Wednesday, August 31, 2011

time to turn the page!

It's about time to say so long
Oh I can't help but wonder,
where has the summer gone once again
I've been noticing the lights changing

It's early morning as we prepare to turn the page on August here;
the quiet is still filling the air!
 It's strange at times how the same words spoken last week have such different meanings today.
 I'm not sure what we could say this week that has not been said in weeks past.
 Have you ever wondered what could possibly be said that has not been said before by so many?

The Cherokee have a wonderful saying, "Listen, or your tongue will make you deaf."

But they also say I love you, I admire you, I want to know more about YOU, and I admire your courage.

That is the ultimate amount for one day isn't it?

 But again, it cannot compare to tomorrow... Tomorrow has its own jar needing to be filled.
Likened to a jar of marbles, we can only hold so much at a time before we overflow; and if we are not careful our jars can be emptied by ourself or taken by others very quickly. Learning to control the ebb and flow of energy, or marbles in our jar takes mindfulness, takes learning balance, mind-body-spirit connection if you will.

As the months and the seasons change, time moves swiftly like the fox, the need the want, the hope;

to be loved; to be admired, to be validated never changes. It helps us to grow, to heal and to maintain balance in our mind-body-spirit and it helps us to keep our jars filled with give/take.
It also helps us to appreciate the finer things in life; the four-leggeds, the winged ones, the water beings, the connections of all things great and small., knowing that our time together is linked in beauty. Creating memories to sustain us in times of change, times of great struggle, times of pain, loss, grief, growth and healing.

"O, Listen! Hear! Sing with me, For I am joy. I am at Peace!" (Cherokee Song) 

Good and wonderful morning to you dear ones! A great time to start the day with "Morning song" I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!

the sage is filling the air with prayers on the winds for all in need or want of someone who is thinking of them this morning...

Walk In Beauty


p.s.>>hey Oprah, still waitin here for ya!

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Once It Was Said...

Vibrant Beauty
for this mornings thoughts!

 A Cherokee Leader once said,

 "it is important to have a vision that is not clouded with fear."

Perhaps this statement could be well taken in the journey of life, struggle, challenge, loss, grief and the path to healing. A powerful statement it is~

 Remember a time when we were able to see beyond the impossible by enjoying a vision of how we wanted things to be, how we wished things to be, how we wished things to stay?
NOthing is "impossible" as even the word itself says, "i'm possible" and yes, YOU are!

As children we could do this or that and it brought unlimited joy (if only to ourselves at that moment in time). It seemed that life reacted freely...
We took BIG BITES~ we were silly at will!

but then we had to go and grow up! (or at least most did)

We learned to love and to invest, we became "civilized", and for some of us our visioned "narrowed" in the process.
 We should try to re-establish our relationship with the child, or perhaps even find a "new child to love" within and the visions of wonderment we once knew then, or have learned and now desire from hearing and seeing others.

Many times in our path through life; in challenge, struggle, new beginnings, loss, grief and healing it would seem that we develop the vision of a traumatized mouse. ONLY seeing up close and unable to focus beyond the intensely painful moment that we are currently finding ourselves in. We ricochet off walls desperately searching for the security that we once knew looking for that little hole to retreat to.

Sometimes the vision is just too narrow to see.

Learning to expand our vision, to see through different eyes is the task. Learning to view our life; our challenge, struggle, new day, love, loss, grief and healing through the eyes of the eagle will give us the needed perspective to grow and heal. It will nurture the warrior within, allowing us to look in the mirror and see ourselves with a new appreciation.

Through the eyes of the Eagle we can see where we've been, we can focus on that which needs our immediate attention and we can have a grand look at the bigger picture, by seeing LIFE, and we can see it all while soaring to new heights.

There are few things ever spelled out along the journey, but soaring with the Eagle will allow you to focus on what you need, what you want, and the belief that you are a proud survivor in all that you do.
 To open yourself up and look through different eyes takes courage, strength and willingness. Sometimes one must trust to step beyond pain, fear and such things into magnificence... 

