Monday, November 30, 2009

Monday Morning As The Sun Came Up


EEEGGAAADDD... Are you tired today???? heehe

It was quite the holiday for many; travel, family gatherings, cooking, lotsa food, tradition, maybe new and different traditions...

And then... people took to the cars like fish to water and off the the malls they went! SHOP TIL YOU DROP... that's the age old expression isn't it?  Or how about, "when the going gets tough, the tough go shopping".  And then of course yesterday football was the main event in many a household and the leftovers were once again eaten; families were on the road; tired but heading back to their homes (with sandwiches made of turkey!).  And today with tired bodies and memories; they return to school and work!

So, how are you going to embrace your day?  The sun is starting to rise through the Spanish Moss this morning and the gratitude needs no list or paper!  Thought I forgot didn't you?  Nope, I remembered!
OK... got your list handy... so let's get to listing~~~~

You might need to start two lists beginning on the first day of December!  One list on the heading I would like you to write "blessings I give" and draw a line down the middle of the paper; on the other side write "blessings I receive".  On the next paper you will draw a line down the middle of the paper and on one side write, "gifts I will give myself this holiday season" and on the other side write "things I no longer want (feelings/thoughts/things)".
Each day you are to work on your list!  Not as easy as it sounds which is why you only have to do one a day on each paper! Deal?

OK, your thought for this Monday:

An old Cherokee chief was teaching his grandson about life...

"A fight is going on inside me," he said to the boy.

"It is a terrible fight and it is between two wolves.
"One is evil -
he is anger, envy, sorrow, regret, greed, arrogance, self-pity, guilt, resentment, inferiority, lies, false pride, superiority, self-doubt, and ego.
"The other is good -
 he is joy, peace, love, hope, serenity, humility, kindness, benevolence, empathy, generosity, truth, compassion, and faith.

"This same fight is going on inside you - and inside every other person, too."

The grandson thought about it for a minute and then asked his grandfather,

"Which wolf will win?"

The old chief simply replied,

"The one you feed."
Walk In Beauty!
Author Of Healing Heartaches

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Gettin" Your Feet Wet!

Sometimes Little Steps Lead to Big Steps!
Granny Liked to Wade In The Water
BUT, she didn't like  cold water!

We All find times when we have to just take a deep breath, muster our strength and take that first step... and move forward to "get our feet wet"! haha  This may be that day for you, that day when you "get your feet wet", take those steps to move forward with little steps that will lead to bigger ones, getting your feet wet; moving forward into new directions! At first it may feel cold, it may shock you; awaken new senses differently than before, but excite you at the same time!

"Getting your feet wet" is like taking your first steps, going into somethingnew ; testing the waters... but it can also be that great walk along the shore, getting your feet wet as you walk along the beach!

The expression dates back to the 1500's when it alluded to swimmers barely getting their feet wet, but like that old cigarette commercial we used to see on T.V. "we've come a long way baby" since then!
The French translation of getting your feet wet is, "mouiller sa chemise il faut mouiller sa chemise", which means, you have to be confronted with the real material world, you have to do something, really do battle with reality! Now isn't that great, we all learned something today!

"We're all of us children in a vast kindergarten trying to spell God's name with the wrong alphabet's blocks" (T.Williams)

When getting your feet wet it is sometimes fun and gentle, but sometimes strong. We often find ourselves "in over our head" and scared, so to speak, rather than able to gently get used to the water! Struggles, loss and grief can feel and be like that.
It's good to wade in the water, to get our feet wet; to get used to water a little at a time... It can soothe us, restore our mind-body-spirit connection.

It's a beautiful Sunday morning here in Florida......... a chill is in the air, only those visiting from up North will be putting their toes in the Gulf to be sure! 
For those who are struggling; those who awaken with heavy hearts and troubles on this day; know that I send you blessings and thoughts of healing-ways. Know that you are a survivor; dig deep and find the memories that will sustain you through these times. Reach out to others for support; find a support group to assist you and feel a kinship with others who are walking a similar path and are wading in the troubled waters, or feel as though they have been "thrown" into the water without warning.
For those who are finding misery within themselves; I ask you to work hard to find peace within; to fight like your life depends on it for YOU and those who love you; fight for peace, love to come back to your family with peace and harmony.

May you find peace today, may you choose to embrace those that are here right now and put your arms around them and tell them of your love; may you laugh out loud and appreciate your day while holding fast to your memories of yester-year! 

Walk In Beauty!

author of Healing Heartaches

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Sweet Saturday Morning

I wish you Enough

I hope the morning finds you smiling... I hope the morning finds you without buyers remorse if you were among the throngs of those shopping yesterday until they dropped! I certainly hope that you are passing the word of and telling of Healing Heartaches, Stories of Loss and Healing as well!  Just send all who will listen to the blog site and let them know that they may order their very own autographed copies by clicking on the link to their right ... heehe

Doing a little shopping today? Or are you puttering around the house and trying to find a creative recipe to finish off any remains of Thanksgiving Dinner....  This is a first in my home this year; the first time I can remember NOT having my tree up! My tradition is to have the tree trimmed over this week-end; music blaring, the house in a mess and by Monday the twinkle lights twinkling and all is well within my little sanctuary called home. Ah, home sweet home.  BUT... not this year, not this week-end. I it seems have been all consumed with getting Healing Heartaches birthed! A Cherokee Donelewega planned for the community here in Palm Harbor to speak to grieving hearts and remind them that they will Survive and thrive during these holidays! I will have an evening with them at Tiffany's; a favorite local restaurant in Palm Harbor where owner Paul Hittos is a man whose commitment and love of community shows daily and jumped at the opportunity to host a local author for a book signing! I so look forward to the event; to joining with my community in the greater circle of healing that evening; to seeing those I have been honored to walk alongside during their journey of grief and witness their transformation from profound sadness as they soared into the light of healing ways.
And though my house is a mess with no evidence of twinkle lights; there is a message in the story of the day!

Look for the beauty that surrounds you. Let go of your concerns and worries and expectations of what you could have done. Release the thoughts of what you might have done; should have done or have usually done!
Look instead to the many opportunities for doing what is possible right now~!!!

If your have regrets about the past, allow those regrets to be your teacher; learn from them, be motivated by them; and then move on. In this very moment of beauty; in this breath of life you can take those valuable lessons you have learned and incorporate them into the dance of life. Dance, dance, dance... the rhythm of life is there for you waiting, its beat calling, listen  ....

YOU HAVE TODAY~ you are blessed!  Wow, what a beautiful sunrise I have just witnessed!

