Friday, March 30, 2012

It's almost time for the EAster Bunny

Good thing
chocolate is
good for your heart!
Cos' we are seeing more and more ads to entice us to "eat it", to savor it,
and to just have a good time doing it!
Hello Friday,
and speaking of chocolate bunnies,
it's probably good to eat the ears
with all the news we're hearing
it may be good to not hear it all.
Lucky chocolate bunny
and those that choose to eat the ears first
is my thinkin!
Here we are
time for the weekend
time to dye those
to get that chocolate buzz rolling
to begin the day
end the day
all wrapped in
Oh dratz, I left my bonnet at home!
Yes yes I know,
it's hard at times to find the
"feel good feelings"
with all the weird, awful, and bad things going on in the world, on the news,
and in communities.
Believe me,
these days even I am having to dig a little deeper some days.
While I continue to shake my head
in my daily intake of updates,
listening to the now new and strange stories in our world,
I move from sadness and shock
to anger and amazement.
I blow up the keys here with emails,
with phone calls,
then feel weary,
at times wondering if anyone on the other end of those blogs, emails, and phone messages
are listening.
I at times wonder
when will justice be served,
are the lies being absorbed,
or the truth being forgotten.
I wonder will a child and his name and his life be forgotten now that the press and the reality is being taken on twists and turns that continue to stray further and further from reality.
Now we here about
the friendly skies;
how is it that airlines are now experiencing such scary moments by flight attendents and pilots
along with passengers who want and demand to get their drunk on,
then someone stopped because they have a bottle of liquid explosives.
So I look for humor in as many things as possible
like the photo above
and it balances my brain
soothes my body/mind/spirit
for a bit.
I listen to readers to jump in and bring some semblence to the insanity
instead I keep hearing
the crazy.
Remarks from press, the authorities
the relatives and friends
a murderer,
who talk about how he was beaten to a pulp
by a kid,
and that he was now not
on a neighborhood watch
we see no blood splatter on him, no evidence of blood, swelling, blood trace.
The brother of zimmerman now gets air time,
and what comes out of his mouth
makes me shake my head once again...
"he could have been wearing diapers?"
We hear from the funeral director who prepared Trayvon Martin's body,
but that gets buried in the press,
doesn't get much air time\\
and who would know better than the funeral director.
I smell a cover-up of great proportions
when people spend more time
weaving webs of deceit
rather than concentrate on the intial facts
we know a story of deception
is being fed to us.
Sometimes it's probaby good to be a
chocolate bunny.
A hollow one at that!
Do you ever wonder?
When a flight attendent goes nutty on a plane and scares paying passengers to death,
she gets carried away
it is called a medical emergency?
A pilot gets subdued and the passengers are hero's
but the pilot and the message gets called
"Medical emergency"
When a passenger goes crazy, or gets belligerent on a plane.
They get locked up?
Yes I do agree, that anyone who demands to be served liquor so that they then make an ass of themselves should be told NO,
should suffer the full extent of their behavior,
I just don't understand
what is happening in our
friendly skies...

For that matter,
these days,
I just have to say,
is seeming to be much more
And tonight?

mega millions here is now the talk of the city,
have you bought that ticket?
What will you do with all that dough?
Let's see ...
I am thinking first thing I'm goin to do,
But tonight
I will be at the
National Hospice
where they will be honoring
the women heroines of
I am going to see a pioneer and dearest friend
Dr Bernice Catherine Harper
along with others.
I just cannot wait to share time with a true friend and grand dame of the hospice world
a social worker, a global leader,
and a woman who I love
for her realness, her dedication
and her warrior self.
So for now
it's time to
thank all of you
for the strength of YOU
and to wish you
a day filled with all that you dare to dream,
the strength to stand up
that we are all connected.
Stand for Justice,
for truth
honor in all things.

Walk in Beauty,

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Oprah would love to talk to Zimmerman?

