Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Whatever YOU Believe

FEBRUARY 29,2012
Happy day of confusion
here's to the
Leap year babies!
I never did figure out
based on this photograph
and sign!
I finally made my way to
and enter I did
into an airport
well now I don't remember where!
Speaking of entering,
my thoughts today
on beliefs.
Now that is a tricky thought to enter
What to believe,
who to believe,
how to believe,
when to believe,
Do you believe?

Years and years of work in hospice
have given me a perspective of beliefs and thoughts that are beautiful
that have at times been challenging
have always fostered my own
true belief
that the Creator leads us all
to greatness, to oneness;
that life is in circles and seasons
Very much akin to what Mary Labyak
of Hospice spoke so very often of
when she talked to colleagues, to legislature, to so many
around the world
about the vision and mission of
HOSPICE its concept, it work.
The very real ideal
Hospice care at is best;
its core being seen
and acted out in circles.
Beliefs are often
held sacred, private, often challenged in and within those circles.
Many attach faith, religion, spirituality
to belief systems,
it has never been more apparent
than in my lifes' work in hospice settings
as people face end of life issues.
Folks who are nearing the end of their lives, and those who love them
often will express their faith, their beliefs,
their anger, their angst
their anticipation,
their joy of what is to come.
I've sat with many, with chaplains, nurses, social workers, home health aids, volunteers,
many across the faith spectrum
we often explored the faith and belief systems
values of those we worked and spent time with. Often exploring our own in the same process!
Listening with all our senses
as fears, tears, anger, acceptance and
rituals were expressed.
Christians, Native Americans, Buddhists, Agnostics, Athesists, Jews, Muslims,
Wiccans, Pagans,
all with their own
set of beliefs.
Non-believers have their own beliefs and to hear and listen
openly is a vast and rich experience.
To not believe is in fact a belief system,
even if it is not yours.
To accept one for what they stand for
is true acceptance in life,
one without judgment,
one that says,
"to not believe is saying that is what you believe" and that is alright by me,
I value you for being who you are.
it is also a belief system
to believe in truth, in honor, in justice
when someone is "blowing smoke"
based on
what they present to you
how it is presented.
I remember Maya Angelou
and forget her wisdom so often,

"The first time someone shows you who they are, believe them.”     ~ Maya Angelou ~
There are times when
the belief may begin in earnest
and then someone will show you who they are,
as you are suddenly
down a path
that leads us to wonder,
to suspect
that we have been led
to something that violates
our very beliefs
along with the beliefs and trust that had been established.
It is then
that we are wise to remember Maya Angelou, 
wise to step back,
the very core of self and what and who we believe in.
The foundations
the course, and the turns that were taken based upon the strength of our beliefs.
When living in a world so diverse
in beliefs,
it is always helpful
to stand strong in our own bodies, minds and spirit,
knowing we will need to be flexible
in our hearing, feelings, and thoughts.
Knowing that anothers' beliefs
may be completely opposite of ours,
but it does not diminish who we are
with beliefs, with thoughts, with attitude of gratitude.
It is in perhaps
these ways that we are so
universally connected
that we share
the idea
that whatever we
it is up to us
to be responsible
in our kindness and our stewardship
to others.
One of the many painful lessons I have learned through the years,
is that people you think you can believe

can lead you down a primrose path
then out of the blue
you will feel blindsided
once you realize
that business and believing
in the words of others
can be harsh
and userious
The harsh realities that make one realize
that YOU must believe in you
and that which is within
that motivates, and leads you
in your actions, words, good deeds
your life.
“Don’t Take Anything Personally. Nothing others do is because of you. What others say and do is a projection of their own reality, their own dream. When you are immune to the opinions and actions of others, you won’t be the victim of needless suffering.” ~ Don Miguel Ruiz ~

What is important
is to ask yourself
"What do I believe"

Walk in Beauty,
keepin it real

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Grief... Those reactions that just keep coming on