Walk In Beauty.

Friday, November 27, 2009


Dot & Linda
My Mom & My Aunt

Well we survived Thanksgiving! I hope you had a blessed Thanksgiving...Most of us probably ate too much; at some point took to the couch under the pretence of watching football and before you knew it the sounds could have rocked the house... ZZZZzzzzzzz ah but another wonderful holiday had by all! 
READY.... SET... 12:01 AM it's time:

By the time this posts, many many people will already have left their houses on their way to find that special deal, special bargain today...

All of a sudden as if magic had happened, a switch gets turned in the brains of many... the ads on televisions and papers have turned to jolly ole Saint Shopping. Stores are preparing, merchants pacing in their homes with visions of dollar signs dancing in their heads... Retail workers a twitter; scared for their lives of those who will line up; those who will barge through the doors and be sleep deprived from last night... and hopes of a day like days of old will fill their senses. 
IT IS BLACK FRIDAY. The day after Thanksgiving. But this year is may be different; customers, kids, Santa and retailers are worried, they fear the people won't come and grab and pull for that same item. You know many of those same things lay in the stores just the day before and many will probably be there next week, OK, maybe they will cost a buck to two more!
Our economy has us tightening belts; jobs are gone for some; times are lean, businesses trying to stay afloat. My what a grim reaper I sound like today, but I am really not you know! Just keeping it real.  I still believe in Santa Claus.

I can remember being one of those people who got up at 0-dark-thirty one or two times myself; got a coffee and went to the mall with all those other lunatics! I think it was the year of the "cabbage patch kids", or and then again one time my Godson D'Vante was wanting something really really bad and it was really really really special!  if memory serves me right... I have to tell ya, it was amazing, people are just crazed at that time of the morning. Those times were enough for me, although I will admit to doing it one more time since moving to Florida with the family during the normal daytime hours with the family; you know creating a "new" family tradition! Talk about a "non-hallmark-moment"! WE spent the entire time looking for each other in the Mall; nerves frayed beyond words; people pushing/shoving, not being nice, mothers and fathers screaming at their kids, yanking, pulling merchandise from each others hands ... mayhem, chaos.  And I ask you... WHY?  Sales? Bargains?  What?  I cannot get it!  Perhaps it is the thrill, the excitement, the need to feel like you are part of the pack, or the drama... I like to save money like the next person, but c'mon now! I would have paid extra not to have my nerves plucked by having to go through all of that! AND, it can be dangerous!

I have however, enjoyed a punkin spice latte from Starbucks (which I call $5 bucks sometimes), while sitting in a Mall; just people watching during times like this. It is truly amazing to watch people create their very own chaos as they walk fast; store to store; grabbing, shoving, eyes shifting from item to item. Grabbing things; important things, like a mixer/blender/dicer/micer/whateveryoucallit thing. You and I both know from that description how much effort and time is really going into picking out that those special gifts for that most special person now don't we? haha You don't see many men on Black Friday; nope...most men are laid back. If you wanna see men; go to the stores on Christmas Eve; that's when you will see a lot of men, and it is then you will see the looks that will remind you of a "deer in the headlights" look! haha  Gotta love em though, they are precious indeed, but they seem to think the shelves will have just that perfect size and perfect gift right there at the last minute waiting for them!

Black Friday: The first unofficial shopping day to kick off Christmas shopping that started with the 1st Macy's parade back in 1924!  The term "Black Friday" has been traced back to the 60's when the media used that term to refer to the retailers as going from being in the "red" (showing a loss on the books) to being in the "black" (turning a profit)! One could only hope that for them this year, especially the little independent privately stores! We are all waiting for our "bail out", all us regular folk. I find it particularly interesting that most folks have that day off work, ( hospice and health care of course are never off) most people that is except the retail world and the banking world! Funny how that is eh?

Black Friday now being the official ringing of the holiday bell reminds me of the usual dread of those who are struggling with holidays after the loss of a loved one. The holidays bring up those grief reactions even for those who have been doing OK after their loss; triggering those "missing" moments of the old times, the old traditions and times shared. Some report just wishing and hoping that they will just wake up and the whole thing be over; the gaiety, the songs, the shoppers, the tinsel and merriment... they have to find creative ways to engage and to find their way through during this time of the year. I often will suggest if shopping is just to much, perhaps they can do things differently; make a list and ask a friend to shop for them (there are those who love to shop and engage in the madness!); shop online; send cards instead... stay out of the Mall all together if that is what you would prefer! Some folks just don't do gifts.
Support during this time of the year with friends, family and community means so much to those who are facing challenges, loss, struggle; grieving and missing. I urge you to let others know of your needs during these times. Check out your local resources to see if they are offering a group or special program for the holidays, look into a faith community; create a ritual for yourself that is affirming and that brings comfort. Look at the ritual of Black Friday; it has certainly caught on~ What was once mainly an East Coast "thing" is now known all over!

Healing Heartaches, Stories of Loss and Healing
"An evening at Tiffany's"
with the author December 8
Tiffany's Restaurant and owner Paul Hittos
welcoming me to autograph books and speak to the community
on Surviving The Holidays: Grieving The Loss of A Loved One
Palm Harbor Florida

Paul is caring for his community! Perhaps you can talk with members in your community to offer similar programs as well. We are all interconnected in our relations and in our commitment to caring.

Like it or not.... by the time you have read this Black Friday will be in full swing as will the holidays!  Life is what you make, so make it grand ~~~~~

Walk In Beauty.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy and Blessed Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving and Blessings Granny
To All Who Have Loved and Have Lost
To Those Who Are Dancing Now In The Lights Of Heaven

Today is a day of grace; a day of blessings, of remembrance and of wonderful gatherings for some. Some even have fun added!
For others... it is a time of reflection and memories of traditions past, and new traditions beginning, and it is sometimes difficult.
My family will be gathering in southwest Virginia today... the kitchen and the whole house will be filled with wonderful aromas... I can imagine them from where I sit this morning, and oh that turkey, stuffin', deviled eggs by Aunt Linda,(umm, yummy), mashed potatoes, green salad and corn puddin! I can just sit with the phone in my hand and any minute my ever lovin' cuz Angie will be calling to taunt and tease with that big old spoon in her hand... I just know it! She will mumble "Happy Turkey Day Cuz"; with everyone else yelling in the background the same sentiments, but all the while she will be chewing a big mouthful of green salad and then the corn puddin' while telling me all that I am missing! Ah, but I will be missing much indeed!haha

I just love those traditions! My Godsons' will have their "Hallmark moments" with the family as well, usually reserved best for around the table, as all hold hands for the blessing-way of gratitude; and then "gobble gobble", all the food will disappear in short order, if memory serves me correctly! But those "Hallmark moments" will disappear in before they are fully integrated into the senses in most families; mine and probably in yours, as patience will wear thin through the day; kids will be kids you know; someone will have a cross word; someone will have an expectation they forgot to share and then someone else will get "puffed up" and so it will be! The "Hallmark moment" will pass... and the football games will be on the T.V. and another meal will end, a blessing and precious moment forgotten oh too quickly... lives go on you know and dirty dishes must be washed!

