Saturday, April 30, 2011

Celebrations and Devastions

The Endeavor
2 hours before time to take off
the flight crew was seen to arrive
as in
1/2 million gallons of fuel now has to be emptied in order to "fix" the significant problem
with the hope of
a take off Sunday or Monday!
Our President and first family still coming to visit all there, and to see the crew and Gabby,
doctors were flying in to be with Gabby
I sure do hope they will give her the A-OK
to stay here with her husband
so that she can see this thing take off
when it does!
Can you imagine the mental changes that the crew go through to prepare to board
then what their brains and body must have to go through to change that mindset
learning that the take off has been "scrubbed"
"Scrubbed" what an odd description
of such a big decision
along with such a huge discovery
of problems I'm thinking!
After all, we scrub the dogs clean,
scrub the floor, scrub ourselves clean in a hot shower!
to "scrub a mission" of such magnitude?
sure am glad NASA
has their mantra
if it is not safe it does not go.
This has been a rollercoaster of emotions
this week, to say the least.
woo hooo
break open the dog biscuits and champagne!!!
I am sooo happy!~
Our Warrior A
is home from New England safely
and had a wonderful time
and back with us
hugging her and our angels
now how wonderful is that I ask ya???
Welcome home dear Heart!~

our Warriors EE and CJ
are soon out of that hotel after crossing the rugged
Rocky Mountains
living in a hotel for the last 6 weeks
and today received the keys signed the papers and it is official>> CONGRATS>>>on your new house
now ready to roll in
with CJ with a paint brush in one hand, pliers, hammer, boxes in the other
EE on her gizmos to help her stand while she cleans
and unpacks boxes
and the hospital bed getting a new look
with some jazzy paint to make it a real and lovely bed
 to be in rather than a "hospital bed"
now as they are steps away now moving in
to their "HOME"
out there in the wild west!
What an adventure they have been on
both excited now
ever so exhausted!
We are all sending you strength on the suns rays and prayers and congratulations on working the dream into reality! Good thing no one ever said it would be easy huh? Bravo, job well done out there, you could write a book on the adventures to date!
Royal Wedding
across the POND
what a Friday it was

all of this celebrating
while the Southeast
is devastated
with the recent tornadoes
and folks numb, in shock and dismay
while hundreds and hundreds
are responding
and showing up with
The American Red Cross
to render aide and comfort
our hearts are with you all there
Keep the faith and hold tightly to
in this time of profound sadness

Mark Kelly and Gabby Gifford
now in Florida
ready and only hours after millions and millions across the globe watched the most elegant and lovely
wedding of
William and Katherine!

Then the focus shifted to
where we have been amazed to find out
that Gabby was well enough to fly
and excited to see her husband
lead his crew up into that massive
for its final trip...
The Creator took care of that lady I tell you,
she is a miracle to be certain
and I am so glad she is there able to watch
and from here I could hear it!
The President and family are to be there along with a long list of folks
that is after our President visits
those devastated
in Alabama
by the ravages of the storms.
It has been horrible to witness
I cannot imagine what all those there
are going through
I do know
that they will suffer the effects of
stress, of the trauma of their worlds being turned
upside down
and many loved ones dead or lost
by this tragedy.
we must find ways to dig deeply into hope
celebrate those that are alive, those that have survived this tragedy
to honor those who are responding
as many will do in times like this, leaving the comforts of their homes and loved ones
to care for others in ways unimagined.

Nature can be brilliant, magnificent and quite stunning
it can also be devastating and cruel.
It is during these times that the
Universal energy of all here and everywhere
can help to heal
and lend faith, courage and hope
to those affected in the Southeast, the Midwest
and across our Nation.

May those in the areas
of the tornado's
feel our energy
Use it, take it to fuel you, to give you strength
in the days ahead.
We are with you, we pray for your safety, we grieve with you those who have died and are lost.
While many have heavy hearts,
you can help
you can call the
American Red Cross
and ask
"how can I help"
Such heartbreak from these devastating storms that are remarkable,
those storms are not as remarkable as the survivors and their grit, determination and gratitude for having survived... Even in small towns in Virginia near my family, in Pulaski VA homes have been destroyed and lives turned upside down... but faith remains strong.

