Monday, July 30, 2012

Livin the Dream!

Here they are arriving in Santa Barbara!
I was waiting for them forever it seemed,
only then to find out their luggage did not travel with them, but was lost on another plane!

But oh how excited we were to gather
in Santa Barbara Airport after traveling across the states!

One little boy,
Santa Barbara CA!

We've fit a lot in since touchdown on Friday, getting up at 6am to put toes in the Pacific Ocean, running like wild; to riding horses along the coast right beside the beach ~ Oh that was clearly one of the most remarkable experiences of my life I must tell you (*pictures to come*)

Yep we have our attitude of great gratitude on
Michael Jordan Flight School 2012
is here
after all the anticipation, all the dreams, the plans, the excitment still is high as the jumps!
Michael Jordan FLight School,
after our magnificent ride and at times gallops (I've still got it)
then to Goleta to the University, where this year
765 kids will join for the most incredible basketball camp in the country!
We were on our feet so long, mine are still tingling as the feeling just is returning, in the line for registeration, as the tension, excitement mounts!
Kamryn is looking everywhere, his little mind trying to comprehend all.
We are here!
The game room *(Kamryn with red back pack)
and his new roomies!
Room #208 with 4 roomates including
"Tre" who I really liked at "hello he played me"!

Oh my, I can barely see through the tears of joy as Kamryn texted last night to say,
"I'm bout to meet him"
and then I received this:
Kamryn met his hero
last night!
Can you even imagine
the thrill of that?

More to come,
it's time to rest
as Kamryn has just called and said a big horn sounded that let them all know to wake up and get to the cafeteria for breakfast, to eat well, drink water
get ready to

Today is the team photo with
then time to hit the court til 530 pm balling with all they have.

They will then eat, and ball some more!
Oh my,
can't wait to see him on that court!

HOpe you all are living the dream,
I am!

Walk in Beauty

Friday, July 27, 2012

Frontier Airlines TODAY is the day!

Now how cool is this!
To fly on Frontier today, the airlines that paints dolphins and other creatures on their tails!
Oh how happy a day is this; off to Tampa International Airport en route to meet Puddy Pal and cuz Angie in Santa Barbara CA! I cannot even imagine the joy that is happening in southwest VA, that has been building there as Kamryn and his Mom have been preparing with the help of Dot/Mom/Cob for this day.
The texts, phone calls and emails have been flying; the reminders to pack all the little jumpman will need for Michael Jordon Camp and all he hopes and dreams as he has been bouncing all over the community and letting folks know time is near!
Oh my excitement, anticipation, joy, dreams unfolding!
Let us hope that the moment the event is as big and brilliant as the build up!
Now Dot/Cob/Mom will be spending the night with them tonight, a pillow fight is probably in the works as the pre trip celebration will be all the buzz as nerves and excitement mounts!
They will leave oh so early and travel about 2 hours to Charlotte NC to the airport, board and fly to LA where they will then transfer to another little plane into Santa Barbara!
Oh my goodness!
He will just be a mess!
Now ole puddy pal will be flying that cool plane with the painted tail to Denver and then have some lunch for a couple of hours; then board to Santa Barbara, arriving an hour prior to the two of them!
Not too bad when you think of the timing that has gone into all of this,
and then we will be together
in all our splendor to find our way to our hotel after the giddy hugs, joy and absolute delight of seeing one another!
 Yep, we'll be together
from my lips to the Creator's ears
we will have the time of our lives
while the anticipation will only be a small introduction to what will be the best time ever and a memory that lasts a lifetime for Kamryn
as he walks onto a court and comes eye to eye
with his hero
Michael Jordon
and learns, loves, eats, sleeps, dreams
If you can dream it, you can do it!
If you can fail, you can succeed.
If you think you can't YOU must.
one of the biggest little words I've ever known!
Have a remarkable day dearhearts,
be well, stay safe.
Off to the skies
and new adventures!
Wonder how Kamryn is going to like riding a horse along the Pacific Ocean?
That's the surprise for 
whoaaaa, I sure hope I don't end up in the waters!
Here's a glimpse of
Santa Barbara!
Blessings to all who gather here.
Walk in Beauty

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Just goin' to stay in my Happy place!