But then there are those who do not observe those traditions; those who do not have family or don't like the family they have! Each walking to the beat of a different drum; some liking it that way, some not.  No two paths the same it seems, but all connected in the greater circle of life. Some thinking like Erma Bombeck used to like to say, "The Grass Is Always Greener Over The Septic Tank" and wishing with all their might for what they think is better "over there"...

There are those who are loners in the world, either by choice or circumstance... they may dine in restaurants on Thanksgiving or join with friends and the families of choice; some preferring the solitude of their homes. Again it seems to come back to choices made and I am not one to stand in judgment of someone's choices.

The picture today is from the last time we "snuck" to Virginia to surprise the family for Thanksgiving! We arrived in the middle of the night and it was only then that I wondered if my Mom still had that old 38 revolver that she used to have! In those moments of "wondering" as opposed to "wandering", I remember saying, "Wonder if when we knock on the door, she will open it and just shoot us"!!! It was a funny thought now that I remember it... but when she looked out the window and finally realized it was US at 2:30 am standing there in Virginia on HER  porch, she opened the door and just laughed and cried; krumpled a few kleeenex in the process and kept saying, "What are you doing here, YOU are supposed to be in Florida"? I still get a kick out of that surprise visit.

Well as only quiet Indians would do, we then proceeded to sneak down the hill (yes of course on foot, it was in the dark of night) to where my Aunt Linda, cousin Angie, and kids were sleeping soundly and proceeded to wake them; after all ... WE were awake and had been driving all night!  Oh what fun we had!  So a great time was had by all, and that year I had my fill of corn puddin and green salad... my cuz HAD to share both the spoon and the good stuff too!!! "Hallmark moments" were had by all to be sure, creating wonderful laughs and memories for all to cherish.

It was after all the gaiety; the music, the laughter, the food, football, play with the Godson's, visiting and ultimate nap that I drove alone to the cemetery to see Granny's stone and spend a little time there. I had taken the wishbone with me there. Granny and I used to have a thing about the wishbone from the old bird at Thanksgiving; it was ours, a special ritual. So I thought I would just make sure to leave it there that day; as I whet my breath on the wind, shed my tears and shared my joys and my dreams.  I hope you found time for that in your day  today as well.

Whatever you do today; I wish you enough. Enough to be thankful for; enough to be grateful for; enough to want, to hope, to have and to create for you and for your community; friends, faith, family of choice if not blood. When you count your blessings today please remember those who are serving our great nation and those who have served and their families mourning those who they have loved and lost. For remember, we are all interconnected through the great circle of life...

Walk In Beauty

Author of Healing Heartaches

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

2 Days Til' Thanksgiving!

~My Life-Long Friend, Audrey Colvon Spicer~
Today, from a distance, my wounded heart aches for her
As We Celebrate Helene, her Beloved Sister To Her Eternal Home
In Washington D.C.

I received a phone call yesterday from my oldest and cherished friend Audrey, telling me that our beloved Helen had died peacefully with Hospice care in her home; Audrey and her daughter Happy right there with her. They had been her hearts and her care-givers for a very long time and peacefully she died, with the watchful eye and loving care of Hospice. Funny... me having just written about Hospice this week. My heart aches for them, they are family; we have history that spans most of my life. Happy calls me "Auntie". As I write this my heart is wounded; Roberta Flack is blaring in the background and I am absorbing her music, her soothing words, the rhythms allowing me to sway and to remember. Both aching with great sadness, while joining from a distance as Audrey, Happy and many others gather to "Celebrate her Home". I am sending prayer of strength; wrapping my arms around them tightly to hold them strongly for those moments when they feel weak in the knees; making sure they stand strong when they need to. I am whetting my breath with prayers of healing that will travel on the winds from Florida to D.C., I am wanting to be there.
On the phone I told Audrey, "Just say the words; please say the words... I will take a shower, and go to the airport! I will beg if I must, but I will get on a plane and I will be there for you and with you to celebrate her home"! Audrey said no, there was no need for that now, but maybe later. And then she asked the question... "Sher, do you think I will be strong enough to speak the words that need to be said to honor her; to read from my Bible, First Corinthians 13, Chapters 1-13 ... and then to say the things that need to be said"? Through my quiet tears; I pulled myself up, and threw my krumpled kleeenex on the table; while gathering my warrior strength so that my voice would not quiver, and I spoke... "Do I think you will be strong enough? ARE YOU KIDDING ME? YOU are the sister of Helen... YOU will speak, and speak from your heart and from the words of Corinthians in your Bible. YOU will speak your truth; Helen will see to that and on that you can be sure. She will give you what you need; the strength will come, and you will be all that you need to be. Just think, she and Granny are together watching us now, boy are we in for it".
She said that was all she needed; to be reminded of the power within; the things that Helen had taught her all of her life, and the life she and her sister had lived so well and for so many years. And then she began to remember the old days; the days of Helen's life and the gifts she had given; the accomplishments, and all the many years and moments....
I reminded her of the days when we would listen to Roberta Flack, Patti Labelle, and then tell Helen how the words and the music made you just "feel good all over"! Audrey then reminded me that Helen used to know and work with Dr Elisabeth Kubler-Ross, some of her nursing life, and wasn't it interesting that I had grown up to follow in those moccasins differently but then again...
The circle continues; the medicine wheel of life, love, balance and interconnectedness if you will. 

What a sad day this is for me I am realizing; a bitter-sweet day intermingled with such gratitude and blessings.
I hurt so for Audrey and her daughter named "Helene" named after Helen... but when she was but a little one she got nicknamed Happy and it just stuck! Now a young woman, a teacher (just like her Mom Audrey was)... she bought her home right next to her Mother Audrey and her Auntie Helen (they too shared a home), just to be close by. The real truth is; theirs is that rare and beautiful love that we just don't see much anymore; transitioning from parent, Elder, Child to friends.... Respect and fun through the good and the bad. I am glad they are that close, they will need that closeness to get them through the days and months ahead, especially since we are now in the holiday season.