A little humor to get you started
that muli-faceted response to loss,
to the threat of loss at times
is indeed an opportunist
One that creeps up on you when you least expect it to,
when you are out there having a great day,
when you believe you have your feet planted firmly
going about your day.
It is particularly that which hits you in all spheres of your life
when you lose someone or something that you love.
We often will use
will think of Elizabeth Kubler-Ross as she defined the five stages of grief,
now we are hearing from others who have defined more and different models
of grief.
They have given grief trajectoties, given categories of grief based upon the loss;
whether spouse, child, pet.
Whether grief was in the family of birth
family of choice
We continue to learn
from research, from science, from
those who study the complexity of grief
Workshops and seminars are now gaining popularity when categorized for professionals
"complicated grief and its implications".
As professionals attend to hone in on their skills in working with the bereft.
Kubler-Ross and her five stages that were developed is now being "debunked" through science, and the research of many,
including George Bonanno...
His model shows that the vast number of people who have experienced a loss do not grieve, but are resilient. The logic in his study being that is there is no grief, there are no stages to pass through!
Notice how it was worded that there is no grief, there are no stages to "pass through".
To me that is rather obvious
does not debunk Kubler-Ross
or her brilliance which was doubted in the last years of her life,
it speaks to the study of one researcher and those he researched!
I believe it also speaks to the western world thought
which I have spoken to many times before;
"linear thought"
a clear cut beginning, middle and end.
In my learning,
and I do believe that life is a series of continual learning;
I have had the honor to work with thousands of people throughout the lifespan.
Those who were well, and those who were dying, along with those who were grieving.
Both individuals, groups, communities.
Lay persons and Professionals included.
Grief, while no one truly likes to talk about it, the masses are walking with it.
Chronic sorrow seeps into a persons
nervous system, on a cellular level,
into the heart, the mind and the very souls
of people walking after loss or those who bare witness to loss on a daily basis.
We have now seen through research
that stress and anxiety
have a marked dimished affect on the brains, and stress is often secondary to the grief that is experienced by threat of or very real and complicated grief.
I often will shake my head in wonder
conferences, and workshops defining
"complicated grief"
as over the years, it is seldom that grief is not complicated for the one that is grieving.
The existence of "complicated grief" is a current debate in the field of loss and grief,
along with a hot topic in seminars and workshops for those working in the field.
We continue to work toward a diagnosis category for complicated grief in the
which will make a natural reapons a patology and will result in clinicians being paid by insurerers (maybe) when seeking counsel or therapy. However I believe these people with this diagnosis are normal, and will need to have validation that complicated grief is indeed a normal reaction to their pain of loss.
Grief is pain
it is pain that is felt in the one
who has lost,
in the ones that know of loss
in an intimate and most moving way.
It affects all within.
once that person seeks someone to travel the uncertain journey of grief,
they too will be affected deeply.
There will be times
that they (friend/confidant/therapist/spiritual advisor)
will take the stories on
and will need to stand, to find ways to move the story through their bodies and minds.
There is no "quick fix"
many triggers may be activated along the path, many times others will not understand.
It is not their journey,
it is the journey of the one grieving
no one will understand it fully.
The fall out?
It can be tremendous,
from a view on a hill you can watch it.
You can see it played out across the country,
at kitchen tables,
in conference rooms,
in workplaces.
Hidden agendas, folks that talk one way and act another, lies, deceit, and triggers that will become activated but too painful to deal with truthfully.
an opportunist.
And folks just don't like to talk about it.
And to think,
many just want to be remembered,
many just want to talk about things,
are afraid of how they might be perceived
might be looked at
might wonder
are they safe
to tell it like it is.
Professionals and lay persons alike
some grieve the way things were
still wonder why,
some grieve the greatest love
still wonder when
some choose to remember
choose to embrace life
just need someone to walk along side them,
to guide
to mentor
to hand them a few things they forgot in the toolbox of remembering

Walk In Beauty,
for speaking inquiries

Monday, February 27, 2012

Legs, Lint Rollers, Snubs, and Surprises

the Oscars
were held
the Red Carpet was walked!
There were winners, losers
Daytona 500 in Florida got rained out!
and after hearing from the news
there is an outbreak
the Flu that has now
hit all the states;
after hearing our warrior who visits here and her son
are both with the "crud and bug"
after seeing it on the news,
I believe that same
has found its way here,
I started to feel
the chill and the sinus
(thinking it was barometric pressure changes from the weather)
excitement from my predictions
of the
leaving me feeling a bit
But ohhh no; as night approached
I could tell,
and as my energy
and head felt like a 30 pound bowling ball sitting on my shoulders
now today
leaves me feeling like
someone has invaded my senses
I know that feeling!
and I don't like it one bit.
Who we goin to blame?
the news cos' they told my body it is FULL BLOWN FLU TIME
(didn't we just do this in December?)
So back to the
Have to admit,
didn't get to walk the carpet
or see much of it,
as he rode in on his new means of transportation
and mostly loved
when he reached in his pocket and used his remote after that great horse was led off the stage.
Maybe he should
get an Oscar
for hosting the Oscars!
Seems our handsome Clooney sat this one out this year...
It's also all over the news that he was
along with some other
much more obvious ones
out there!
Definately one of the best movies
I have ever seen!
The story will sear your soul
and leave you wondering
and applaud the strength of the women
who stood through such trying and hard times
with such profound love in their hearts tied to faith, to spirit and to each other
during a time of such hatred and civil unrest
still were able to dig deep
in their love of someone elses child with hands and hearts that even a birth mother
could not give.
Yet, it was not awarded best movie
this year.
So sad, because it was courageous
the acting brilliant,
the feelings and score
searing and compelling.
A beautiful acceptance
photograph captured
Ocatavia accepted her award
The Help,
she was filled with raw and thankful
What a delight to see her stand
and accept her moment of joy
as she thanked all in excitement;
for those she shared so much in her role
The Help
was acknowedged!
she deserved "props"