"There was a time...our wants were within our control...we saw nothing we could not get." (Sharitarish)

Life is uncertain friends, eat desert first!

 The fire is burning brighty, the embers are HOT, and the sage is filling the air, with thoughts on the gentle breezes today, for all who enter here...

Walk In Beauty.

Monday, August 29, 2011

The Thunder is Rolling

My Gift of The Day
As I brought my self
out to the rainy Lanai
to listen to the
my eyes were taken to this
most beautiful gift!

The sun is wanting to come out
after a night of rains,
an early morning of
now the last of the
thunder beings running the skies.
But the birds are now
breaking into song
with great tihngs to say about this day!

Legend has it that,
Once long ago...

 Muxumsa Pethakowe, our Grandfather the Thunder, was father of the first people, and the Moon was the first mother.
But Maxa'xâk, the evil horned serpent, destroyed the Water Keeper Spirit and let go the waters upon the Earth and the first people were no more.

 Since then, the Thunderers, Pethakowe'jàk, have always been on the lookout for Maxa'xâk and other such evil water monsters, and when one appears, the Thunderers shoot their crooked, fiery lightening arrows at them, hoping to avenge the deaths of the first people and to make sure that none of the evil shall ever disturb the harmony upon the Earth or cause harm to our Lenape'wàk.
So then,
Long ago, there was a time when Grandfather Thunder was forgotten among our people, unlike Grandmother Moon who has always been remembered and honored by us.
He became bitter and despondent over our neglect and forgetfulness of him, and in his anger he came from his home in the west, calling out in a voice that shook the heavens and the Earth.
 Hidden in clouds, he crossed right over the homes and villages of our people.
In his fury he shot lightening arrows at the Earth, killing people, burning houses and shattering trees, and the clouds cried their tears of sorrow upon the Earth. Luckily, he never stayed in one place too long, and usually was seen traveling towards the east.

At first he would come alone, but after a while his many children came with him, and they frequently brought fear into the hearts of our Lenapé people. Some would come from a cave under the falls know today as Niagara and others came from the mountains where they often made their homes.

At the sight of dark clouds and lightening, and at the sound of the thunder, being the roar of the wings of the Thunderers and the shaking of their rattles filled with bones, which shook the sky, our people became most fearful.

Nanapush finally saw that we, his grandchildren, were in distress and so he came to help us saying, "You have hurt and insulted your Grandfather Thunder through a lack of respect and thought for him.
 Grandfathers need to be remembered and honored too, for they also, like grandmothers, have shared in the gift of life and in helping their grandchildren into the future. So, when you first hear Grandfather Thunder in the spring, telling you that winter has ended and that life is again coming to the Earth, burn tobacco and greet your grandfather with prayers.

Whenever you hear his voice, do this and you will gain his protection and lightening will not strike you. Grandfather Thunder has charge of the rains that water the Earth and make your crops grow. With the proper respect, he will be thankful, bringing blessings to you, and protect you from the horned snakes and water monsters, and he will come to bring you warnings!"

From that time to this our Grandfather Thunder and our Lenapé people have always been close. We listened to our wise Grandfather Nanapush, and we have always shown respect to Old Thunder and love him dearly, and we always give thanks for his many gifts to all land and life upon Mother Earth.

And so there you go... as they story is now shared, the rains are falling here, the thunder is becoming more like the sound of drums I do believe now~; the thunder beings are playing and are having a grand time! As we honor, remember and respect, all living things, and so it will be good. Wado!

I will light the tobacco and sage, and offer it to spirit.

With thoughts on the winds, I send all great blessings of hope in healing, strength in all that are recovering from the storms of the hurricane, and those who are walking with pain or challenges along their journey...

Keep the Faith dear ones, knowing that after the storm, to look UP for the rainbow.

Walk In Beauty,
author of
Healing Heartaches, Stories of Loss and Life

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Hurricane IRENE, please go away now...

Good Bye IRENE
you've harmed and threatened enough
GO WAY AWAY please.

