Thursday, March 31, 2011

OPRAH, Are you reading ? STOMP> The Fog will lift at least in the heart

Walter LIttleMooon and Jane
Wounded Knee

"We are Standing With YOU both here"
Meet my friends,
Walter and Jane!

I am "clicking my heels out here in KS"
after reading the many comments of
krumpling many kleenex
the warriors of this page
taking a "stand"
I am
with a full heart.
I read over and over the comments
then thought of the many who
read but do not comment
know in my heart that they
echo similar thoughts.

Jane and Walter
talking to others
sharing the book
and letting many know
The Indian Boarding Schools
They now have the interest of
Randy Vasquez
who is a producer
and who has the potential of taking
this tragedy
to the big screen
as an "independent film"
and that is perhaps where as Jane said in her comments of yesterday
we could do the best good now.

We can contribute to making that happen.

As one reader commented and said,
"sign me MAD"
after trying to get clothing drives started in her community and was met with the response of
"But it will be expensive shipping out there"!!!

NOw she can go back to the "tightwad" with a more simple request!
She can let them know
that there is a much easier way without shipping
involved while folks on the Rez
wait for the box from someone else with blankets and coats and perhaps a t-shirt and jeans from someone who will give up something to send something!

This is something powerful, something that may in fact attract the "eye" and glamour of those who can effect
change, can heal wounds and go further
Lifting a FOG of generations
if the movie is made
by those who survived the tortures
described so well in the video.
watch it again, read on the left
on the home page
look deeply at the people
their faces, look with all your senses
at the years
Look at your children
and see their faces in the faces of these adults
telling the stories.
Look at your Elders
the pictures you have seen of
Granny and imagine her relations
your relations.
We are all connected in the
greater circle.
then click on how you can help.
When this movie is created
and when it wins
independent film award
that those in
sit back and know
Walter and the others to the
forefront of
our country
perhaps some of the trauma can be addressed
and healed through knowing
the World knows it.
Click on ALL of the links on the left side
and get to know ever piece of
"The Thick DArk Fog"
Let your knowledge be your truth when you tell others
Stand for our First Americans
on our soils.

The Eagle
WAtches over
all, tending to her own first.
And then
soars over
only if we look up.
now it is long past time

i Must tell you
when i read all the comments of yesterday
I stood taller
I can only pray that Jane and Walter LittleMoon
felt the spirit that here
that it filled their hearts
out there
Wounded Knee.

YOU are all
WArriors of gentle spirit.

Wherever you are and Whatever you are doing,
Know this:
I am honored and I am grateful
So, you asked
how can you help?
HOw can you tell those u know to save on
make a difference?

Here you go,
Let's make this movie happen
or you can:
Send a check or money order to

the Human Arts Association, P.O. Box 3238, New York, NY 10008. Please include your name, address, telephone number and the name : The Thick Dark Fog, "friend of Walter LittleMoon" on the check.

NOw then, on the link I have above, you can read about its validity, Jane and Walter have endorsed it as well.
When you get to the part of how you can help; there is a drop down menu>>> that is where you click on


to be sure your help goes where we want it to!

They accept pay pal and credit/debit cards there.

So, >>>Oprah are you reading me here, MC Hammer, Wil I am, Emmy Lou Harris, Dolly Parton, President Obama, Wil Smith, Cher, >>> is anyone home out there in stardom land???

Are you feeling me here???

Also, readers; Kelly TwoWolves is heading to Arlington VA in May 6-9 for a time of Meet n Greet and readings for folks in VA/DC/MD! Hurry Hurry book those appts

Oh goodness, what am I doing??? I have to take the stage soon, need to focus now out here in the land of OZ!

Comfort Keepers of KS, Stephen Bright and his mom Linda A, out here are the owners of Comfort Keepers and celebrating 10 years of providing care in the communities here. They are sponsoring this event and also
having more than 200 attend this educational symposium today at the college with an event this evening and music by the lovely and quite talented Bukeka who I had the pleasure of meeting and hearing before. She has quite a set of "pipes" as well.

I HAVE TO GET ready and focus for this special day NOW>>> Focus Focus

Have a blessed Day friends>>> The sage is filling the air now

Walk In Beauty,

p.s. Oprah >>> Healing Heartaches is still waitin, I sent the book to Chicago, have you opened it? It's waiting to be on your list now... /And now you get to add "THEY CALLED ME UNCIVILIZED" to that, so ... there you go O
I'll keep tweetin ya!