I'm having to dig a little deep today for  the strength to write and focus... but get out your pen and paper.

And so for today, with an ache in my heart, along with great gratitude and the many blessings. I leave you with the words of Patti Labelle as she performs with such amazing grace, and I hope that Audrey and Happy will that performance somewhere and watch, feel, and krumple a kleeenex as they hear  her sing, "When You've Been Blessed, It Feels Like Heaven"...

When you've been blessed...feels like heaven

When you've been blessed...feels like heaven.

I have faith, I have hope. And I trust in the day

When the music from heaven will show us the way.

It's a garden of music, it's a garden of love,

And we are all HIS children sharing gifts from


When you've been blessed....feels like heaven, feels

like heaven... so pass it on, just pass it on!

Blessings to you and yours today, and all days, in all ways.

Walk In Beauty.

Author of Healing Heartaches, Stories of Loss and Life

Tuesday, November 24, 2009



Good morning! Take a look at that laugh will ya? Oh and that beautiful soft and wonderful hand, raised in praise of life, laughter and joy! And, please don't miss the worn souls of those trusty slippers... ever heard the expression "walk a mile in my shoes"? Of course those who know me, or have heard me speak at keynotes or seminars will often hear me say, "you will never know what someone is going through unless you have walked the path they are walking and shared their moccasins".  Well it certainly looks as though Granny had walked many a mile in those doesn't it? But the blessings can be seen in her face; in her smile and in her hand raised with praise and gladness. It was a moment to be caught on camera and witnessed; a time to be had to to speak, and now a memory both to be shared and a gift, that this morning I am feeling blessed to have, the memory always one to cherish.

You know the routine... get your trusty list out! Do you have your blessing already in your heart; in your mind, in your thoughts this morning? Ready, set ... go!  Write and say your blessing for this day. What is the one thing you are giving thanks for today; the one blessing that you are choosing to have for your day? Go on, write it down and put it somewhere you can see it!

There are many healing-ways and many paths to finding your way to more than the kitchen table this year at Thanksgiving! Writing your blessings; your list of things to be thankful for or your "gratitude list". It is but one of the many ways along the journey. It is a great list you have started and a great one to share around the table with family at Thanksgiving! A great new or old tradition; to have each person take a moment and hold hands... go around the table and each person share one thing that they are grateful  or thankful for this year! If you are alone; stand in front of the mirror, look yourself in the eye; tell you what YOU are thankful for; if you talk to a friend/family by phone, tell them.
It is a choice we make to walk the path of truth; healing, light. It is a choice to embrace the day and dance in the light giving praise to the day; to the Creator, to God, to ourselves; just as it is a choice to be still and not move from our pained places. I have heard that it takes twice as many muscles to frown as it does to smile... and the reactions of others is tremendously different depending on which they are exposed to just as the effects of which we choose to do, has an impact on how we actually feel ourselves. You see friends, again it is about choices that we make; and we make those choices a "ga-zillion" times a day! Keeping in mind that to not make a choice is actually making a choice!

Seriously though, people all over the globe that go beyond feelings of brokenness; those who overcome great tragedy and hurt appear to approach things by developing or re-discovering their "warrior" self that lives deep within each of us. Just take another look at my beautiful Granny and you will see a remarkable warrior; a woman who lived; lost, loved, overcame great tragedy and loss, laughed, struggled, stood strong, fought hard, and ultimately died with hospice care, her loving daughters present, me talking in her ear by phone, all the while she maintained her grace and dignity. Her funeral service thought brutally painful was in fact as beautiful as she was; conducted with the same beauty as she gave so many during her many years; with love, tears, laughter and music on a cold February day in Virginia.

We are here; her relations because she was an elegant warrior, a survivor; we felt broken when she died... but we survived and the next generation will too survive because we have survived and so it is good.

We are blessed... and for that I give thanks and I rejoice; and is!  And it is GOOD!

You too can feel this way, if you fight; if you work to find your warrior within AND if you choose to!
You too can find your warrior within! I can remember Granny telling me, "Old Cherokees don't die, we just fade"! Perhaps that is true... there is no death, only a change of worlds as Chief Seattle said oh so long ago. Miss those we have loved?  You betcha we do; always. But that is only a testament to having loved and been loved, so that too is something worthy of blessings and praise!
You too can solve problems, one at a time and treat those you love well and love them the best way you know how.
You too can decide that you want to learn, grow and dance to the rhythm of life in the rain and to the sounds of the thunder beings.
You too can find your path and make your own landscape of beautiful memories. Different maybe than the landscapes of past years and the landscapes you have had in dreams... but beautiful is beautiful.
You too can create your own traditions for this Thanksgiving while remembering those past. Maybe you want Steak this year; there are no food rules except those created for us, or those we create!
We all are interconnected in our joys, our hurts, our pains
We are all interconnected in the greater circle
Dancing to the rhythms of life and nature
Walk In Beauty

Author of Healing Heartaches, Stories of Loss and Life, order your autographed copies at:

Monday, November 23, 2009


Mary Labyak
(my Hero, friend and founder of The Hospice of The Florida Suncoast)

It's almost Thanksgiving and this morning finds me with my trusty four-leggeds' barking, running around the pool (getting my exercise for me), and me with my coffee reflecting on my blessings.
This morning I am thankful for so many things: my family, friends; my continued improving red heart and health, and the on-going positive support I am receiving for Healing Heartaches, Stories of Loss and Life!

And as I dig a little deeper in my well of gratitude which doesn't seem to take much effort these wonderful and blissful days, I am going to share with you today my gratitude today that I have walked with for too many years to count; I actually think it might be in my DNA!  That blessing is for HOSPICE!  Yep, you read that right... Hospice.  And, what makes it even better?  You can dig a little deeper by going to websites and learning of the great work that is done through hospices all over the world yourself.   or,

There you will be able to find a local hospice in your area; see what they are up to; find ways you can help, volunteer, find support if you should need it or if you know someone who is in need.  AND NO, hospice is NOT a place to go and die.  AND NO  hospice is NOT GONNA kill ya, or, Is NOT FOR WHEN YOU WANNA GIVE UP..... Those are all myths; born out of fear and sometimes ignorance.  Hospice is a concept of care; staffed by trained people; nurses, social workers, volunteers, home health aides, chaplains of different faiths and trained hearts of hospice like my friend Laura that take your phone calls, triage and knows more than many with degrees about most things and will assist people and make you feel as good as she can all, in a heart-beat... Hospice is about life; about helping you and those you love, to  live the best life possible, even if diagnosed with a life threatening disease and are facing the hardest decisions of  life or having to now face end of life decisions. 
In other words friends, hospice is and has been doing for over 30 years what communities and Native Americans have done since the beginning of time... they are caring for their own in their own communities. Not only in the good times, but in the bad.
Now, don't get me wrong... I can't speak for all hospices nor all people within all hospices!  But what I can tell you is this! 