Judy Alderman, 56, walks through her house (above) Thursday, April 28, 2011 following a tornado in Glade Spring, Va. Alderman hid under a set of stairs with her husband to ride out the storm. Several homes and trucks stops along I-81 were severely damaged near I-81. Five deaths have been reported so far there.
And many are now being interviewed across the southeast states affected
their stories will remind us
that faith does move mountains, and that things are just things
and that gratitude
for lives spared is enough to wake us up
 to that which is important in our lives.

You can take this tragedy and the many and varied things that you know are happening in the world
choose to change your thoughts and your energy
Yes, there are many many things beyond our control,
many things that we cannot change and much profound sadness.
we can change how
WE live our lives
how we "choose" to conduct ourselves
how we live each moment
and what we "choose" to do with our precious time
on this earth.
We can
treat each other with kindness, compassion, respect
for all living things.
We can "choose" to mind our own business.
We can
 be our best selves
not judge others
remember the age old saying: if you can't say something nice, then don't say anything at all
laugh more
live a life that you can be proud of
extend kindness to others without thinking about it
change what you can and accept it when you can't
think before you speak or hit "enter/send"
recognize the differences and embrace the loveliness in others
live and let live
take care of your own backyard before concerning yourself with someone else's yard (and why in the world concern yourself with someone else's yard at all I'm thinkin, you might have to mow)
dance (*even if in your mind*)
remember you once were a kid
dream in living color
remember Donald Trump is full of himself
Not believe everything you read about people and lesss about what you hear
Make your ancestors proud
*did i mention*
Laugh muchly
that you can nevah have too much sugar/splenda/truvia?

So then,
get out there, outshine the sun
be Good to yourself
for goodness sakes
be good to those you claim to know and call friend
or family... after all, it could all be gone in a quick hot minute
in the twirl of a wind.

Walk In Beauty
author of
Healing Heartaches, Stories of Loss and Life

p.s. as for me, I just stay right here in my happy place, works real fine for me. Feel free to visit sometime, but do not mess with my happy place, and if you try to disturb it or me, refer to the blog titled
"some things are just wrong"
and note that
that target was MY aim, my shots!

Friday, April 29, 2011

THE WEDDING (Royalty at its finest)

What a stunning Bride
who is Ready
To outshine her world
joining with her love Prince William
This is a day of
CELEBRATION and Hope and Promise
William and Kate
April 29, 2011
As the world is watching
even here in the US
folks are rising
before the sun
with kleenex in hand
and breath held!
Kate is a beautiful, stunning BRIDE!
William a class act to honor the fallen,
a handsome young man of class indeed.
What a proud dad Mr Middleton is
what a red carpet of royalty indeed!
Diana is dancing in the galaxies with such pride!
what a smile, she cannot keep from SMILING
What a celebration!
It Is amazing
it ISsplendid
I pray that security will be tight
and that they will have the moments they wish for!
we recall July 29, 1981
the last wedding that took the world by storm
Prince Charles and the enchanting Diana.
It will spectacular
but it will also be
a time of
painful loveliness
for William and Charles and Harry
the last time they were in the
 was for Diana's funeral
and we all know
William would want nothing more
than his beloved Mother Diana
to be there
for his most special day of exchanging
vows with his lovely Kate.
All I can say is
best of all things to a most lovely couple
may you always be as happy as you appear
in your photographs!

Loved that hand fasting after the ring was placed
and their union was blessed,
did you notice
there was no
"Kissing the bride after it was over"
it remained
as they took their places
and the ceremony continued...
did you see
Sir Elton John in the audience?
WHO are all those people I wonder???
where are all those flowers I read about?
Guess I'll have to keep watching
bet they are at the reception.
Wonder what gift Oprah and Ellen sent
the royal couple?
Isn't the Abbey the most remarkable
and glorious building you have ever seen?
That smile of Kate... just said it all didn't it?\
What a royal wedding indeed!

Now can we resume regular programming
on our local televisions please?
I mean I will need a nap in the middle of this day
after watching all of this live!