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Helping Others, even other Countries

This is
Our Eagle
The very one that watches over us
On Lake Tarpon
like a trusted Friend

During great times on the lake,
during sad times, bad times
times of profound grief
and heartaches
that Eagle will let us know
that it is there
it will make itself known
by soaring over the boat
and then taking its place as an old friend
as a guardian to our presence
our joy and our pain
watching over us.
To remind us
You just cannot get a
stronger message
than that friends.
You just have to be
open to receive the messages
that you receive
they are always there
if you
are open and ready to receive them.

A beautiful woman once embraced me
and then looked me in the eye
and said,
"When the student is ready, the teacher appears"
i will never ever forget her or that statement.

We as people must put our oxygen mask on first
and then we are able to render help to others.
WE must love us, forgive ourselves,
before we are able to love and to be present for others.


Just as that majestic
Eagle on Lake Tarpon
watches over us
it first watches out and over
and those little ones in its
it stands for our country
it stands
for freedom
and all that has ever been
or will ever be
in this
great Nation of ours.
It is seen in many forms
across the sky
that takes our breath away.
It reminds us
these colors do NOT run.
It can be found on
tattoo's of folks around the country
on the sides of jets
and on the arms
and backs
of Americans
now fighting for US
around the globe.
and we say thank you across the Nation,
some give some
some gave ALL
in uniforms of the Military
in Uniforms of Blue, of Red, of brown
who protect, and help.

Helping others, even other countries.
Helpers, it begins
Helpers help yourself.
Of course there will always be those who
argue, who disagree who get wrapped up
in the politics, in "who shot john stories"
who condemn.
Those who say
our government and President is doing it wrong or bad or that he just plain out sucks.
It will always be that way, it has since
Watergate, since the country lost respect of
the person who sits in the
White House.
if you really think about it,
if you keep it real
it goes back long before that.
It goes back
the treaties broken long before our times.
no one wants to go back that far.
No one.

So we only want to know and to go back as far as we want to go back.
We only want to hear what we want to hear
and to remember what we read and what pertains to us in the now
and what is our spin on things.
we want swift action
want our house values to be worth what they were we when paid for them
and we
a "bail out"
don't get me wrong here
I want that too!
I want it all!
I want to know
why are we not taking care of our own
and let's start with our own
right here
where the Eagle flies
those in the poorest lands
the highest risks
the neglected most
the longest time.
Mr President, Oprah.

Jay Z who I read yesterday has 45 million dollars, and Wil I am who makes houses happen for single moms (by the way darlin boy, Cousin Angie and my Godsons in southwest VA is a single mom with two boys) could use a home.
Where are you?
more importantly
where are you when it comes to
and taking a STAND
for those on our soil
out there in
South Dakota
who are hungry
without clothing
without the basic needs
of computers and education
descendants of
First Americans
Wounded Knee
and others living
in abject poverty
that our our brothers and sister
Veterans of Wars fought
for America
that are there
What about them
the forgotten on our soils.
Why have no shows been on T.V.
no celebrities taking up prime time to raise monies,
no Presidential address saying this is
a National Tragedy that now must be addressed,
No first Lady saying we must now take action,
NO fans on a facebook having fundraisers
to send clothing, monies, foods
to a proud but humble people
whose Ancestors walked this land
and revered the North American Black Bear
honored and cherished the land beneath their feet
no country music star,
no MC Hammer, No Jay Z,
No Black Eye Pea Wil I am
No Oprah,
No Jay Leno,
No Ellen DeGeneres
No View or Whoopi
No Barbra Walters

wanting to interview
a man that was called
Walter LittleMoon
who was brutally wounded'; physically, mentally, spiritually and emotionally as a child
in Indian Boarding Schools -
given an opportunity to tell the world
of the realities of our Nation
and the treatment endured by the hands
of others
to ensure
that it will never ever happen again.


I cannot help but
bewildered by this
I ask
after watching this
video again:
how can this be
that no one cares ...