Today is for clouds, rose colored glasses, gratefulness and just a day of being in my Happy Place!
You are welcome to join me here, as I have chosen this for the day.
Today I was going to write about the happenings of the world, the continual rise of ugly that is witnessed in social media, in restaurants overheard about politics, man and his fellow man; opinions weighing in about the needless killings in Colorado and the now in the news again children of Michael Jackson as the children have been placed in temporary custody of Katherine's grandson.
I've decided there are many who are already filled with that; many more who are stirring in it and staying riled up and the Energy is frenetic, and as far as I can see and determine it is really only adding fuel to fires that are burning brightly and only heating up across the lands, and burning resources that are precious in ways that divide and leave ruin.
So rather than feed the Dr Drew's and Nancy Graces' and media that is wild, along with the facebook of posts and pictures and photoshops of anger,
I made the decision to jump into Thursday embracing Happy!
Yes it is a choice, and I have chosen wisely I do believe.
Television off, newspapers down.
Music ON and playing just fine out here on the lanai as I watch the little lizards walk around the pool; the 4 leggeds are having a 
NASCAR MORNING rounding the pool with that morning energy that delights the senses.
I would join them, but they would bark at me, probably trip me and I would land in the pool as they stood on the edge and laughed in dog language!
So for today,
as I embrace a day of just staying in my Happy Place, and inviting you all to just try that for yourselves; it may be a day to stretch to new possibilities.
A day of wonder as you think of new ways to delve into new things, or re-visit old talents.
A day to just be grateful for everything and to put up great shields and block any and all things that are not pleasant, not conducive to staying in your place of happy.
Maybe you can even try this trick at home:
Kamryn with one of his feats in a restaurant comes to mind; now can you do this?
 Yes Yes I know, it will take patience and practice to pull this one off!
But that is the point of being in your happy place, it helps you to be mindful of all your many gifts!
One does not get bogged down in all the crap of everyday life, all the opinions and anger and angst that is running wild in the world and then can concentrate on the important things!
Welcome to my happy Place!
Now once you have mastered that, who knows what is next?
Perhaps you will find the courage to use stretch bands and develop stronger arms
or walk on cracks on the sidewalk,
even shoot the hoops!
Now it's time to get to packing
as we all know
tomorrow it's time to fly!

 Get Ready Jordan
I'm bringing the KamJumpKid
to ya!

Be the best you are today friends,
and take best care.

Prayers going UP for EE in Colorado.

For Fluff's sister Carol, who has just had major surgery in Detroit  and is in need of our thoughts and prayers for a safe and speedy recovery there. 