OK OK ok, who stayed up all night in anticipation of it?
C'mon I know some of you had to!
I do know of one person who decided to work from home just so she could wake up early to see it all live on television today!
Forget the snippets and the news, after all it was a
Prince William and Kate here!
And the folks on the street just hollering
and the proud papa of Kate
and the little kids all royaltied out
oh my goodness
the excitement mounts
as the winds
of Florida howls
in excitement of all~
What did YOU wear for the wedding???
After all we've been hearing about it for weeks now
watching the same clips on
Entertainment tonight
hearing about the
millions of dollars
spoof and look alikes and the amount of money
they make a day to impersonate the
all those folks across the pond!
We also know
Ellen Degeneres was NOT invited
that she is having a ball telling folks on her show
about that!

we have also seen that it appears
William and Kate wish they could have just eloped
celebrated their love of each other
without having the press in their every move
the wonderings of each step!
of course
we had to once again relive the pain
of the most treasured
Princess Diana
and see her children during her death
with such profound sadness
as if William isn't already thinking about the loss of his Mother on this most magical day of his young life
as he weds the most beautiful woman in the world.
We had to once again be reminded of that tragedy.
What are people thinking?

The future King and Kate
barely time to breathe, at least hopefully they are having their own "media blackout" so that their specialness of the main event is not boggled by all that we are having to watch as we seem to get absorbed in following the main event of the Palace!
I am amazed by most of it,
but then again
I am more amazed at the ability to hit that remote button and change my channels, love that technology I do.

They are just as cute as they can be
they do appear to be very much in love!
Oh boy how I wish them enough to sustain
all that is yet to come
in the limelights
and the scrutiny
of the press and those that follow and snap pictures
and pressure for comments and statements
invitations to events
and speculate.
May their love give them all that they need
to live well, love much and laugh at all
they encounter along the journey
over there across the pond.
Wonder if Oprah got an invite?
Notice how everyone wants to be
a Brit this week or this month rather?
Maybe Simon Cowell got an invite?
I do find that a bit funny after all
Sharon Osborne was on TV
as an authority of Princess Diana
a couple of nights ago...
I bet ya me and my pal
Joey Graff would have gotten a first row seat
(if we wouldn't have been too busy dancing on desks around our hometowns that is)
and then
we would have had a ball at that reception you can bet on it!
Love that Joey Graff I do, and sure did love his being back here to comment yesterday on this page of warriors I did I did!

Ok, so I am quite
glad I don't have to pay for part of the security for this which will probably end up at about 45 million I'm thinkin!
Sorry for those there who do, but after all it is Royalty you are protecting you know!!!
the queen and Prince Charles and Kates' parent's are footing some huge chunks of change like maybe another 40 million or so for the kids too.
And then again,
there are the folks at the reception of 650 or more
that have to eat you know!
Those flowers, are maybe 100k or better I would surely think that to be a conservative number wouldn't you?
I'm waiting for my delivery again today,
guess traffic kept the trucks off the roads here
yesterday with our celebration we were having
everyone going out to get
their royal outfits
for the wedding.

But this I did not know:
Kate will not use the word "obey" in her exchange of vows. She will instead promise to love, honor, comfort and keep the prince!

William won't wear a wedding ring!

Kate will walk down the isle to the tune, "I was glad".

Prince Harry is telling all his Facebook friends that the spoof we all watched on the Royal Wedding was the greatest thing seen on You Tube!

So then,
here we go the Royal Wedding
and I am so hoping it went without incident
and oh how I would have loved to smell all those flowers as I bet they were stunning
for quite the stunning couple.

The fire is burning brightly, here in the USA
with prayers of hope, faith and courage on the suns rays today for those suffering the devastation of the storms and those lives who were lost and those who are now trying to regain their balance,
we are holding YOU all UP in prayers and thoughts.
Many and heartfelt blessings to William and Kate,
long may the live and love!

Walk In Beauty,
author of
Healing Heartaches, Stories of Loss and Life

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Celebrations and This Day!