Now... here in the USA... another Grand Dame of Hospice is in that picture you see today...
Mary Labyak, "my hero" and friend. Mary and I go back too many years to write about here. She has a magnificent voice one that usually speaks a powerful message; a presence that fills a room with an aura that touches my heart both back in the day and now.
 And today...with my coffee and the sun rising... I am she has had a walk through my mind! I am thankful for her;  her vision, commitment and perseverance. I hear she is a very busy woman these days ... So.. Thank-you Mary for your vision so long ago; thank you for your life's work and your that Hospice thing in your DNA, guess we both are like that! Mary started what is now known as the largest hospice in the world  in a garage running from the North county line of Pinellas to the Sky way Bridge in  Pinellas County over 30 years (bet US 19 was interesting back then),  you have served and held people to the hospice standard of enhancing lives while telling and showing by example, "Every Days A Gift".  Hospices locally and all over the world continue to build on the standards, visions, creed  and mission that you created and hold as a standard all over the world to ensure communities, patients and families in allowing them have the best hospice experience possible. Happy Thanksgiving my friend to you and yours; the blessings continue to flow from your beginnings and your work today! You Mary Labyak have had a walk through my mind today~ whew, what a walk through my mind and heart it was!

For the lesson~ #1 Paper and pen in hand?  Write your blessing for today! Add that One thing that you are grateful for (I am grateful that you are taking the time to read this and find your piece of paper and your pen! haha) Feel free to share your list on the comments with each other or on the fan page on Facebook if you like... better yet post them where YOU can see them! After all  they are for you...

Now, since you have met one of my hero's this morning, I will tell you of the totem that I think she should carry and that she reminds me of!

Hawk Totem is wonderful: it a a majestic winged one to be sure as it soars!  Sometimes though it does not have the keen eyesight that the Eagle has, and that makes Hawk have to work a bit harder at times! Hawk is a fierce protector to be sure.
This totem represents Protection; a visionary, it has power, magic and is a messenger (Mary has been a pioneer in hospice; a visionary, a messenger and warrior of Hospice for 30+ years now! interesting isn't it) 
Hawk  gives us higher levels of consciousness into self and into intentions of others. This totem awakens our vision while inspiring creative life purpose; often giving us impetus to re-charge, renew, rest before taking flight again! Awakening our vision differently than before and renewing our energy and passion and truth. The totem and the little hawk that we may find to carry with us in our pocket, reminds us that Hawk is filled with responsibility; hawk people have an "over-all view of things. They have to be careful as those with that type of responsibility are often shielded by others skewing their true view or shielding the view as Hawk people want the real view of the world and their responsibility in the world. Hawk people are like that! Strong protective spirits who find ways to receive spirit, special messages, to help in awareness of work and life purpose. This totem reflects greater intensity of energy within one's life; physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual forces are strong within. Red-Tail Hawk spirit is a permanent totem for people; always with you. People with this totem will work intensely, love intensely and make a difference globally. They will not always be understood by others, but respected by many. They will need a strong significant other in their lives for balance. They will also need to "get away" from it all often; really get away! To fly freely and to laugh with wild abandon and just "be still" soothing their weary feather, while resting, restoring, and preening. In doing this ... they will return, ready to resume as the protector, making magic with their message. Sometimes they will beat their wings and use their sharp beak to speak softly and other times speak strong as they discover truths. They are the Hawk People and they are fierce.

Walk In Beauty.

Please use the moccasin telegraph (aka, word of mouth) and tell all who will listen about these blogs and to visit the site for their autographed copies of Healing Heartaches!

Sunday, November 22, 2009

HAPPY SUNDAY! 5 Days till Turkey Day, Good Time To Be A Dolphin ~


Good morning to all on this Sunday in Florida! I thank you for leaving comments on these posts and on the Facebook Fan page, I do read them, I do enjoy them.
A special hello to my little friend in New Zealand, who I now call "Dragon Boy" Jonny Wong today!
A loving hello to Chris, it was great seeing you! Laura , Grandma, and Mitch, my heart and arms are around you in this difficult and sad time as Aunt Sharon prepares to join her Mom and others in Heaven.
Greetings and hugs to "Ice Scream" and her cousins for "The North" here visiting this morning as well!
I awoke filled with gratitude and blessings this morning having finally slept soundly last night... ongoing excitement & business is exhausting you know! I am thinking it might rank right up there in the stress department! Both good and bad stressors produce that same feeling of exhaustion; all of a sudden just leaving you bone tired and weary, but not quite ready to give up and use your common sense by laying down! Life is a marvelous journey to be sure. But enough of that... things to do!
5 more days until most folks will engage in that age old ritual of gathering with friends, having out of town family arrive and visiting, "catching-up", going sight-seeing, "having those unrealistic Hallmark expectations" and eating... oh the eating! The stores are preparing for you now, $$$ signs of hope in their eyes, poor old Turkeys that didn't run fast enough, were too plump to sneak through the fence to escape to the woods...
And my so loved "cuz" Angie will be just tickled to call here along with the rest of the family to wish me a Happy Thanksgiving as she takes out the trusty big ole' spoon and fills her mouth with our favorite "green salad" and corn-puddin and they eat their meal after a blessingway of thanksgiving and remembrance.  Ah, but she has so much fun taunting me of what I am and will be missing. Hey just an aside here.. did you now that Native Americans invented popcorn? I will try to remember to tell you about that later. Don't want this to be too long!
Gotta love her though, she's my cuz... and then it will happen, all that Turkey/toe-Verkey for vegetarians not; that magic of the tryptophan will kick in for my family and yours... and the snoring ZZZzzzzzz will be heard as football is on T. V.'s all over America and other's are stuck doing the dishes and the meal is over all too quickly.  Another Thanksgiving holiday survived...
But for others, things like this are but a memory of times past and traditions are just to darn painful this year to try and do at all. Some prefer going out to a restaurant, being served by others; talking about the weather and watching from a distance the activities of those around them, or not doing anything at all. For others, perhaps remembering happier times or wishing for different times for themselves.  And then again there are those bold souls who will be eating STEAK on a grill somewhere, wearing shorts & t-shirt, listening to Jimmy Buffet and then heading to the beach hoping to see the dolphins ...
It just may be that they are starting a new tradition for themselves, born of necessity or desire and that my friends is how we cope; we find our path by discovering or re-discovering the healing ways within; in order to live our best life.
That is good, and it happens when we open our hearts; when we are ready to make that choice or when someone who loves us asks or pleads for us to re-engage in life, or listen for the sounds of the music, and join in the rhythm of the beat and dance!
OK... do you have your pen and your list?  haha... thought I forgot didn't you. Ready? Write ONE THING that you are grateful for this morning. One blessing; add it to your list.
Now my friends, I will share with you a little about my beloved dolphin that I so love and often am found with my bestest friends for life on a boat in the Gulf of Mexico playing and admiring:
Dolphin spirit and its totem is powerful: Sound is a part of Dolphin's life and if this spirit has come to you, sound needs to be in and a part of your life! Perhaps that is why I need music so strongly in my life! haha  Dolphin is a mammal and a beautiful creature to be sure; a creature that is said to bring the spirit of our loved ones to us as well. Dolphin is a force of life and reminds us to PLAY, TO BREATHE, TO ENJOY...
It represents so much beauty in life and elegance in its playful leaps and joyful antics along with abundance. Dolphin comes to us with honesty and communicates truth with their message, finding harmony and urging us with their nudging to move forward with life. Funny how that is... I always say, "Walk In Beauty", dolphin always "jumps and swims and leaps in beauty"...