It's One Month and three days
still we
are waiting for an arrest
in the murder of
Trayvon Martin.
people are gathering,
they are standing,
they are raising their voices,
signing petitions,
Oprah has weighed in.
No she hasn't called me yet!
But she has now spoken about the Trayvon Martin case.
She has now said that she herself told Rosie it is over for Rose,
she has now said that Bobbi Kristina disappeared before the big interview
she wasn't sure she would be there when Oprah arrived,
but she was indeed found by Oprah's peeps and was there, but did not want to sit down,
so they stood and Oprah went with it to get the interview...
But now she has weighed in.
She has let folks know in an interview
a killer is tops on her list to interview
"I would love to interview zimmerman".
Really Oprah?
YOU would pay, or give props and attention
to the man who self appointed chose to
be the "neighborhood watch"
or shall I say
"neighborhood killer"
He is top on your list,
the same guy that we all want to see brought to justice, for the murder of a 17 year old.
really Oprah, you want to bring him on your show while we are wanting him booked, arrested and justice to be served?
ok maybe i am being reactive,
Banging my head on the wall now.

The man who called the Sanford PD
and said he saw someone suspicious,
then was told to not pursue the person,
yet he did.
And then he shot and killed at point blank range a 17 year old kid
in a hoodie, with a cellphone, a bag of skittles, and an Arizona Tea
as he cried to his girlfriend
"help me".
Oprah is wanting to interview this person
has him top on her list?
One thing is certain,
as I sat and looked over the city
Washington DC
I was reminded of its intensity, its spendor, its diversity.
And I miss so much of it
now am enjoying being back here and seeing my beloved friends and the movement.
There is so  much happening now,
with health care
Trayvon Martin
so many who are standing,
letting the world and justice
we the People are standing for justice.
"We shall overcome"
we have come a long long way.
Hatred and racism
do not belong in our world today,
violence has no place in our worlds
and the lives of our children.
I have to tell ya,
this story is about as disgusting as it gets,
the web is dirty and it just keeps taking a new spin and with each spin a new attempt to create a lie... or to discredit a teen age boy.
Now once again,
it is becoming about the
political "left/right/" whatver that has to do with anything
but it is ugly
I have a feeling it is becoming more so by the hour.

The stories are being used to avert our attention to the horrid crime that was commited
and the mishandling of a murderer
that still walks free.
And yes,
we've come a long way in civil rights,
and this tragedy is proof that there is evil
on the streets
and within gated neighborhoods.
We all walk with a responsibilty to educate our children,
to stand with honor, dignity, we have responsibility for our behaviors,
with ethics in our daily lives.
We are each our brothers/sisters keeper, like it or not.
Race is something that people should run,
not something that qualifies one to kill, harm, or mame
or judge.

Many are using this tragedy, and now this injustice
as their own platform,
through political doings and agenda building,
in police slinging and one up manship.
This was a tragedy, a sickening and unimaginable tragedy;
it is a crime that has yet to be handled
justice has yet to be served.
The media is not helping,
nor are those who are tweeting the addresses of people who are now in harms way
as a result of tweets
by celebrities
and then re-tweeted to millions
who will ultimately try to take the next crazy steps.
Further harm is about to be done,
innocent people will be hurt as a result of passion, emotion and misdirected anger
and things that are spinning out of control.
yet a murderer is safely hiding out somewhere with his pals.
People around the world are asking, writing, demanding
We have rallies happening across the lands, on campuses, Universities, faith communites, Capital Hill, the White House.
are standing arm in arm, together
with one vision, mission and purpose
for the most part.