Nana's Girl
Just knows how to

Coffee's on,
the 4 leggeds' are
"celebrating the morning"
with their run and bark fest
the thought of the day
is one of

That's it, you read it right
it's time for a
celebration of the day!
Somewhere today
someone is getting some great news,
somewhere today
something exciting is getting ready to happen,
someone is celebrating a birthday
an event
the eve
and that is always a great reason
to put a smile on the faces of many!
Did you get your invitation for the
Royal Wedding?
What are you wearing?
Have you walked into a "windfall" lately?
Heard any good news?
Did you wake up this morning?
I think I'll sit on the curb and await my
flower delivery cos' surely
someone is going to send me flowers
like those being created for the wedding
over the pond... after all what's 100,000 for a bouquet anyways right?
And poor Ellen Degeneres, she's still thinkin she will be invited by Kate to the wedding!
Guess she just didn't stalk Kate the same way she stalked Oprah to get on the cover of
"O" for long enough for the invite!!!
guess I haven't stalked through twitter Ellen or Oprah long enough to get them yet to read
Healing Heartaches or to get on their shows
and oh boy
am I running out of time with Oprah!
I still havent figured out what OWN is all about!
Sure do miss my surgery shows though!!!
I hope they both read it here today
cos' we are going to celebrate
the wonderment of life
and those of us
living it!
I challenge you all to get that look
of my Olivia as she was leaping with joy
for what I'm sure was just a spontaneous
of being the "best moment of her life"
we could all use that moment!
This my friends
is your day, your moment!
Hold it as a precious gem
YOU are that Gem!
for this morning
I'm thinking it's time for us
to be like Olivia and her cousin Natalia
in that picture
if only in our mind!
Jump with joy
off your couch or your bed
be daring, be bold in your thoughts
and in your head
and if you are able bodied
be bold in your steps
skip along the sidewalks
if you are really daring
do a cartwheel in your yard while the neighbors
are watching! (and if you are in shape to do it)
get out and enjoy the day!
If you are not so able in the body
remember and know that
you can do all of this in your mind
so do not be limited
in your thinking
just cos' you are limited in your movements
or abilities.

This day is a self proclaimed day
of celebration, of getting down right excited
with life
the gifts.
Those who were blessed to wake up this morning
shouldn't find that so hard to manage
if you look around you and find that beauty
and the ability to breathe still are there!


Now if you really want to get fired up
and do some aerobics with a vengeance
just imagine our country
being run with the likes
Donald Trump!
We still have a building sitting in Tampa
that he walked away from
and as we all know
he likes to talk
but sure don't like to listen
as those who try and try to interview him
have found out the hard way!
Now imagine that kind of dictatorship
running the USA...
and if that don't scare ya, sure don't know what will!!!
And we all know money talks and
well, u know the rest,
for today
let's just celebrate
I'm going to call Olivia and ask her to jump off the beds at her house
and again to do a flip or two from the couch.
While at it, I'll call Kamryn and
see if he can stop by
Mom's house
do some flips from her furniture
and maybe even throw some football with the nerf in her house!
That is always good for a feeling of celebrations with her and at least 5 or 10 pictures get knocked off walls and tables!!!
wooo hoooo
It's a day to celebrate
good things for good people
hell while we're at it,
let's just celebrate into the weekend
and do a kind deed or several
for others we meet along the way
we skip through the grocery store
and stop by the
"gas tanks" and try to fill up there.

I see a "social movement" coming along
and celebrations
across the readership of these thoughts!
good things are in the air,
I can just feel them happening as I write
and did ya know,
many read here and never hit that little comment
button below to write their thoughts!
I know you are reading though!!!

"Stop worrying about the potholes in the road and celebrate the journey!"Barbara Hoffman
so then:
Oprah, we have a celebration happening here
as you count down your last days on and move to OWN
which I still haven't figured out
and where did my brain surgery shows go???

great things are happening my friends,

Get out there and enjoy all
relax, let go of worries today
"The more you celebrate, praise, rejoice life
the more there is in life to celebrate!" Oprah

The fire is burning brightly, embers are hot, sage is filling the air, with gratitude and thanks for all who gather here.
Walk In Beauty