And they laugh... a wonderful laugh with an even more enchanting smile as the one in the picture that I was blessed to take a while back.

Walk In Beauty!

Saturday, November 21, 2009



Happy Saturday! Almost time to have those "Hallmark Moments" gathering with family, friends and remembering those you have gathered with years ago! It may be a time for changed or new beginnings; traditions changed by desire or circumstance. One way or the other and there is no getting around it... the holidays are upon us... Ready or not, here they come! Okay... once again today you have a choice to make... and keep in mind that not making one is in fact making a choice! haha
That being said, I will again today ask that you pull out your trusty pen and paper and write down one thing that you are thankful for! One thing; a blessing, a gift, a thing that you are thankful for having; having had, having given someone, having received from someone... Are you with me here?  Just keep those notes somewhere handy that you can go back to, read and re-read... someplace you can have within reach.

I have a new friend named Jonny Wong! We have become fast and good friends, and he lives in New Zealand! We have connected through the marvels of the internet and facebook, isn't modern technology amazing? We usually chat as I am finishing my blog for the day and he is getting ready to sleep for the night. It is a small world indeed as I just recently also discovered through these chats that his "Mum" is a hospice RN!!!
Jonny who I lovingly call, "Master Jonny" has taught me how to do all sorts of cute emotions on chat as we are talking; things like:  :) and (^^^) which then magically turn into a myriad of smiley faces, some even with my trademark sunglasses on! Quite amazing to be sure!  And quite an amazing young man he is in addition to that. He in turn calls me  Grasshopper" when I finally get the lesson of the day ~~~ Isn't that wonderful? Sure hopes he reads this today! He has touched my heart all the way from here to there.

I am thinking that my friend Jonny Wong has the spirit of Dragon.  So for today we will talk about the Dragon Totem in honor of Master Jonny living in New Zealand as I await his pre-order of Healing Heartaches! He tells me he can't do pay pal as he is but 17 years of age!!! Imagine that I have a 17 year old who like ME!!!

DRAGON represents the super-natural and the infinity of self (funny my publisher is Infinity Publishing)!
Dragon has the spiritual powers of change and transformation; transformation seems to be appearing everywhere in my blogs of late! The Dragon Totem is one of fierce protection to be sure...

This totem brings with it vitality, enthusiasm, great fun and tremendous courage. That is something that we all can use to enhance our lives and add a  lot of magic along our paths duirng the greatest storms and the sunniest of days. Dragon can and does light a fire or two while being a protector for self and to others as well. This totem will show Jonny and perhaps you... your potential; your riches and your capabilities in your daily lives; during times of struggle, times of change, challenge, heartache and healing.

With aide and friendship from Dragon Spirit you may find yourself looking through different eyes; seeing things differently while discovering new beauty and power that is all around you and within you; as you count your blessings, starting today! Remember, Dragon Spirit; he resides deep within Mother Earth and will help  ground your scattered and tattered energies; restoring your body-spirit-mind connection, if you but ask. Feel the weight around you; just as the mighty weight of the Creator hugging you, Dragon is protecting you from all harm, embracing you, with a firm but gentle spirit of unconditional love! Lighting a fire along the way... burning brightly always...

"Dont Block The Blessings, Good Things Will Happen For You" (Patti LaBelle)

Walk In Beauty!

Friday, November 20, 2009


Beauty Surrounds Us

Good morning everyone... remember how to do the dance called "The mash potato?" Thought it a fitting title for today's blog with Thanksgiving right around the corner!

OK, a little bit of housekeeping this beautiful morning. I have 3 questions for you along with some info~ There is a comment section at the end of this blog and you can (a) post your thoughts, (b) post your suggestions and (c) answer my questions there! Clever eh?
Question 1. Do you find these blogs too long?
Question 2. Do you find these blogs boring?
Question 3. Do you find these blogs worth your time/effort to read?

Now, let's get to the blog, shall we? haha

7 more days until Thanksgiving; did you find/create a Blessing yesterday? What about today? Write down one thing today, just one... that you are thankful for! YOU CAN DO IT, I just know you can.  C'mon, I believe in you!

This morning finds me ever so thankful that I have not killed my Pomeranian, Jeepers as I just looked up, and found him standing in my hibiscus plant ever so happily throwing dirt out of the plant! He had been kicking that dirt with wild abandon right out of that beautiful plant with those little white legs for who knows how long as I sit at the computer, head down, filled with my thoughts... what was once a 4 pound white pom; now is dirt filled and quite delighted with himself, and dirt is all over the lanai! And he lives to tell the other four-leggeds the tale of his deed!!! haha... well at least he is happy about his adventures a mere 7 days before I was going to treat him with turkey bits... He can only hope that I forget his antics by then. Ah but I digress.