Attitude on,
Here we goooo!
 Yep that is the JumpmanKam

Walk in Beauty

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Walkin the Walk

It's almost 
Michael Jordon Flight School Time!
These are MY Jordans babies,
all mine!
My very first pair of Jordans, high tops at that.
Hand me downs from my little Godson 
Oh boy was I ever tickled to life and he was too that he could gift his ole'
"puddy pal" his beloved Jordans
and I walk 10 feet tall in them I have to tell you,
and oh look "fly" as well!
Makes me want to take to the court and "ball" they sure do.
Now of course I'll never get another pair since little 11 year old Kamryn is now sporting a size Men's 9 Jordans and he has outgrown my feet by a long shot!
You can bet he will be in his newest pair thanks to his AuntieDot/Cob/Mom
and I can only pray that in his sleep he hasn't outgrown them!
Oh the excitement is mounting,
dreams coming true
California bound and shoes are made to be balling, walking, strutting their stuff with a grin that will go from the East Coast to the West!
Life is good.
Nope, let's just make that GREAT for a little guy and those who love them.
It's a family affair it is; now that the plan has been made, the dream made real, as everyone now is infected by joy, and contributing to the success and memories to be created and shared by texts, photos, and stories that Kamryn will share and hold for a lifetime.
The "I wonder if, and Do you think that" have already began, and I find myself just frazzled with the small details and already a buzz in my mind of the doing, and will wait to get there to just "be".
I can only hope that one day Kamryn will play and be so inspired by this experience that he will hold it for his life and future dreams; he will shake the hand of his hero soon, and look up to him as he does.
I can visualize him as it happens, see him on the court with that ball in his hands, see that heart of his pounding out of his chest.
Hear him in my memories as he ran around the pool here saying, "I'm going to be the Next Jordan Puddy Pal, some day I am" 
and the 100th time of hearing him shout from across the deck, "Watch this" and then shoot that ball and make the basket from the other side at 7!
Oh yes, I have dreams for him as well as he does!
Dreams with a plan, a plan that he has been working since diapers... and a hero of the finest that he wants to be like, big shoes to fill indeed.
And wouldn't ya just know it,
expensive shoes at that!
 A man who has inspired, thrilled and a man who is filled with passion, purpose and still is awe-inspiring.
He doesn't know the word failure to be a bad word, nor an excuse to stop.
I like that alot.
His quotes read like his life, like his success, like his pain, grief and triumphs:
 “I've missed more than 9000 shots in my career. I've lost almost 300 games. 26 times, I've been trusted to take the game winning shot and missed. I've failed over and over and over again in my life. And that is why I succeed.”[MJ]
A man of greatness and great success
a man that Kamryn just loves!
 I'm thinkin  I would look real good in those tight shoes! But I want the ones with the red souls!
Ah life is a grand adventure and one who can and does talk the talk authentically is one who has walked the walk,
or in Michael Jordan's case, one who has and is the Jumpman with a reach that extends beyond expectations.
Sometimes there is just 
pure greatness to behold
and that greatness is fostered, nurtured loved and pushed beyond limits.
When you think you can't YOU MUST
and passion is fueled by desire, by want, by repetitive motions and habits and the want to in you that exceeds expectations.
Jordon once said this, “Obstacles don’t have to stop you. If you run into a wall, don’t turn around and give up. Figure out how to climb it, go through it, or work around it."
 Focus, shoot the hoops and do what you want to be all you are!
Here's to you, your wildest dreams, and most powerful plans that you work to reality,
walk your walk, and be all that you are...
But most importantly,
never ever ever give up.
that's Kamryn shooting for dreams as a wee one, as he watched
ohhh he was so wee back then!
See those hands?
That's my boy, now going to see his hero!
“You must expect great things of yourself before you can do them.” (Michael Jordan)

And so it is!
Your inspiration of the day
Walk in beauty

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Just Wondering... about the flag at half staff