We must be careful in wordings, in the call to actions that we are inclusive
in the desired outcomes.
We stand for justice
for a child who was murdered.
For the family
Sybrina and Tracy
the parents of
Trayvon Martin
in their demand for justice.
To do that
we must stand together.
With respect and Unity.
Rallies cannot be effective nor the message be held as authentic or without racism
further indicated when an announcement reads:


That is a powerful call to action,
it is a message that is in direct opposition to what we all stand for,
it is exclusive
it is a further message to confuse our children
and adults alike
when we are standing together
to fight
and let the world know
must end
in order to
STAND for Justice together UNITED.
If we segregate our rallies
with our calls to gather
in standing
what message are we giving our children, their friends, our neighbors, our spouses, our relations?
If we cannot come together in our quest for justice for Trayvon Martin
how can we expect to teach our children
how can we embrace each other at all
in the greater circle of our lives?
We are stronger together
than we will ever be apart.
I've been saying this for weeks now,
through tears, through angst,
through and by listening to all who are weighing in and now those who are spinning webs of deceit and heartache to the family of this youth,
and listening as well to the children
who are also hearing all of this.
The questions of kids are many,
the speculation
does not change the reality.
and the reality is
a child was killed by the willful act of an adult
who was told by the police to not pursue him.
But he did.
And then, maybe he beat himself up afterwards
who knows.
But we need our children and adults alike to be safe
when they are not in our homes.
We need folks safe in their homes
without someone giving out their addresses
to others Spike what were you thinking when putting those folks in harms way.
bless our children,
bless the parents of
Trayvon Martin
and hold them closely in thought and prayers.

Just kids
all colors;
white is a color,
black is a color,
red is a color,
yellow is a color,
all shapes and sizes
some in hoodies, some without
all just out there together,
no problems
just together.
"Everything now, we must assume, is in our hands; we have no right to assume otherwise. If we do not falter in our duty now, we may be able, handful that we are, to end the racial nightmare, and achieve our country, and change the history of the world."  James Baldwin

It is time to stand UNITED

Neighborhood watch
is just that...
do not harm.

And now O has weighed in
of all the folks in the world to talk to,
all the real people to  interview
she wants to interview
this guy who killed a kid.
Let's see,
oh yes, Olivia now calls him a
I wouldn't want to interview or give him time
for all the cherry blossoms in DC.
I would like to interview some kids though to get their take on this,
their view on how people are feeling, thinking
their ideas.

I also value yours.

Walk in Beauty,

oh yes, Oprah also commented about the Bobbi Kristina interview... wonder if she read what I had to say about standing in the hallway since she spoke to that as well?
I'm still waiting for you Oprah!
It is ironic how you spoke to all the things I talked about in the
"where are you Oprah" you tube!!!
"I'm still waiting for you Oprah..."

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Attitude of Great GRatitude

Those kitchen tables
Keepin it Real
Walk in Beauty
Dr Sherry


Little Kamryn
with his
"purple swag on"
Olivia, Joan and I are having the best of times here in Maryland
with the temps
even though last night
the drop was into the 30's
as we huddled on the couch
and explored the life of an 11 year old!
"giggle giggle"
is a phrase I tried to wrap my head around
as I gazed at my beautiful Olivia
who lives in the no pressure zone,
I have to laugh.

