Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Waky Wonderful Wednesday: a toolkit for ya!

Sometimes YOU Just Gotta Make Your Own Fireworks
You Gotta Find YOUR Magic Kingdom Within
You Gotta Believe!

GOOD MORNING WORLD!!! I love fireworks; magic, excitement... real and imagined, I love it all!

It's HUMP Day!!!

Lookin for tools to have a wicked kewl Wednesday? Here ya go... Let the good feelings begin, time to get your dance on, your good feelings surging through that wonderful body and soul.

So how about we add a few more tools to your “feel good” tool-bag….

Grab some peppermint. Many Aromatherapists suggest that peppermint is a natural stimulant and will “pep” your energy up in a wholesome way.

Essential peppermint oil, peppermint tea, chewing gum, oil sticks and candles to scent the room, even in your bath if your so choose. Now keep in mind; these are "my thoughts"... No I am not a doctor of aromatherapy, nor a doc of medicine, nor am I prescribing anything for anybody... I repeat, these are my thoughts ~ Got it? Now don't go putting chewing gum in your bath water or oil sticks in your mouth... or candles in your tub... Happy thoughts and common sense OK?!

The University of West Virginia did a study some time back that showed an immediate improvement in athletes performance after sniffing peppermint. Isn't that just amazing?

It also showed similar results for skills such as typing. Anyone ever try peppermint as a mood enhancer. . . I can think of lots of sources of peppermint including bath oil, hand lotion, mints and lots of others.
Maybe we can do our own experiment on the blog.Be careful now, after all my little Gypsy got into the Lemon Grass *(yes the same Lemon Grass used for cooking) and ended up at the vet as her windpipe closed... from the vapors no less! Each of us are so unique care must always be used when using nature, oils, and such things to heal, to relax, to help.
Feedback welcome.

^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^

For those of you concerned with disturbing neighbors with loud music…

It really is true that almost any upbeat music does work to re-energize.
Try just three minutes for a start. Pick your own tune, doesn’t have to be rock music, but an upbeat tempo is the key.

Perhaps an IPod, or ear phones will solve the “disturbing” neighbors issue.

Dance if you can, if your want, or if you can. The physicality plays a role too, but is not absolutely necessary. Movement can happen in a chair if you must, but fluidity of movement is essential for you to allow your body and your blood to move and to feel the rhythm of life.

S T R  E T   C H

 |\\\  ///// ||| \\//

<><><><><><><> AGAIN, 



wow, that was awesome huh?
YAY!!!! You may even be able to visualize your own firework display when visualizing...

You know... as I sit here, and was waiting, my feet were tapping to a tune in my head... and I'm thinking:

Upbeat tunes can break the monotony of dreary tasks, dreary thoughts, and a lack of energy. I personally think that adding a smile to the experience really gets the job done.

Just as quiet, soft elevator music quiet us and lull us to sleep ( a different and equally meritorious use when needed), music that rocks you, gets you moving can step it up a notch

Who among us hasn’t needed a quick pick me up? hmm, Wednesday, known as "hump day" many need a "pick me up" in the middle of the week~


Take a few moments to meditate. REady?
B R E A T H E  ~ ~ ~ in through your nose, (smell the flowers) and exhale slowly and completely through your mouth... (blow out the candles)...
OK, here we go ------ Breathe IN ~~~~~~~~~
E X H A L E ______________ empty it all blow out all those candles...... GOOD JOB.

It sounds like an opposite approach, and it is. But a few moments of mindful deep breathing and silence can do wonders. 

Our brains and bodies are constantly responding to stimuli which now and then can be exhausting in it’s own right.

A few moments of conscious quiet may well help.
Sit quietly, close your eyes.

Perhaps you may benefit by visualizing an especially restful or peaceful place that has been relaxing for you in the past.
Take a few really deep, slow breaths and just be in the moment. Again, whatever works for you is a tool you can employ at will.

One last thought on today’s tools.
Readers have shared that though they want to laugh, really laugh out loud it can be challenging to find something funny enough to provoke that response. 

I have found some VERY silly You tubes online. Old sitcoms like I Love Lucy work for me, but then again, I laugh most of the time most of the time!.

Humor and laughter cause a cognitive shift, a genuine change in energy level. Laughter, well, a real belly laugh changes the thought process. Changing this process allows our body to make this physiological shift quickly and effectively. I so wish you could hear my Godson Kamryn laugh... since he was just a little one, he could laugh so hard, he would have to lean over and place his little hands on his knees laughing . . . and then having to draw a deep breath only to start all over again once he could catch his breath! He was only 2 years old. It is getting harder to get that same laugh from him at 11, it takes more, but when he does? Oh my it is remarkable  forcing all that are around him to be involved in the infectious laughter that is uniquely his! True and unadulterated laughter, raw, and filled with passion... laughter that is untamed ~ there for all of humankind to make their own ~ 

It also releases chemicals in the brain that provide good feelings to flow.

So that’s it for today. A few new tools to try or retry. Practice does make perfect.  Good luck in your attempts at perfection with this one! Shoot for the stars... Step out of your comfort zone and laugh with wild abandon.

Let me know what  tools are in your bag of tricks. Feel free to try any and all of these suggestions. I trust each has potential.

Enjoy your day. I am having an OutStanding Day already and it is just beginning!

Know that I am holding each of you close in my heart."Keep your heart above your head and your eyes wide open"!

The fires are burning brightly here, the embers are bright, the intention is strong and pure... Healing Heartaches one heart-beat at a time; living with intention  mindfully with purpose and with desire.

Wherever you are, whatever you are doing, I wish you enough, I pray you passion and peace along your journey.

Walk In Beauty

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fluff said...

Hello Dr. Sherry, Sure was good to read your words tonight. Another great use of peppermint is with dogs that may be a little too aggressive, barky and nervous. We actually keep a candy jar in our dog room at the shelter and our trainer told us that if we are taking care of the dogs and they seem jumpy or stressed or if you feel nervous or fearful of a particular dog pop a piece of peppermint in your mouth. It will calm your stress, will block the stress you may have felt that the dogs will not sense it - it is amazing. We have all sucked on peppermint from time to time when we are overfull and the working with the dogs. We can see the calming effect it has. It really does work. Also, love the Louis Armstrong song What a Wonderful world. My favorite song of all times.
Been a busy day for me getting ready for the next few days. It is National Clown Week August 1 - 7. Fluffee is getting excited and ready with brand new bubble gum pink hair. Used to always be purple and now it is long and curly and pink. Went to the beauty shop tonight to get it trimmed and prettied up with pony tails and bows. Can't wait, the next few days will by Fluffee time with friends enjoying our special week and entertaining others. So, if you see a clown the next days be sure to say thank you and give that clown a hug for all the smiles they bring. Heh Heh - ☺ ☺ Fluffee is excited. You all take care and have a wonderful evening. /Sandy♥☺♥

DrSES said...

Best of clowning there Fluff, have the time of your life, bet you are a fine looking pinkie out there... enjoy and I'm sure you will leave a mark long remembered of great hugs and kindness with each hug and step... peppermint for calminig at the shelter, what a grand plan... and to think folks thought Docs and places of business are just being kind with those candy jars? ahaha they have a plan don't they? hugs on the wind to my fav place to speak in none other than MICigan, love those folks out there I sure do...