We mourn the victims of this latest horrendous tragedy in Aurora CO
as yesterday the world got the first glimpse of a young man sitting in a court room with his "Joker red hair" as he sat in front of the Judge out there.
As Aurora still reels in shock; the news media continues to cover this local news and National tragedy that happened once again;
triggering events of the past at
VA Tech in daylight on a campus;
of Columbine, of the Oklahoma Bombings for many. 
Yet one brilliant 24 year old mind
made calculating plans to do such a horrendous act in a dark theater at the premier of Batman's latest Dark Knight
where many were in costume and enthused to see what for some was their very first "premier theater viewing".
Our President was informed and issued an immediate message of comfort to those in Aurora and to the Nation.
We are standing with them and with each other.
It is always during tragedy that we seem to stand the strongest and lean into one another.
I also watched as flags have been lowered in honor of the victims of this tragedy across the land.
I have to wonder though if that is the appropriate response even now that we continue to be in shock and horror of this event.
I fully support whatever decision that Aurora and EMS/Fire/PD departments want to or think we should do;
I am wondering if our flag and its lowering over our Nation is being at times lowered too many times...
Yes I agree this massacre is a tragedy;
my heart bends for those there, the victims, those who are clinging to life right now, the families and friends, and on a larger scale the world as we know it as we mourn this tragedy.
I also wonder if the flag were lowered with each casualty that is coming home to our soils in a flag draped casket daily or weekly now
it would probably remain at half staff.
I wonder if we need to reserve the lowering of our flag for those times
those horrific times
as I am reminded of 
and those times of our men/women
who have and are serving
and our 
times of 
USA National flag ettituque
times that are long held traditions as we create new ones
in order to preserve its significance,
while acknowledging that states indeed will have many reasons to lower their flags during state tragedies such as the one we are now reeling from.
President Obama arrived in Colorado on Sunday; his second visit there recently in the role of our Leader; yet to be the consoler to  so many devasted in a state once again by one who needlessly has devastated many. First is was an arsonist who set off wildfires and now 
the one who walked in with a plan to kill as many as possible and also blow up his apartment building and the one next to it;
taking out those who lived there as well.
Our President touched down and was able on a human to human exchange to demonstrate caring that was to represent the best of each of us to a community and state devastated.
And meantime, the few minutes that were watched probably around the world showed a young man in a state issued suit, with red hair, with gazing eyes of blank stares.
He did not speak; he just gazed blankly.
One must also remember he has "studied well the neurosciences of the brain";
the room was filled with family and friends of those either killed, maimed or fighting for their lives now in hospitals.
Colorado has the death penalty; and many are praying it is enacted.
The tears and sobs and devastation is like a pulse in a wrist that is trying to escape the skin; and in need of intervention as the days pass for so many; now funeral plans have been made or have been held. James Holmes killed 12 people, wounded an additional 58 in the chaos, most of them through gunfire. This  high number of casualties has made it the largest such incident in the country’s record. How sad to say he has now made it into the record books.. perhaps that was the intention of this brilliant mind to be known for something.
But our President took as much time as was needed to be a man who cared deeply, he listened to the stories, he comforted, he held and he shed tears with those that cried as they told their stories.
We all have thought about those times we have been in theaters, sitting with someone we love, waiting for the show to start, engrossed in the story line; not so much aware of the comings and goings of those around us.
In a heartbeat
it can and did change lives, a community
the Nation and the world
in our thinking, our safety
our very ability to grasp this horror.
Tomorrow the flags will go back to their normal place high to the top of the poles,
people will return to theaters around the world,
life moves on for so many
and for others
Next month, there will be a real need to call in trauma experts to Colorado;
to sit with, work with the responders, the families, the friends...
For now?
Hold them UP, think of them with hope in healing, prayers in purpose of just the ability to rise from the ashes and place one foot in front of the other.
May justice be swift
and healing be heartfelt
as we 
Thank you  President Obama
for your care of our people and representing all of us in being with those in a state that is in shock and trauma now.
 "Even as we come to learn how this happened and who’s responsible, we may never understand what leads anyone to terrorize their fellow human beings. Such evil is senseless – beyond reason. But while we will never know fully what causes someone to take the life of another, we do know what makes that life worth living." POTUS

Let the flag be at half staff
it is after all the worst of a terrorist born to our own soil that has now made history
and devastated lives forever changed by this event.
We will stand for those who now need us
and light our candles for healing in hope
while recognizing that this will probably not have an understanding.
 Walk in Beauty

Monday, July 23, 2012

Ohhh It's Almost time, dreams coming true!