She has transformed into a child who looks older than 11
so when she shifts
in a conversation
to a reply of
I find my brain explodes in wonder!
I have to re-set
and remind myself she is only 11!
She now is keen to the news on
Trayvon Martin,
her school and friends are talking about it
no one understands it.
They do not see color
they do not understand "hatred/racial profiling", they have no words for the horrendous acts
truly do not understand how zimmerman is still a free man.
To hear the conversation
to engage her thoughts has been a lesson for me,
in a deeper understanding
through the lens of a child.
It makes me also wonder
the thoughts of Kamryn,
who is 10.
The thoughts of D'Vante who is 17
and graduating high school this year.
All three of my kids
are of color.
Olivia's word for zimmerman when I arrived was that he was a
I found this interesting, curious that a word
so benign could be assigned to a man
of such a horrendous acts.
And then I had to again remember,
Olivia is 11, she is a child.
One who does not see color, does not judge people, and does not know hatred.
We talked about it more,
we read the definition of the word
and then looked up other words for
"bad" or "awful things a person does".
We thought about it
and I could see her mind in action through the movement of her eyes.
She has now decided she likes the word
and that word fits better.
She likes the word
and thinks that word fits better.
I didn't like to have "the talk" with an 11 year old child; my child
of the wickedness that lives in a world.
To talk about the hatred that still resides in the hearts of some
things like racial profiling, color of people's skin
being the age old battles that originated with the
First Americans
Trayvon Martin
along with the stories that are now being woven to further make him out to be anything less than the victim of a gunshot wound
deliberately inflicted.
As we watched Sybrina Fulton, the mom
Tracy Martin the dad
on television
Olivia sad, that is just wrong and so sad
She then said,
"this is just wrong, and even if he was suspended who cares and what difference does it make?"
From the mouth of a babe,
truth is spoken.
Then it was time to talk about
it was time to feed the pain and realities of the days conversation.
To talk about the sneaks that were being sent to her from Kamryn
that she is so tickled to receive in the mail.
another thing Olivia and Kamryn have in common,
those kids do love to
Here's the latest and greatest picture of
getting his grub on!
My boy loves him a
even with his purple on!!!
Gotta EAT!

WE have to stand for the children,
Love is born into the children,
they are color blind,
the do not judge
they are able to dance in the rain,
play in the dirt,
run and learn
taste all that life has to offer.
It is our job, our joy, our responsibility
to nurture, nourish, teach, reach each one
with all our best tools,
while exploring and holding them UP.

It is up to us to empower them,
help them find their voices
in pursuing their dreams
teach them respect for all living things
while standing
for Justice, their rights and responsibilites
along the way.
Teach them well.
Help them to find the words that will suit them,
that will allow them to express what they want to say,
that will allow them to define
what they are trying to express
help them to remain alert and safe.
Olivia and I spent some time talking about self defense classes
she is actually thinking it might just be a good idea!
they belong to all of us.

The sage is lit,
with prayers going up today
for all
who are standing, all who are needing some support in thoughts, for strength
just to know
you are being thought about.

Walk In Beauty,

Tuesday, March 27, 2012


A child has been murdered,
children are murdered.
What makes this different?
Many things.
Keepin it real,
Zimmerman chose to not heed a direct order from a police officer who told him to stand down, to NOT pursue an individual
he deemed as suspicious
as a civilian who said he was the "chief of the neighborhood watch" in a neighborhood.
this man Zimmerman
followed, pursued
and shot a kid point blank
a 9MM
killed him
although he was crying
"help me" on a cell phone.

A neighborhood watch?
No arrest?
Shot while black?
A police department not doing their job?
A kid wearing a hoodie?
A grown man playing vigilante?
Self=defense? (NO)
A Gated Neighborhood?
Meanwhile here in the DC area
a woman attacked and severely wounded a man
someone in what was a IHOP
and has been charged with a
HATE crime and is looking at
30+ years
for the attack.
And it made the news tonight
as I sit here still astounded
as I try to understand
why Zimmerman is free.
And yet,
the parents, friends, and the world
are now hearing the round a bout
the well he wasn't so this or that
the self defense
Where is the justice department?