Knowledge is power,
HOPE is in the telling of the stories
people need to know
more than that
this video needs to be shared
the movie needs to be made.
What is it called?
the Independent film industry that we watch on television?
Someone needs to hear of this,
needs to interview
Walter LittleMoon and the others on this video
and to start writing letters
to get the attention
of those mentioned above.
AND warriors
if you are doing your spring cleaning
and you want to help by sending
blankets, coats, sheets
or toys, school supplies, and such
to those at Wounded Knee:
Just do it
that says this:
"Friend of Walter LittleMoon"
and send it to:

The Wounded Knee Community Center
General Delivery
Wounded Knee, SD 57794

There are times,
when we help ourselves by stepping up
and helping others.
We do not need a
"pat on the back, or a calendar, or a mailing label, or a bunch of those labels with our return addresses on them"
we know where we live and have a pen to write our own address don't we?
"Tell me and I'll forget. Show me and I may not remember. Involve me and I'll understand"
So, here is an opportunity for all to really understand
by getting involved!

there you have it.
I don't know about you
I am taking care of those in my own family,
putting on my oxygen mask on first
then helping those in need
with theirs right here on my land
where those first Americans
were the
FIRST RESPONDERS; the proud, the ones who believed and knew that we do not own the land, we are the keepers, the ones who will walk gently and ask permission for all that we do with respect and with honor in right way relations.
for the lands
where the Eagle Soared
the North American Black Bear was revered
with its medicine and its freedom
on our land.

To all our relations
I say thank you
so it is
for that I give great thanks.

To those who have served and those who are serving
I thank you and your families.

I now am headed to the airport for Kansas,
be well
stay blessed
Here's to all you dare to dream
May your spirit soar under the watchful eye
our majestic Eagle.

The Fire is burning brightly, the sage is filling the air with thoughts of healing ways on the winds to all today.
Walk in Beauty,
author of
Healing Heartaches, Stories of Loss and Life

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Sure was some Thunder & Lightning AND RAIN

Spose to rain again
so says that
person who makes the big bucks
predicts the weather!
way I figure it

Storms never last ...
there is always a
We Just gotta remember to look
(just not in the rain)

Ready for coffee?
Got mine and it sure is good
and the rain is playing
percussion on the gutter this morning
just sounds lovely I tell ya.

Attitude is everything;
even when you feel broken, tired,
just plain out worn out
know you are but bent and tired.
That is your time
That sure was some rain of yesterday
Thunder beings played and the Lightning
danced across the skies of this area
throughout the day and evening
and the rains fell with force.
Everyone in a awhile it was so loud
that it just startled the little ones into action that
they were compelled to take action
run with wild abandon
around the pool
not realizing the error of their ways
until realizing that they heavy coats of hair
were then soaked!
They are indeed quite amusing!

Sometimes we as humans are like that;
we react from going from reactive
to in gear
zero to 100 in a hot minute
we do
adrenalin and shock
throw us into action quickly.
then we pay the price
need to lay down to recover
and to rest, while wondering
"what was I thinking"!
Life is like that sometimes.
Reactive from stimuli or situations
or circumstances.
Then we are exhausted, or weary beyond measure
forgetting that
"this feeling will pass"
that storms never last
we will again see the rainbow
that we will heal
restore and stand strong again.
Ever met those people?
Ever walked that path yourself?
Self-Care is NOT an option
learning to pace yourself is truly important in
during the storms of life
but there will always be those times
when you can't quite do that
demand and need push people beyond their own limits
and they have to do things that are outside normal limits
and once the crisis or demand is past
then they can just collapse or
fall down
for their bodies and mind and spirit
to finally get the needed rest
to restore their spirit, soul, body.
Once what is needed is attended to,
once the storm is over
the rainbow is seen
then the beauty of the rainbow!

Sometimes when we are so weary, in pain and in struggles it is difficult if not impossible to hear the words of others and their suggestion in our ears much less our hearts...
Enough is enough during times like this.
It is during struggles along with other times
you will find out who your "true supporters and friends are"
it is important to remember
what others think and say of you
often reflect more on "them" than you.
As Maya Angelou once said
"when someone shows you who they are the first time
believe them and move on"
after all
if someone can't take you at your worst they sure
as hell do not deserve you at your best! I think
Marilyn Monroe said that one!
Have you ever wondered when you wonder about something or someone and their actions, there are those that will
"react, or will lash out"
and accuse you then of being "against them or their ideas"?
That should be your first clue
that maybe they just do not get it, and maybe they are not the ones that will be there for you when you need them
nor will they be the most understanding of the understanding!
I had a person who called themselves the friend friends like that once... others spent a lot of time upset over that.
During storms one notices much falls from the skies
it is more than rains I am sorry to tell you,
perhaps that is the real reason behind umbrellas.
So for today,
I offer you a
story, brought to me once again
on the backs of the lightning and the rolling thunder beings,
and a good one it is!
Ah, but there is nothing quite like a good rain,
it just washes it all clean
and if you ever heard rain under a tin roof?
That is truly a delight!

This morning I share with you
a legend on grief. 