Today I will share with you the Little Frog Totem as so wonderfully captured in the photo I captured, thanks to Dot (my Mom) who pointed it out while we were on vacation together. If you see her, thank her won't you!

The frog totem is the spirit guide that symbolizes Transformation. We have all heard the expression "I have a frog in my throat", and at times have probably experienced that!  While uncomfortable, it just may have happened for a reason; it may be a message from a child on the other-side, a spirit, or a moment to collect your thoughts; a hot second to come to oneness with reason, with reckoning of words or emotions. This little frog spirit is a symbol of coming into your own; reminding us not to get "bogged down" in our own lives; in our feelings, thoughts, hurts, grief, issues, troubles or the issues, lives, drama or expectations of others.
The little frog spirit is a totem representing water. Remember or know that water is a necessity, it is powerful and it is healing. Water is cleansing (not only for the necessary scrubbing to make us smell sweet either!), but cleansing our soul, our hearts, our energy, our very life force. Its purifying and healing effects have been noted throughout history, some places known for their natural healing springs and waters across our nation.
Frog reminds us of that; many people carry cherished little frog totems (little kids like to surprise us with the real ones from time to time!) and tuck them in pocketbooks, and pockets as reminders to stay grounded in times of trouble, of sadness, of grief. They hold totems in their hand when feeling "out of sorts" tapping into the energy if you will asking for what they need, or drawing energy to reclaim their warrior within as needed. Totems like this can be found in healing/new age stores, bookstores in your local area most times. Healing Heartaches talks about ways to find your special totem through journalling, you may already know what your special animal totem is!
Powerful emotions/tears are associated with "water" you've heard the expressions, "waterworks", "cry me a river", or even, "aw go jump in the lake!" and the list goes on, all associated with healing water... and the little frog may find its way to you, may be talking to you. Saying, "pay attention, get in touch with you, your feelings, cleanse the negative out of you, your life, honor your grief and live your life, through tears there are rainbows and life, find your path..."
And lastly today; little frog may be saying,
"Be Glad YOU are not a Turkey For Heavens Sake!"

Walk In Beauty,

Thursday, November 19, 2009

RUN TURKEY:8 Days til' Thanksgiving Dinner!

Get Out Your Life Jackets, Put On Your Humor, Count Your Blessings
It Thanksgiving
And Be Thankful YOU are not a Turkey!!!

Good morning readers, Good and wonderful morning world! It is always darkest right before dawn... and here I sit this morning, counting my many blessings; feeling thankful, coffee in hand admiring the darkness, and like a child eagerly awaiting the first light of morning!

This wonderful picture is a classy lady named "Rustee" now running in the Spirit Land with her little Grandson John Paul and others. Don't you just love the way she has that hand poised "just so" even with her life jacket on; brilliant smile as if ready to embrace yet another adventure? I find it a great picture this morning to remind all that it is time to dig out your life jackets, buckle your seat belts... the holidays are upon us once again!  Bless those turkeys necks... oops, I mean their hearts!!! For soon if they have any common sense at all, they will be taking to the hills of Asheville, and the Blue Ridge and other mountains hiding from the eager hunters trying with all their might to not end up on the tables of those who want them for Thanksgiving Dinner.  But of course they will be safe for those who are the poor hunters like my friend "Mike T." out in California  who is a Vegan/Vegetarian type... I loving refer to him with his Indian name of "Poor Hunter" hahaha. He will be having his traditional "toe-Verkee to be sure (yes, I know I have misspelled that). 
Thanksgiving... the day of wonderful aromas; there was a time folks would start the cooking a day in advance, gathering around kitchen tables to "catch up" with the news, gossip and "dish the dirt" along with making "green salad (which Angie will call again this year and tease me knowing she has it and I don't. The dirty and very much love little rat!, deviled eggs, stuffing, mashed potatoes (real ones), and all sorts of wonderful things. It would take days, hours, and the love that went into those dishes... oh my! What traditions to be sure.  And then someone would call us to the table.  I can remember the blessing way of holding hands and grace. My Granny's little house was like a circle (medicine wheel with openings that circled around the kitchen into the living room, the hall and back to the kitchen! Our big ole family would start holding hands and the family had to make that circle encompass the whole sometimes twice with everyone holding hands circling around... oh for sweet memories then, bitter-sweet now... And then in probably less than 15 minutes... food was devoured!!! What took days,hours, stories and sweat to prepare, GONE, just like that. And then the kids were out the door to play; the adults settled in for football; the tryptophan in the the turkey soon took effect and snoring could be heard, ah but another successful Thanksgiving to be sure... The memories, the blessings, the minutes and hours and years of gratitude...
Can you think about your times like that? Can you dig a little deeper this morning for a blessing of your gratitude for the day. One thing to hold you and help you while you move through this day? I hope so, I pray you peace. Maybe you should just write in on the palm of your hand! That way you just have to glance at it, knowing it is but a heartbeat away... Your very own life raft, to choose to use so to speak.
Put on your life jacket, stay afloat, choose to be present my friends... Every Day Is A Gift even in times of great heartache, pain, struggle and challenge, loss and grief.  Think for just a moment, "What would your loved want YOU to be thinking/doing/being/feeling as these holidays approach? You may find that helps you put that life jacket on! The seas of the holidays, added to the dark months, added to feelings of being down, depression, heartache and not wanting to feel better.... YOU NEED THE LIFE JACKET, we all need the life jacket. Holidays are stressful and wonderful at the same time... Trust me, I would not lead you down the wrong path here!

I was honored to speak to a group last night at The Compassionate Friends Group. They are men and women there for support, meeting and sharing the pain of loss secondary to losing a child /grandchild to death. Many with heavy heart, some healing and settling in as they have learned to live "differently" while honoring the memory and incorporating the death of their child into the rich tapestry of their lives. We talked about the "approaching holidays" and most as usual dread it. Some are not ready to move from their pained places, they are growing comfortable in the pain, the misery, the missing. The Annual World-Wide Candle Lighting of Compassion Friends will be held in December, I will be there, I wouldn't miss it. My message last night was "Visions of Hope through the Heartaches, and The Holidays". I think it touched their hearts, I pray that it did. I challenged this group to start each day; starting today by writing one thing on a piece of paper. Just one thing each day. ONE BLESSING THAT THEY HAVE, ONE BLESSING THAT THEY HAVE, THAT THEY HAVE RECEIVED, ONE INTENTION FOR THE DAY... and to read it, to use it, to think about what their child would want for them, would ask from them.
They all said that they would; we laughed at times, we cried at times, our hearts connected in a sacred way.
Again last night I learned much from the experts along the journey, I loved much as one who spoke to their pain and heartache, I danced to the rhythm of life while guiding their grief and facilitated a ritual for healing.