One thing is certain,
Many Many
of all shapes, ages, colors

Thousands are standing
and we will not be silent
thousands are using social media,
in front of the steps of buildings, civic centers, churches, faith communities,
the Department of Justice,
Capital Hill
even the White House,
in Sanford Florida
Tampa Florida.
Trayvon was murdered,
and I will join the many who now stand and are his voice, even though many are trying to discredit him, to dishonor his family
and his very young life
as they try to weave a web for a murderer
and justify a police department that did not do its job.
We are standing arm in arm on this wrong.
"We all bleed Red"
~ ~ ~
I have heard that folks all over the world
are donning hoodies
and letting their voices be heard.
Yet he is still free.
The man who told the police
that he shot a child.
Now we hear from his friends, his attorney
and rednecks and bigots
and folks from everywhere
with opinions.
We hear about the
"Stand your Ground" law
and whether it applies
we hear from the "new Black Panther group"
now offering a bounty for Zimmerman,
we hear that they are not supported by
nor many in the Black or African American
have we heard
of an arrest?
Trayvon's mother and dad
or their cries in the night?
Have we looked deeply in the eyes of our children
and seen the real possibility
that it could have easily have been them
in a hoodie walking out of a mall?
have we thought
how very easy
it is for someone to pick us out of a crowd
decide we may in fact
look suspicious,
decide to pursue us
and then without reason, cause,
shoot us dead?
And if we stand UP
and should a whole bunch of folks
stand beside us
as the brothers and sisters we are,
demand justice...
Would we then really get it?
Only then to find out that once an attorney
gets involved
that stories and press will turn things into a circus
and try to talk about us when we are no longer on this earth and able to talk for ourselves?
Now a child is dead,
we are hearing such vile remarks
being made about him as they are stretching to find something to make him into something that he either was or was not.
From all pictures, and from teacher accounts he was an "A/B student", an athelete, a kid with great promise.
Now his Mother is seen on television
saying not only has my son been murdered but they are trying to kill his reputation
as someone reports he was suspended from school from perhaps marijuana?
What kid at 17 is not experimenting with something and what does that or what he has done or not done have to do
with the night he was walking in the neighborhood in a hoodie with skittles and a tea close to the home he was staying in?
Neighborhood watches are in communities everywhere across the nation.
It means that folks watch out for each other, for their homes.
It is not a license to kill, hunt, stalk, or pursue someone and then kill them.
It is a "WATCH" if it is active at all.
IF, and I say IF
anyone in a neighborhood sees suspicious activity, they typically call their police department and report it.
They do NOT call from their "watch point"
and say the things that Zimmerman said
and then go in pursuit
of a kid with a loaded
9MM gun intending to use it.
The tapes tell everything there is to hear,
all that was needed to make the arrest.
Also noted and heard on CNN
was the racial slurs
of this man.
At no point did the police nor Zimmerman talk about injuries sustained at the time,
nor a broken nose, nor remorse, nor tears,
none of it.
as for tears, or pleas for help,
yes, we heard that...
Trayvon's mom heard and recognized her
baby's cries
and so did the girl he was talking to on the cellphone,
that was a kid while being pursued
as he was shot.
yes, we heard it,
we heard a Mother's voice as she said  that was my baby, she heard it, and probably still hears it vividly 24/7.

We are the people
who continue to stand

Who is Zimmerman and his buddies kidding?
Do they really think we believe that?
Have YOU loooked at his eyes, that of Zimmerman?
Have you seen him walk to the police department and turn himself in yet as he is so filled with remorse?

Have you looked at the smile, the eyes, the face of Trayvon?

Here's the deal:
I'm keepin it real,

Trayvon Martin
was shot close range
by a bullet loaded into a 9MM handgun
who called the police in
Sanford FL.
He was known to them as he was a frequent caller, a man who is by their label
was on his "neighborhood watch"
Note the word 'WATCH'
and when he told them he saw someone,
a "black someone who looks suspicious",
they told him to NOT pursue him
and yet he did.
And what followed was that he
at point blank range
shot and killed what he
who he outweighed by more than 100+ pounds
who was on a cellphone screaming
"help me" to his girlfriend.
It does not get any clearer than that.
And yes,
I believe with my gut and heart
it was a crime of hatred.
Where is the justice
why is it taking so long?
Trayvon belongs to the world now
does his family.
We will embrace them now,
as we join for justice.
Leave him alone, let his memory be left
with some dignity,
this man Zimmerman has raped them
and taken all that is sacred
when he murdered this child.