Black American Bears Lily and HOPE, their spunky spirit, Jill, the folks at the NABC, WRI, Joseph, Cathy Madden, Nathan, and her family., Cindy in NC Cindy, Liz, Lee, Molly, Joanie, Jude, COFA,Judi, Matthew, Natalia, Matt, Mark's family and many friends , Pat, Irene, Kevin, Dr D, Deb, Randy, Dr B , Charlie and family, Jean, Julie, Rhonda, Victoria, Mildred, Andi and family, Faith, Denise, Jim, Tom, Joey, Shelby friends and family, Judi, Phylis, Joyce, Gina, Tonya, Beverly and Family, Janeth, Melissa, Pam, Virginia, Stacey, Elizabeth, Nita, Gary Siegal, Adrienna,Brian Mawbey, the Boyan Family, Jean R and friend Christy Rider, Victoria and hubbie, Stephen, Gayle, Steph, Chris, Erica, Eileen, John, Mindy, Jack, Susan Werth Becken, her brother Mike and family, Craig James Lightfoot and his family, Kenny, Audrey, Ed Saner, Patty Crowley, Bennie, Gail, Jonathan, Moe, Beverly, Dennis, Peter, Trish, Cynthia, Heidi and her family, Kathy Knights' family

and ...
(please feel free to let me know if you would like to add your/or a friends name to our circle)

As our circle continues to grow; I will post the names on Sunday's since that will be the day for all to appear...
During the week, please hold these people UP, and feel free to add a name for our circle in your comments... knowing it will appear the next Sunday as the list continues to grow so quickly.
Know all are being kept in a prayer bowl here... with prayers and thoughts offered daily ~

Please lift these friends family and loved ones of these people in your hearts and prayers ~

Just because you have the power and choose to to join with us there are some powerful warriors on this page and in the next place along with some awesome angels ~ together we have banded together with the energy, love and support to facilitate healing and hope for so many along their journey... and for that you should feel pride and great love in connection ~
That is the HOPE in Healing Heartaches ~

Walk In Beauty,
Healing Heartaches, Stories of Loss and Life

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Thunder Played Games in the night

Thunder played the drums last night
the gentle rains of fall
fell here, the sounds played on the earth and down the gutters like a tapping, a lovely sound to be certain... as if in harmony with the thunder.

Good morning on this lovely fall morning
as I wait for the light to break and once again be amazed at the beauty that surrounds us.
It was quite remarkable how the light played on the Grand Canyon nearing sunset there; as if a wide brush was painting the canvas before our eyes.
The many layers and then we were honored to see the Eagles soared from below to above the rim
and back again, such incredible flight.
Right there for us and others to witness in addition to the sights and the lights changing by the
hands of the Universal Oneness/God/Creator/
that lives within us.

Last night Buddy Pal #1 sat on the sidelines as the Varsity Bobcats took the field... for the second week his knee has prevented him from playing football.
Now the big question will be ... surgery now or later.
The Bobcats lost their first game of the season last night... so sad.
we have Olivia our little warrior out for the soccer season in Maryland in her orange cast;
D'Vante in Southwest Virginia sitting in pain on the sidelines
Kamryn #10 on the little Bobcats, running and doing, making touchdowns and recovering fumbles and saying his prayers for Olivia and his big brother to be well!
"It was high counsel that I once heard given to a young person. Always do what you are afraid to do."
Ralph Waldo Emerson

And then we have COB (aka Mom, Auntie Dot)...
rumor has it she has backed her beautiful Murano into a tree after having a great lunch with friends... must have been one big tree as it took out the back window of her beloved vehicle :)
I heard of it by text... and all I know is the text also showed me a picture of a jazzy looking blue car that she is now driving as a rental??? {heehe}
Mom does have a "rep" about her backing up skills I will tell ya...
but I'm not saying a word, nope not me.

I did receive this from a reliable source who also says COB (aka MOM, Auntie Dot)
also dialed 911 this past week after cleaning a
hot light bulb that then exploded...
again, just a rumor...
that's all I have to say about that!!!
I also heard that our Chris from this page of Warriors, Breast Cancer Survivor is doing great with the exception that her computer blew up... therefore has no way to access this page... for now!
So, if you want to talk about her, this is your chance!

Exciting NEWS FLASH:
Lily the Black Bear and baby HOPE have dug a DEN... and we are hoping with all HOPE, that they both will soon decide to take up residence for a long nap... with close monitoring by Dr Rogers and Sue and soon a new live Cam to be installed so that 112+ million fans can watch 24/7 like last year in the likely event that Lily gives us more cubs to swoon, and worry and cry over in a few months!
And Lastly, dear sweet Kelly 2 Wolves at 2 Wolves Creations has started a beautiful etching in wood of HOPE and will be donating a percentage of the sales to the Wildlife Research Institute, and is going to make a beautiful memory feather for Lily's brother Cal the collared Black Bear who was Killed this month.
to see her work, it is stunning as is she.

So now that you know my news...
what's new with you?

I'll leave you with a few words from a gentleman who I saw and asked that I pass these words along:
He asked that I remind people of this:
"Tell em doc, I come and see you cos' I figure you and me, well we work well together, you are good for me, you help me keep my self tuned up. Sometimes you may not tell me what I want to hear, but you do tell me what I need... I mean, after all I spent 40k for my car, I get it detailed every two weeks, I paid more than I want to tell anyone for my house... I do the maintenance, and mow and do stuff for my family... and that costs money you know... to keep things running prime, and taking care of things.
So, the way I see it ... I deserve to keep me in top shape, and running to perfection, body, mind, spirit, and you  doc... you help me with that. My wife thinks so too... so the way I see it is ... everyone should have a therapist, an advisor, a spiritual person to come to on a regular basis, to help em stay tuned up... after all if you don't invest in yourself... well doc... you just got to invest and keep yourself held up you know, tell em doc!"

He said it; asked me to tell it, I've told it!
There you have it.

Have a blessed day, invest in YOU
wherever you are and whatever you are doing.

The fire is burning brightly today, with thoughts and prayers on the winds to all who enter here, for all who's names you see often here.
YOU know who you are...
You are being held up today!
Remember, this is your day... it can never be more than what you are going to make it...
go and make it

Walk In Beauty,

For that I give thanks,
so It is!