Run Turkey's, only 8 days until Thanksgiving...

I received a beautiful letter this week from a woman who had a child that lived but for 6 hours many years ago. His name was John Paul. She holds him in thought daily while living a blessed and abundent life. Her letter began with words that now are fitting to end today's blog, and are quite fitting for the group I met with last evening.

Here comes the light of morning through the Spanish Moss! Have a blessed and thankful day...

"I believe that when the student is ready the teacher appears..." (Sally Lindberg)

Walk In Beauty,

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Thanksgiving Is Coming...

Walk with with and count your blessings today!

I am reflecting on so many blessings today's as Thanksgiving draws near. The days are getting close to Thanksgiving, the holiday music is blaring, (even when you make a phone call and get placed on hall you must endure hearing "Deck The Halls", whether you are in the mood or not!). Those who are grieving are looking for ways to hide from now until after the first of the year, filled with dread of the holidays, fear of a life without their loved one, fear of the firsts and now forgetting how to tap their reserves of those wonderful memories that will help to sustain them. Kids of all ages are wanting to forget about Thanksgiving and go straight to the "wish list" of must-haves for the holiday list and desire. Funny all those wishes and must haves seem to be high-end items or the ever popular gift card! Whatever happened to shiny paper, inexpensive but fun presents spilling from under the tree and pure joy with each discovery? Ah but I miss those days of splendor!

This morning I am reflecting even beyond Thanksgiving's past... I am remembering a time (a hundred years ago) that I am compelled to write about. After all I do have more time to expand on the Thanksgiving season!!! But today I believe my inspiration is heightened by the delivery of Healing Heartaches to the son of Dr Elisabeth Kubler-Ross. My dear friend gave him my book and was sure to have him autograph his latest work while there for me as well! Two birds, on friend, I am blessed indeed.  But then she took it one dolphin leap further and took a picture of Mr Ken Ross, brilliant photographer in addition to being my hero's son... She took a picture of him holding an advance read copy of Healing Heartaches!!! What a hoot and holler that was indeed! I will post it on the fan page and have already told Ken how I appreciated it. Again perhaps that has moved me into my reflections as I sit and admire the rising sun through the Spanish moss this morning.

As most know, or will know when reading Healing Heartaches, I have dedicated 20+ years to work in hospice. It has been one of the greatest honors of my life, and I wouldn't change a thing. I have learned from the true experts: those diagnosed, those living and those dying and those left behind to grieve the losses. I have been truly honored to journey beside thousands along the way. Visit the website and you will learn more about that!

On Christmas in Virginia I was working in the in-patient unit along with some very talented and loving hospice staff... and we were very short staffed. As I recall there had been a flu going around. It was in the 80"s and was very near the Nations' Capital. We were running from room to room, patient to patient... when the light bulb went off! I ran to the charge nurse Patsy; a wonderful woman and if anyone sits at the right hand of God it will and has to be her! I said, "Patsy, I have a great idea! My family is here from southwest Virginia for Christmas, I'll call and have them to come!!! They will help!"  She said, "Thank God my Comforter, Call THEM NOW."  They used to call me The Comforter back in the day... So I picked up the phone, my dear Mother answering with , "Hello, what are you doin calling?" and laughed... "Mom, I need you all to come, we need you to help here." Without a hesitation, she said, "Well we have to get showers, get dressed, and YOU KNOW I HAVE TO PUT MY MAKE UP ON!!!" And so it was.

Here they came, My Mom Dot, my aunt Linda, my cousin Angie, my Godson D'Vante then 4 years old!!! Each given a job. Mom visited and helped with patients; Linda served meals and fed and talked to patients and families, Angie washed and folded blankets, and D'Vante... he opened the door and greeted family members and guests!!!!  They were each in constant motion for hours on end. THAT MY FRIENDS IS PURE AND TRUE HOSPICE...and That is "Thanksgiving" We all laughed, hugged, the staff grateful; the patients and families filled with the love of many including these volunteers. They loved their little door greeter who even escorted their families and friends to rooms (with minimal direction I might add), and received hugs from him as well. The family sat beside the dying until family could arrive, they comforted family members when death had just occurred. There were krumpled kleenex around that day, always out of sight of the patients and families. They "gave up" their holiday plans for the day and evening to pay it forward for hospice, for me and for the staff... The volunteered for the interconnectedness of our community, and make no mistake, we are all interconnected! To all our relations!!!!

After the holidays they returned home, we had a wonderful holiday; we had "hallmark moments" we had "bonding", we had times of getting on each others nerves! We are family you know!

They went home... and then My Mother, Dot Sowers became a Hospice Volunteer in Southwest Virginia for Carillion Hospice in the New River Valley. I laugh when I think of it, that New River that she crossed over (alive and in a car folks) on her way to deliver the author of Healing Heartaches oh so long ago. She has been a volunteer since. Sitting with the dying, delivering hot onion rings to an Elder who wanted to get her fill of her favorite food before meeting her Maker, being involved in pillow fights with the kids at their annual camp; getting her sister Linda to also volunteer, her cousin Angie to also be a volunteer... I await hearing that my Godson D'Vante becomes the first "teen hospice volunteer" when they launch a teen volunteer program next! And to think, it began with a phone call during the holidays years ago, "MOM, HELP, WE NEED YOU AT HOSPICE!"  And the whole family came with open hearts and open arms.
Volunteers are the true hearts of hospice, the true hearts indeed. I give thanks today as we approach Thanksgiving and everyday.

As budgets are cut, programs are sliced, I will share with you... Hospice Is the ONLY program that mandates the use of volunteers, Medicare says IT MUST have volunteers, it must have programs to assist its communities, enhance its care of patients and families. Hospice is about life, it is about the quality of life for patients and those who love them.

Today, think about your life, think about your blessings as you approach Thanksgiving. I believe that everyday is a day of Thanksgiving. And today I am thankful for my wonderful and spontaneous family, I am thankful to still be here, and I am grateful to the pioneers of hospice and to hospice for caring for patients all over the world.

As for Carillion in New River Valley.... I hope you are grateful and thankful!  YOU have my family volunteering for your hospice! They are your hearts of your hospice! How about a teen hospice volunteer program? What a gift to your kids camp they would be??? Need some thoughts about that?

Blessings to you and yours on this beautiful morning!

Walk In Beauty