Now it is time for all to breathe,
to count blessings
to hold tightly to
I wish you enough
to find what is needed
to urge you
to find the rainbow
after the storms.
Please hold those many who are suffering
UP in your thoughts today,
hold their families close to your heart
as you move into your day
as so many are fearful
so many others are doing without
so many are now grieving losses
stay out of harms way friends,
offer whatever support, kindness and help that you can,
as we together
here in this country
as we do in times of need and in crisis.
send the Universal healing of oneness to our brothers and sisters
who are in need of healing light and energy.

sunday morning
thoughts for those on the
we have you in our hearts
pray you to safety.

/The prayer bowl is going here now;
the fire is burning,
 the sage is lit,
 the prayers and many thoughts are going up and filling the air,

for all who enter here and may who do not know that here is here or where is where today...

FOR: those around the country and in the eye of the storm, we are with you,

"thank you FIRST RESPONDERS for being there, for leaving your homes and for being there for so many now, may the Creator bless and keep you from harms way;


Barb and Leo Henning, Rick Fechner, Ryan Baurain, Melissa Reid, "Probation Professional pals", Jim Vander May (*who has been working in the Professional Caregiving field for 45 years in Michigan*


Rod Markowski, Lynn, Ryan, Jordon

Darryl Markowski, I thank you for your service)

Brian Markowski,

Shannon Becker, Nick, Reagan,

Dr Iris of Detroit Medical Center, (was lovely meeting you on the flight, please take best care of you)

Sandy R. Carol, Stephanie, Marnie, Geri, Chris, Matt,

those in Oklahoma City, in Tulsa, In Ft Worth, Dallas, Ike,

Isabel, Teresa, Janelle, Patricia, Susan, Karen, Laura in Yuba City CA,

Crossroads Hospice and those who care out there working and walking the walk, Perry, Clayton, George, Janet, and all in green!

Rick, Calley, Ron, Rebekeh, Brenda, Becca, Audrey, Gabe, Dena, BEth, Lill, Jay Hanson, Jennifer, Beth Jett, Huntsville AL, Sheri, Wendy Reese and family, The Boy Scouts of Dora AL, Cam, Sandy, Toby, Edith Vaughn and family,Susan, Greg and Kyle Korabek (Landon Korabek on the other side now), Stephen Bright and family, Walter Littlemoon, Jane, Laura, Mitch, Jenn, Chris, Mary, Taft, Martha Deaver, Morris, Dahlee, Rose Brick, The Baitinger Family, The Yaslowitz Family, The St Petersbug PD, Congresswoman Gabbie and her family, Dahlee in NJ, Judy Kelley, beloved husband and family, Jennifer, (now being watched over by her beloved husband and child), Norma, EE, Little Cub to CJ and Angel eyes Jack, Daniel, Dave, Cindy and Steve, Marty, Sweet Pea and Pie Face, Florence, Jeremy, Dennis, Darrel, Greg, Leroy, Rebekka, Carly, John, Diana, Crystal, Karen, Janet, Callie, Lorie, Laura,

2 Wolves and Jinx in SD, (
Kelly and family,Judy W and her 4 sons up there in New England, Cherokee Wick, Benni, Gayle, Jonathan, Great Aunt Effie's family, Marilyn Warren, Ilene, Tweak and Chris, Jen and Bian, Ericka, Shannon, Hannah Sherabow, Pam C. and family, Susan S., Angela A., Nancy W, Sue G, Kelly and family,Mato Oyate Kola, Susan Brouse, Cindy and Stevie, Kim, Olatz, EVB, Guin, Yiva, Mary, Sandra and family, Christina Hellen, Dotti B., Susan and Greg, Amy, Becky and Barry Long, Christina, Matt and children, Aaron, Lisa and family, Freda, Linda Katie, Pat D, Tink and Mitch, LITTLE Ben, Jerry, Trish, Barb, Anastasia, Mary, Rylee, Lindsay, Ann, Sarah, Ruth, Johnny, Bobby and the Tucker Family, The Spraker Family,Kenny H, Michelle, Sandy, Addie and family in Canada, Sandy, BraveHeart, Rowena, Chris, Robyn Elizabeth, Jean, Duke,Rowena, Chris, Baby Robyn Elizabeth, Diane Smallze and family, Patti and family, The Korabek Family and friends, The Gasse Family and Friends,