And of course
we had the
"walk of the carpet"
the colors, the designers,
the "fear of the malfunctions".
Seems the award for that this year goes to
J Lo!
Bravo J Lo you win...
But honestly now,
how is it that anyone gets to be shocked,
or even imagine to be surprised
when designers and the wearers of these dresses
are wearing dresses
cut to their naval?
I mean let's face it,
Is it stylish when one chooses to expose their bodies
and then be "surprised" or call it a wardrobe malfunction
when a dressed is actually designed to be worn so that so much skin is exposed
the only thing that is covered is
the nipples of a woman?
Do we; men and women alike really need to see so much flesh?
But what is really funny to me
is that anyone
would call that "wind gust" and the result
a "wardrobe malfunction"!

the wonderment!
We had P.Diddy and his assistants
a Lint Roller that rolled all over him
as he exited his limo,
as they made sure he was
"fly" was just "perfect"
he did a double take in the rear view mirror
then he went straight to his fans
signed autographs
and spent some time with them.
I can't help but laugh,
as I immediately wondered if he is like me and has little 4 legged pomeranians and maybe he let them ride in the limo
Then it would make perfect sense to have your own personal lint roller to jump out and
roll all over you!
Now what of
Angelina and the
now famous
"leg pose"?
and later the winners who thrust their leg out almost to the point of needing a hip realignment
by their chiropractor?
That was just too funny!
Yes baby, we know you have a body that just won't quit...
but c'mon now
that thrust was a bit much
unless you were walkin a runway
don't ya think?
I did love the guy who came after to accept an award with others and kept re-adjusting his pose
to match Angelina's
Oh the life of the rich and famous
on a night
Jack Nicolson is still the
baddest cat in the audience
with his trademark shades on
Billy is still the host,
for a couple or three hours
we can forget about
rising gas prices
the impending dangers of Iran
those who
try to blame
our President for all the problems in the world
the fact that folks are just crazy
at times.
We can watch and wonder what those stars are thinking
or look to Billy Crystal to have the camera pan the audience and then use his crafty skills
to interpret their look and what is on their minds
while we watch their reactions to his words
and today we can laugh about it
or critique it,
now wanting to see the very movies
that someone else has deemed worthy!
See how the circles are at work?
How the pepple thrown in the pond ripples out into the universe and its connections?
How I can be sitting here hitting on keys to a keyboard while feeling that
bug/crud that is in full swing in
now hitting here in Florida
How is that/
Circles and cycles
stages and phases
amazing graces I guess
Speaking of surprises
wonder why
Living Proof wasn't nominated?

That is a song
a songstress that speaks to the

Enjoy your day,
I hope you had a marvelous time
at the

Walk in Beauty,
keepin it real

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Lights, Action Camera, and here we Go, Sunday!