Oh it's Monday!
Only 5 more days, til boarding the plane here,
and in VA for
Santa Barbara California for the dream of dreams to come true for
Godson Kamryn!
Oh the excitement is building and the joy is already being felt from VA to FL
as he is up there balling on the courts to prepare...
to meet his HERO since the age of 2!
How to spell 
"all jacked up in VA"
as a dream is close to reality for a little guy who has loved Michael Jordon such a wee one with a basketball in hand,
we've snuggled on a couch to the view and sounds of Space Jam more times than one can count... oh 600 times doesn't do it justice I am sure.
And this plan has been in the works for 3 count them 3 years to get him to
Michael Jordon Basketball Camp
out there in California
to stand beside a legend
one he admires and wants to be like and ball like on the courts since he could walk.
When he was told about this via phone last August on his birthday I was so thrilled that Angie caught it on camera for me to see:
It looked like this:
 I was laughing as I saw this; noting he was wearing his MJ shirt as he looked at that phone like he was looking in my eyes hearing the gift of his trip and "who he would be spending the days with".
And then this is what happened as that reality hit his brain/heart/soul
and a dream was realized:
 He has told me and his brother before that one thing he knows for sure:
His "buddy pal"/Godmother doesn't "play/lie"
and I think that photo was when the 
"OMG I'm going to meet my hero set in"
Only to be topped if possible by this:
  YES baby boy,
On July 27th we fly from the East Coast to 
Santa Barbara CA, where YOU will be on court on the 29th with Michael Jordon and some of the best of the best coaches and other kids from all over the world to "ball" and to learn, play, live eat basketball for 5 days!
Happy Birthday Baby
We love YOU
here's to your wildest dreams!
 Here's to dreams, to realities, to HOPE
and a story of happiness
as the world grieves, is in shock and mourning.
Here's to goodness and light
on a Monday
and a little boy with passion
and ohhh what laughter he has and how infectious it is.
Here's to the ability to make another just as happy as happy can be with planning and sacrifice and desire.
When I asked Kamryn what was he going to do when he came face to face with his hero.
He thought mindfully, and then spoke.
"Well buddy pal ... uh I think I might just 
 The Next Jordon
at 11 wearing a size men's 9 Michael Jordon shoe...
Oh I should have duct taped him when he had those cute little sweet smellin feet!
I'll take that seat next to Michael,
I sure would like to talk to him while there
and love that blue shirt'
but I swear his feet look the size of Kamryn's and I can only pray that he gets the opportunity to stand beside him as I click that camera with a quick finger during our most awesome time!
 “Some people want it to happen, some wish it would happen, and others make it happen.”
- Michael Jordan

Wishing you a day of wonder
on this magical Monday!
Walk in Beauty

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Still in Shock on a Sunday

Our hearts are wrapped around the souls now in the Next Place, our thoughts and prayers continue to be with those who are fighting for their lives in hospitals out in Denver and for the survivors, families and friends of that massacre that took place in a dark theater in Aurora CO. 
Our minds are reeling as we wonder how/why could such a horrendous thing happen.
I still ask that all be gentle and limit your exposure to the media of this; the vicarious trauma of such horror as we see it replayed over and over on the news and the televisions across the world.
Life is so very fragile.
We have watched again and again the interviews, the "this is how it happened" on what is now digital re-plays of the event;
we are hearing stories of a man who had a life of no record who excelled in his academia and was a loner, yet has planned this for months. A brilliant mind they say, yet it came to no surprise to the woman who gave him life.
Many are "weighing in" with speculation/opinion
yet he is saying little now that is actions are complete.
Many more will say much before this is over.
Please use your energy to lend to the healing of so many there; the ones who are now in hospitals, the ones who were there, their families and friends who are in shock and are walking wounded from this horrendous act.

