Wednesday, March 12, 2014


Treasure the memories, they are the precious moments from our past that add meaning to our now, to our future. They create the foundation on which we build our tomorrows. Memories capture for us moments spent with loved ones, experiences held, things discovered and lessons we have already learned. Nuggets of truths to live by. They fill our hearts. Memories can be held and cherished forever. They are gifts our lives allow us to play and replay in our souls. Sharing memories enriches the lives of those we grow closer to in the sharing. Good times, fun times, sad times,  memories can recalled over and over help us remember the value, time spent, miles walked and purpose of our past. Of course some memories are so sacred we choose to hold them only within rather than share them! 

In balance we acknowledge that sad memories, and bad memories are also woven into our past. We have learned from these too. Some, because we value the lesson learned return to us when we need to revisit the lesson, or to provoke caution. To aide us in not repeating the same error. This too has value. I caution you though not to dwell on these, save the lesson but do not get stuck in the story. Anchor it in your reservoir of knowledge. Make the truth your own, then let the details of this bad memory go. The lesson is important, the details only return you to that dark moment.  Sad memories can add balance to our lives. Like the memory of a loved ones death. The feelings of loss come back strongly. Often with great clarity of detail. They seem somehow etched into who we are. This, is because the loved one lost was and continues to be important to us. We are shaped by those we have loved, those we love now. Threads woven into the tapestry of our lives, remain with us. They will always be a part of us. There may be those times we just have to burn the past that keeps us from moving on, those things that keep you stuck in the mud of despair... Those things that no longer serve you, nor when thinking about them, no longer feel good. One can sort through it, burn it,let it go,or gently find a place for it to fit...

The challenge is to soften the memory of the actual loss with recalling moments spent with our loved one when we shared precious moments in life. So turn gently from the feelings of loss, to the memories of time well spent with your loved one. Capture a moment where you laughed together, or held each other. Savor those moments. Honor your loved one by celebrating their life. The moments you spent together with joy.
Acknowledge the loss. Set the painful feeling aside briefly and really recall one glorious day spent together. Some cluster of hours shared. Feel those feelings. Recall those details.
Fill in the details. Savor them. This kind of memory brings it’s own lift. A smile replaces the tears.

Henry David Thoreau, in Walden wrote:  The true harvest of my daily life is somewhat intangible and indescribable as the tints of morning and evening. It is the little stardust caught, a segment of the rainbow which I have clutched.”

Today I ask you,to sit a moment and bask in a pleasant memory.
Experience the moment. Recall the details. What did the experience you remember make you feel. What sounds are in the background? Are there smells, fragrances that you associate with the memory? Is your memory of a place, a person or an event? Really sit with the feeling. If the details are vague, invest the time needed to recapture the moment.
Let your mind wander around in the memory. Are more details coming to you? Sift through them like fine sand on a beach; hold precious those that touch your soul while tenderly let the rest sift through your hands...

and believe in tomorrow...

I wish you enough,
(more later) ~

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fluff said...

Hello Dr. Sherry, it has been a while since a left a message here even though I read your words most days. It has been an extremely difficult and stressful winter. I thank you for the words today on memories. I can think of several great memories but one tearful one is that 3 years ago today I said good bye to my precious Mom as she journeyed on to Heaven. I can't believe it has been 3 years. I can think it so clearly now that day, those hours, that moment when all was said and done and she was gone. She is still ever close to me and forever in my heart and mind. I miss her treemendously. Mary is her name. I can close my eyes and see her beautiful smile and feel the love she had for her children. I miss you Mom and love you so much - have a nice day Dr. Sherry /Sandy♥