Officer Crawford of St Petersburg, The Kocab Family, baby Lilly Nicole Kocab, The Curtis Family, Tarpon PD, those serving here and there in Uniform... Those now walking The Thin Blue Line, (far to many joining that line recently across our Nation),

Mylee, Mikey and family in DC, Jack M & Janis in OC, Stephen, Stuart Wittel (back from his 4th tour as a fighter pilot of the US MARINES inAfghanistan) and his parents Sandy and Stuart, Lavie Coltrane and her loving family, Andrea Gasse and family here and in New England, Ali and family, Randy and Winnie in New Mexico, Jill Wheaton L, Dr Peter in NY, Dr Rev Bev, Irene M, Bernice, Eileen and family, Dorothy, Angela, Kamryn Elijah, Ode, "Southwest VA", Vicki, Matthew and family, Chris, Lovie, Nancy, Pedro and Our adopted family in BRAZIL, Our North American Black American Bears, The Windcross Convservacy and those beautiful Spanish Mustangs known as "pocket ponies"...

AND for:

Anne, Jim, JADE, Joseph, Cathy Madden, Nathan, and her family., Cindy in NC, Liz, Lee, Molly, Joanie, Jude, COFA, Judi, Ken, Matthew, Nick, Matt, Mark's family and many friends , Pat, Irene, Kevin, Dr D, Deb, Randy, Dr B, Isabelle, Kelsey, Sabrina , Charlie and family, Jean, Julie, Rhonda, Victoria, Mildred, Andi and family, Faith, Denise, Jim, Tom, Joey, Shelby friends and family, Judi, Phylis, Joyce, Gina, Tonya, Beverly and Family, Janeth, Melissa,Virginia, Stacey, Elizabeth, Nita, Gary Siegal, Adrienna, Brian Mawbey, the Boyan Family, Jean R and friend Christy Rider, Victoria and hubbie, Stephen, Gayle, Steph, Chris, Erica, Eileen, John, Mindy, Jack, Susan Werth Becken, her brother Mike and family, Craig James Lightfoot and his family, Kenny, Audrey, Ed Saner, Patty Crowley, Bennie, Gail, Jonathan, Moe, Beverly, Dennis, Peter, Trish, Cynthia, Heidi and her family, Kathy Knights family, Edith Vaughn, Candy, Cynthia, Jenn, Eve, Edith, Jason, Karen, Linda, Joyce, Belinda, Jeanette, Jennifer, Patti, Sandy S, and ...

(Feel free to let me know if you would like to add your/or a friends name to our circle)

Please lift these friends family and loved ones of these people in your hearts and prayers ~

YOU can join us today, you can step up, STAND UP, and can choose to to join with us IN YOUR HEARTS AND MIND AND SOUL.

Feel deeply each beat of your heart knowing that we are here only for this moment and life is fragile, oh how we need to remember that/

We have right here right now to make it right with all living things knowing we are all interconnected n the Universe.

WE HAVE THIS DAY... words and actions get imprinted on the heart, on the nervous systems of those we meet, greet and those we love.

KINDNESS is something that we all can do more with;

it is never ever out of style, out of vogue and its benefits are tremendous.

Enjoy this day as we enjoy the beauty of a butterfly that graces us with its presence on a fabulous day!


STOMP with great HOPE and HAPPINESS for this day it is yours, and for that I am grateful, aren't you!

Know that there are some powerful warriors on this page and in the next place along with some Powerful angels ~ and together we have banded together with the energy, love and support to facilitate healing and hope for so many along their journey...

"I find hope in the darkest of days, and focus in the brightest. I do not judge the universe." Dalai Lama

Whatever it is that is happening in your thoughts, in your world, in your life... whatever battle you may be involved in,

get out there and find what you need to fight it,

to stare life in the face

and to


YOu are a warrior.

breathe friends,


The fire is burning brightly, the embers are hot and the sage is drifting into the air, with prayers being sent to all in the prayer bowl and many who are not. You know who you are and you are being thought of ...