Many are going to use this as a platform for gun control, for mental illness as a defense, for political platforms and for agendas
and for all sorts of things.
The trauma is more than most should have to ever witness or hear about as we absorb it into our systems and hearts.
Yet we are a society now used to violence, to drama played out in video games and the big screen.
we are all connected by the Universal thread of humanity as we watch people cling to each other in times of great tragedy and mourning; we cannot help but say,
"there but for the grace of God go I"
and others have even stated "we were to go that night but could not find a sitter, and I even got mad about it, now I am so thankful".
People are hugging their kids a little tighter; holding their friends a little dearer; and we are holding those in CO in prayer, in thoughts,
as we shake our heads in wonder.
Please take care of each other
value this day,
know that it is fragile and truly a gift that one must take time to open and cherish.
Prayers going up, to all on this day of sun, wind, rain;
for healing and right way relations:

For Aurora CO and her people
we are with you

 For :
Carrie and her family in Aurora,
Ali, as she mourns the death of her "POP" in SC and now is receiving gifts from him from the other side.  
For EE in Colorado who is having severe health problems and on going breathing difficulties out there and now having to make some difficult decisions on health choices,  we are standing with you.
For Debbie Koenig we continue to stand as your beloved son Thomas O'Brien dances on the galaxies now.
For Dianne Gray and Ken in AZ;
For those who have asked and we are standing with you in your time of sorrow, angst, difficulties.
The fire is burning brightly,
the sage is in the air
for all who gather here
and all in the prayer bowl.
 Heidi, Lori, Cynthia, Scott, Ali Legend, and children,  Heather Belle, Carolyn, Rog, Dusty, the 5,000 guardians now standing in the memory of Thomas O'Brien,
KM, Osh Kosh, Harriet, Sherry Reed, Mary Grace, Shirley, BK, Stephanie, Lorrie, Pop and his family,
Sherry C.,  Katie and Bill Majestic, Marvin, Layne, Lori, Jim, D, Heidi, Julia, Rolling Thunder, The Patriot Guard, Carol,The Schram/Korabek family, Kyle, Mark, Todd, Yvonne, Harry, Kevin, Jen, Charles,  Glenn, "the littleOne", Anne Klein, Monica Graff, Penny, Chris, Joy, Anne, Sara, Jenn, Shirley, AnneMary, Michael, Jeannie, Tink,
 Patti Labelle and family, The Wounded Warrior Brigade of Walter Reed,   Warren Buffet, Best of health be restored to you sir, Kyle Jones in TN; a magic maker, a musician and a good man, Miss America who took time out of her schedule to make a young man get his smile on while in the ICU, Thomas O'Brien sure did enjoy her visit, and was able to enjoy dinner out with her as well, new friendships made there indeed, Dave Glenn Alley a talented musician who is extending himself in service to others, blessings to you friend,
Seth Greenberg and family, Eileen D. and family, Steve and family, Anne, A, Sandy, "EI", Kev, Chris,
Lyle Emerson and his family in Buffalo and little Kendra 3 years old who is fighting Lymphoblastic Leukemia,
Bernice Etsitty and the life of her son, gone too soon Garrett Joe,
Duke Limongello who was murdered 9 years ago; his mom Jean Limongello,
and all the children of all colors
gone tooo soon,
and for
OUR President and his family
of our United States of America,
those who are serving our Nation and their service animals