There was a man and his wife who had one daughter. Mother and daughter were deeply attached to one another, and when the latter died the mother was disconsolate. She cut off her hair, cut gashes in her cheeks and sat before the corpse with her robe drawn over her head, mourning for her dead. Nor would she let them touch the body to take it to a burying scaffold. She had a knife in her hand, and if anyone offered to come near the body the mother would wail, “I am weary of life. I do not care to live. I will stab myself with this knife and join my daughter in the land of spirits.” Her husband and relatives tried to get the knife from her but could not. They feared to use force lest she kill herself. They came together to see what they could do.
 “We must get the knife away from her,” they said.

At last they called a boy, a kind of simple boy, yet with a good deal of natural shrewdness. He was an orphan and very poor. His moccasins were out at the sole and he was dressed in wei-zi (course buffalo skin, smoked). “Go to the tipi of the mourning mother,” they told the simple boy, “and in some way contrive to make her laugh and forget her grief. Then try to get the knife away from her.” The boy went to the tent and sat down at the door as if waiting to be given something. The corpse lay in the place of honor where the dead girl had slept in life. The body was wrapped in a rich robe and wrapped with ropes. Friends had been there earlier and each had covered it with rich offerings out of respect to the dead. As the mother sat on the ground with her head covered she did not at first see the boy, who sat silent.

But, when his reserve had worn away a little he began at first lightly, then more heavily, to drum on the floor with his hands. After a while he began to sing a comic song. Louder and louder he sang until carried away with his own singing he sprang up and began to dance, at the same time gesturing and making all manner of contortions with his body, still singing the comic song.

 As he approached the corpse he waved his hands over it in a blessing. The mother put her head out of the blanket and when she saw the poor boy with his strange grimaces trying to do honor to the corpse by his solemn waving, and at the same time keeping up his comic song, she burst out laughing.

 Then she reached over and handed her knife to the boy. “Take this knife,” she said. “You have taught me to forget my grief. If while I mourn for the dead I can still be mirthful, there is no reason for me to despair. I no longer care to die. I will life for my relations.”

The boy left the tipi and brought the knife to the astonished husband and relatives. “How did you get it? Did you force it away from her, or did you steal it?” they asked.
She gave it to me. How could I force it from her or steal it when she held it in her hand, bade uppermost? I sang and danced for her and she burst out laughing. Then she gave it to me,” he answered.

When the old men of the village heard of the orphan’s story they were very silent. It was a strange thing for a boy to dance in a tipi where there was mourning. It was stranger that a mother should laugh in a tipi before the corpse of her dead daughter. The old men gathered at last in council. They sat a long time without saying anything, for they did not want to decide hastily.
The pipe was filled and passed many times. At last an old man spoke. “We have a hard question. A mother has laughed before the corpse of her daughter, and many think she has done foolishly, but I think the woman did wisely.
The boy was simple and of no training, and we cannot expect him to know how to do as well as one with good home and parents to teach him. Besides, he did the best he knew.
 He danced to make the mother forget her grief, and he tried to honor the corpse by waving over it his hands.” “The mother did right to laugh, for when one does try to do us good, even if what he does causes us discomfort, we should always remember rather the motive than the deed. And besides, the boys’ dancing saved the woman’s life, for she gave up her knife. In this, too, she did well, for it is always better to live for the living than to die for the dead." >>>
You are living, honor those who have gone before you and live now with all that you have, you are their legacy, you are warriors.

And so, there you go... A story for the day... As you move into your day whether in the storm or finding your rainbow, or restoring balance and healing from your struggles, whether they be physical, emotional or spiritual or all...

May you find the strength to go on, the HOPE to fill your heart, and to know this.

You are of great strength, and remember laughter and the ability to hold up your head, to listen to the sound of someone as they laugh and assist you in shifting your focus may in fact give you what you need, to move your state to one that assists you in giving you what you need.
Storms never last, although it may seem that they do...
Rest, restore your spirit and then work to heal and continue on.

Kelly TwoWolves is traveling from South Dakota
Arlington VA
May 6-9
for an awesome week-end of
Readings for folks there and to meet those she
has been in contact with by phone.
Appointments are already booking up as
this was announced just yesterday!
You are going to want to hurry on booking your appointment
I have to tell you, it is an opportunity to not miss!
Kelly TwoWolves is the "real deal" psychic
and a wonderful loving woman
that will take the DC area by storm
enjoy each breath with her!

The fire is burning and its embers are hot, thoughts on the winds to all who gather here and there.

Walk In Beauty,
author of
Healing Heartaches, Stories of Loss and Life