That is the HOPE in Healing Heartaches ~

Walk In Beauty,

God Bless the USA and her people.

"Experience is not what happens to you; it is what you do with what happens to you." ~ Aldous Huxley

Walk in Beauty,


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Saturday, August 27, 2011


ohhh what a night from the sounds of it
and cuzzie was texting me like...
those Bobcats kicked off the first game of the season
D'Vante #51 our big Senior this year;
his best "boiis"
Dashon, Deion, Justan, Hunter,
(the list goes on)
suited up, led by their beloved coach 
and now the team pumped up
ready to take on their RIVAL
the Pulaski Cougars!
this is the biggest game in the community;
10,000 expected to fill the bleachers there,
the game for the "bragging rights" and to
claim the New River Bridge
the bridge that must be crossed to play the other;
the very Bridge they claimed the trophy to last year.

The Bobcats!
This year many are
Seniors together; they are hoping, they are
with the focus, the pride, the "desire"
for this win!
"BLACK N GOLD" all day baby!

Godson D'Vante on the left
Justan on the right
"they were ready"
The crowds filled the bleachers,
the night was alive,
emotions were high
the energy felt through the wireless connection!
with seconds to go,
and only 1 point separating the game
I get a text saying
"ohhh lawd fight NOW"

there's 9 seconds LEFT...

Notice the initials on Godson's cheek?
Maybe he does respect and love the godmother after all!

I'm texting:

the next text I get is:

Oh yea baby,

Congratulations Bobcats!
You own the Bridge
2 years in a row,
I am hoarse from hollering for the team,
I am sore from taking the hits from the Cougars,
today need to rest, drink lots of water
cos' I am sure the cramps that came during that game
to Deion, Dashon and others
will be have been hard during the night!
Cuz and Kamryn were headed to the locker room
to meet those boys and D'Vante
to hug them and tell them
awesome job
they put in some hard work last night!
I was dizzy from it all,
sure would have liked to have been there
to have caught some "wicked cool photos"
in real time!
A little while later my phone rang
was my Godson on the other end
his voice was
"amped up and jacked up".
He had decided to call his Godmother
to tell me of his night
to share it first hand!
It filled my heart to hear it, through his eyes and heart.
Congratulations Godson,
you "took the bridge"!
I hope you are taking care of that ankle Dashon, the Bobcats need you; hydrate Deion, Justan, Hunter, and the rest...
Great start to your season
with the
pride, patience, and Prowl of the Bobcat!

Friday Night Lights in small town Virginia
where after the game, after screaming until hoarse,
I get a voicemail from COB/Mom/Granny Dot to those boys
who says
she ran into old friends who sat on the Cougar side of the bleachers.
She was amazed when seeing them, and filled with joy at the reunion of "boys" who went to school with her brother Doyle (my uncle who carried me up the steps of the Washington Monument when I was little)
 back in the day at
Dublin High School! Many who are mentioned
in Healing Heartaches; that used to gather round
Granny's table as teens, playing
football and enjoying meals with the family!
The circle just continues
they were sitting on the wrong side of the field
last night!

Hope your Friday was marvelous
that today
you are safe:

To those along the EAST COAST
our prayers and thoughts are with you as we watch
the storm that is having her way with Carolina
heading NORTH
we hope that you will move from harms way.
Do it NOW,
secure your homes, and move dear ones
get out of the path of harm.
As we listened that
NYC will evacuate and close its modes of transportation for the first time ever,
I cannot imagine what that might "look/feel" like there.
I can't imagine what the effects of that might be
with those who might be up to "no good"
I pray safety to all in that path,
to those who are responding to the call
of first response
I thank you on behalf of those
who will not, nor cannot
just plain out forget to.

the fire is burning and the sage is lit.
To all who enter here and those who forget or don't know to,
we are holding you UP.

Walk in Beauty,
author of
Healing Heartaches, Stories of Loss and Life

get your copy above!