and all who have served
and their families,
May the Creator bless you for holding us in your arms to protect our freedoms.
We  remember.
 DLB, Dot/COB/Mom, Angela, Kamryn Elijah, D'Vante, Linda McDonald,Joan & Olivia,
danLrene, CJ, Florence, Jenn, Bill, Denise, Ashe, Stuart Jr,  Barry Gibb, his family, Whitney, the Houston family, the family of our disco queen Donna Summer as she now joins heavens musical greats;
Dianne, Ken, Andre, Bill, Taft Abras, Mary Labyaks' family , Andrea, Patti, Jamie, Sasha, Kerri, Josh, Kar, Cash, Neil, Lori, Cindi, Tom, Shasta, Bill Simpson and Family, Jenn, Steph, Dana, Kari, Sandy, Marty, Marsha, Wanda, Ellen, Cindee, Peggy, Joyce Cruz, a CANCER survivor working at Southwest Airlines *it was an honor to meet you dear one*, Ike Davis, in New Mexico, an artisan who plays in the mud and creates beautiful tings out there, ** what a joy you are to so many of SOUTHWEST, thank you for visiting with me, prayers of continued success and tobacco to your Pueblo uncle! and for Christos Fandaros, Thomas Galvin, John Knudson, Curtis, Susie Langham, Stasia and Billy Hall, Christina Chavez and Rick and Ryan, Pam Meyer, Whitney, Diane Bystista, Susan, Leann Vincent, Roxanne Duran, Carole Poppendeck, Mary Jo H-shortes, Bridget, Robert Tanner Mara Tanner, Yolanda L Acosta, Antonio F. Balderrama, Denise Flowers, Lisa Balance, Sherry Stedman, Rose, Marquette, Acosta, Ortega, The Pueblo Peoples,
All those I was honored to spend time with in
"VA, DC, MD, FL, CT, PA, Ohio, Michigan, South Dakotas, Geisinger Medical Center, Michigan, Oklahoma, Ohio, Solaris Hospice, Evercare, Hospice of the Western Reserve, Gesinger, Crossroads Hospice, New Hope Hospice, Comfort Keepers KS, El Paso, Santa Fe, Albuquerque"
Jeremy, Florence, Cal, Sarch, our friends of Portugal, Mike, AnnMary,Stephanie, Jimmy, Keli, Kasi, Katherine, Julie, Allan, Lynda,LeeAnn, KS Comfort Keepers, Stephen Bright, Linda and staff Melody,Brenda A and children Sarah, David Rachel; Gloria, Pete, Fred, Max, JJ, Barb and Leo Henning, Rick Fechner, Ryan Baurain, Melissa Reid, "Probation Professional pals", Jim Vander May (*who has been working in the Professional field for 45 years in Michigan*, Dale, Herschel, Bonnie, Louise, Holly, Jerry, Faith, Yvette, Happy, Audrey, and Rod Markowski and family, Lynn, Ryan, Jordon, Darryl Markowski, I thank you for your service) Brian Markowski, Shannon Becker, Nick, Reagan, Dr Iris Taylor of Detroit Medical Center,, please take best care of you) Sandy R. Carol, Stephanie, Geri, Chris, Matt, those in Oklahoma City, in Tulsa, In Ft Worth, Dallas, Ike, Isabel, Teresa, Janelle, Patricia, Susan, Karen, Laura in Yuba City CA, The Walter Reed Warrior Transition Brigade, Hope Hospice, Crossroads Hospice and those who care out there working and walking the walk, Perry, Clayton, George, Janet, and all in green! Rick, Calley, Ron, Rebekeh, Brenda, Becca, Audrey, Gabe, Dena, Beth, Lill, Jay Hanson, Jennifer, Beth Jett, Huntsville AL, Sheri, Wendy Reese and family, Sandy, Toby, Edith Vaughn and family,Susan, Greg and Kyle Korabek (Landon Korabek on the other side now), Stephen Bright and family, Walter Littlemoon, Jane, Laura, Mitch, Jenn, Chris, Mary, Taft, Martha Deaver, Morris, Dahlee, Rose Brick, The Baitinger Family, The Yaslowitz Family, The St Petersbug PD, Congresswoman Gabbie and her family, Dahlee in NJ, Judy Kelley, beloved husband and family, Jennifer, (now being watched over by her beloved husband and child), Norma, EE, Little Cub to CJ and Angel eyes Jack, Daniel, Dave, Cindy and Steve, Marty, Sweet Pea and Pie Face, Florence, Jeremy, Dennis, Darrel, Greg, Leroy, Rebekka, Carly, John, Diana, Crystal, Karen, Janet, Callie, Lorie, Laura, Larry, Clive,