It's a rainy Sunday and the coffees' hot!
The world is preparing for
those marvelous outfits,
the GOLD statues
we know now they
were crafted from a live and real
handsome Mexican fella
who posed
for their creation
(who would have thunk it)
of course wouldn't ya just know it
the "buzz" is already going over the fact that he never himself won an
that he was "reluctant to pose"
for the statue
how in the world can anyone not now try to make some news from the fact that he was
Mexican who made the pose...
Wonder why they don't have
a man and a woman
after all
men and women
win them!
Well the good news of this latest news
is just maybe
Entertainment Tonight
The Insider will now
Whitney alone
or find ways to give us some
NEW entertainment
even dig a little deeper into their music library so that our love
of her music
can now ease our brains
from the continual loop
"I will always love you"
that is now wearing tremendously thin on everyone's nerves.
I sure hope the carpet
is being rolled out
that all the magnificent dresses and cumberbunds will not clash with its colors out there in the land of stardom;
that everyone will
behave themselves
that the tribute
Whitney will find those who are
being the ones that remember her
with grace.
Now we all have our favorites
of the year,
of course
George Clooney
will just tug at the heart strings
of the world
only George can do!
I still have to wonder about those in the media
who now rage on about entertainment
and the movies we all pay our hard earned money to go and see
but yet have to be hearing about the
greater social and historical
validity of.
The after words of those who sit behind desks and on the air
who place judgment
on the movies,
the actors and actresses
the content and social implications
of the films.
The freedom to
"choose" and
are important to me
a person, as a woman,
and in this time and political climate
have never been stronger.
But when I think of going to movies,
of being entertained,
of even being reminded of the past,
always learning,
yes learning through film, interpretation
I cannot understand
why those who review, who sit behind the desks of prized and respected stations across the Nation
have to weigh in with the political and social value of films.
Documentaries perhaps,
other news programs ... maybe,
but we are talking the
entertainment industry,
with actors and actresses
animals trained
to provide entertainment
for others
No one thinks things up out of
thin air, most topics have some true and very real substance,
an experience or many experiences grounded in the past,founded in someones' or something
from history, crafted to "sell tickets" and based on the skills of the ones that are paid handsomely to perform.
It is that rich combination of so many skills,
from the writers, to the producers, to the directors, the scenes, music
so many more things that truly would boggle my mind
that I have no idea of its complexities
that draw us in,
captivate our senses
leave us
moved beyond measure
or sorry we wasted our time and our money.
Reminds us of
music and it's impact in that way
doesn't it?
I think that is why I enjoy
Steven Tyler so much
as I watch him on
American Idol!
Now I will admit
he is one off the hook man,
he just cracks me up with his antics,
most recently
"mooning the audience and then stripping off and jumping in the waters that surrounded the judges to take a swim"
even to the shock of Randy and J LO!
when that man listens to music of those contestents,
he listens with his soul,
his body,
all of his senses.
It is clear when he is moved,
when he hears and feels potential,
when he does not like something he hears!
He and I are a lot like each other in that way!
And so it will be tonight
when the magic
results are read,
the winners announced.
Hearts will be pounding, although folks will appear composed;
palms will be sweating,
although smiles will be across faces.
Millions will be tuned in,
although many will be in their sweats and pj's.
We go to the movies for entertainment,
We rent movies
after looking at many many selections
we pick what we
from what appeals to us
based on
what we desire at the time,
what speaks to us.
after we've seen
or before we've had a chance to see,
we listen to the "view and opinion"
of those who sit behind a desk
as they give a commentary
on the "accuracy", the "slant"
through their world and personal view
of not just the film,
those who star in it.
I would think
they could do it in a less judgmental way
one that simply says,
"I like this movie
I didn't like this movie"
as for me,
My VOTE tonight goes to
Viola Davis ~ Octavia Spencer

and of course
I have to go with
that handsome devil
George Clooney
in whatever movie he is in!

So there you go,
"keepin it real"
on a rainy mornin
with a tad of chill in the air!

Now for music
and I'm sure there will be great music
and a tribute of and for Whitney tonight.
But as far as tributes go,
let's give them while folks are alive,
so they can perform at their own
moment in time,
for tributes in music
this morning
Patti Labelle,
a diva, a beautiful woman,
one who can sing the telephone book and take you to church on this Sunday morning!
"When You've Been Blessed"
just pass it on
just like Patti sings!
Today I hope you find
imagination to take you
where the angels sing
imagination can take you to
amazing grace

The fire bowl is burning and it embers are hot,
with prayers being sent UP
and all warriors being
held UP
on this Sunday

The President of our Nation, his family,
and our brothers and sisters around the globe,
those in Uniform protecting and serving and their families,
those who have paid the ultimate sacrifice and your families
I thank you.

The music and entertainment world and family of singer
Whitney Houston...
Taft Abras, Mary Labyaks' family , Andrea, Patti, Osk Kosk, Jamie, Sasha, Kerri, Josh, Kar, Cash, Neil, Lori, Cindi, Tom, Shasta, Bill Simpson and Family, Jenn, Steph, Dana, Kari, Sandy, Marty, Marsha, Wanda, Ellen, Cindee, Peggy, Joyce Cruz, a CANCER surivor working at Southwest Airlines *it was an honor to meet you dear one*,
Ike Davis, in New Mexico, an artisan who plays in the mud and creates beautiful tings out there, **
what a joy you are to so many of
SOUTHWEST, thank you for visiting with me,
prayers of continued success and tobacco to your Pueblo uncle!
and for
Christos Fandaros, Thomas Galvin,
John Knudson,

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(Feel free to let me know if you would like to add your/or a friends name to our prayer bowl)
Prayers goin up for those
mourning Mary Labyak, one of many hospice pioneers
may they always remember her vision for hospice
and continue her work.
You are being thought of so very often

We all want
must stand and reach
go for IT
Perhaps today?
So for today,
I will leave you with this brilliance while you listen to Patti
once again!
“Life is an opportunity, benefit from it.
Life is beauty, admire it.
Life is a dream, realize it.
Life is a challenge, meet it.
Life is a duty, complete it.
Life is a game, play it.
Life is a promise, fulfill it.
Life is sorrow, overcome it.
Life is a song, sing it.
Life is a struggle, accept it.
Life is a tragedy, confront it.
Life is an adventure, dare it.
Life is luck, make it.
Life is too precious, do not destroy it.
Life is life, fight for it.”
 ~Mother Teresa ~
Just keepin it Real,
Walk in Beauty,