2 Wolves and Jinx in SD, (
Kelly and family,Judy W and her 4 sons up there in New England, Cherokee Wick, Benni, Gayle, Jonathan, Great Aunt Effie's family, Marilyn Warren, Ilene, Tweak and Chris, Jen and Brian, Ericka, Shannon, Hannah Sherabow, Pam C. and family, Susan S., Angela A., Nancy W, Sue G, Kelly and family, Susan Brouse, Cindy and Stevie, Kim, Olatz, EVB, Guin, Yiva, Mary, Sandra and family, Christina Helen, Dotti B., Susan and Greg, Amy, Becky and Barry Long, Christina, Matt and children, Aaron, Lisa and family, Freda, Linda Katie, Pat D, Tink and Mitch, LITTLE Ben, Jerry, Trish, Barb, Anastasia, Mary, Rylee, Lindsay, Ann, Sarah, Ruth, Johnny, Bobby and the Tucker Family, The Spraker Family,Kenny H, Michelle, Sandy, Addie and family in Canada, Sandy, BraveHeart, Rowena, Chris, Robyn Elizabeth, Jean, Duke,Rowena, Chris, Baby Robyn Elizabeth, Diane Smallze and family, Patti and family, The Korabek Family and friends, The Gasse Family and Friends,
Officer Crawford of St Petersburg, The Kocab Family, baby Lilly Nicole Kocab, The Curtis Family, Tarpon PD, those serving here and there in Uniform... Those now walking The Thin Blue Line, (far to many joining that line recently across our Nation),
Mylee, Mikey and family in DC, Jack M & Janis in OC, Stephen, Stuart Wittel (back from his 4th tour as a fighter pilot of the US MARINES inAfghanistan) and his parents Sandy and Stuart, Lavie Coltrane and family, Andrea Gasse and family here and in New England, Ali and family, Randy and Winnie in New Mexico, Jill Wheaton L, Dr Peter in NY, Dr Rev Bev, Irene M, Bernice, Eileen and family, Vicki, Matthew and family, Chris, Lovie, Nancy, Pedro and Our adopted family in BRAZIL, Our North American Black American Bears, The Windcross Convservacy and those beautiful Spanish Mustangs known as "pocket ponies"... the dolpins , always our most remarkable dolphins!!!
AND for:
Anne, Jim, JADE, Cynthia, Joseph, Cathy Madden, Nathan, and her family., Cindy in NC, Liz, Lee, Molly, Joanie, Jude, COFA, Judi, Ken, Matthew, Nick, Matt, Mark's family and many friends , Pat, Irene, Kevin, Dr D, Deb, Randy, Dr B, Isabelle, Kelsey, Sabrina , Charlie and family, Jean, Julie, Rhonda, Victoria, Mildred, Andi and family, Faith, Denise, Jim, Tom, Joey, Shelby friends and family, Judi, Phylis, Joyce, Gina, Tonya, Beverly and Family, Janeth, Melissa,Virginia, Stacey, Elizabeth, Nita, Gary Siegal, Adrienna, Brian Mawbey, the Boyan Family, Jean R and friend Christy Rider, Victoria and hubbie, Stephen, Gayle, Steph, Chris, Erica, Eileen, John, Mindy, Jack, Susan Werth Becken, her brother Mike and family, Craig James Lightfoot and his family, Kenny, Audrey, Ed Saner, Patty Crowley, Bennie, Gail, Jonathan, Moe, Beverly, Dennis, Peter, Trish, Cynthia, Heidi and her family, Kathy Knights family, Edith Vaughn, Candy, Cynthia, Jenn, Eve, Edith, Jason, Karen, Linda, Joyce, Belinda, Jeanette, Jennifer, Patti, Sandy S, and . ..  
(Feel free to let me know if you would like to add your/or a friends name to our prayer bowl.
 "It's really a wonder that I haven't dropped all my ideals, because they seem so absurd and impossible to carry out. Yet I keep them, because in spite of everything, I still believe that people are really good at heart.” Anne Frank
Walk in Beauty,