Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Somebody Loves Ya Baby~

that loves ya?

Good morning morning ... the last day of November!
Can ya believe it?
Coffee good and hot this morning, 4 leggeds running around the pool, oops... Gypsy just dropped one of her favorite puppies in as she rounded the corner and now looks to me to "save it"...
OK, solved that dilemma, rather a stuffed toy,
than sweet little Gypsy!
Somebody Loves Ya Baby...
What are you doing to be your
best self today,
What are you doing to make
it the best day for you
those that you see,talk to, exchange emails, posts,
smiles or frowns with today?

Are you or did you wake up with a plan?
Some folks start their day with a
Bolting from bed to shower,
brushing hair/washing teeth/grabbing coffee
on the way out the door
Setting the pace for the day,
can you see it?
Wake up, stretch into it, get up...
Move into morning.
Take the time to say a prayer even,
make a mental note of
HOW they want their day to be
before having breakfast, coffee, shower
and such.
Then, with a smile, a plan
they move to the car
into their day.
Then there are others who stay at home,
some work from home,
others may be at home secondary to chronic illness
disability, age, or other things.
Some may not have to
go go go.

Some may still wake into their day
wake with a grin, some with a growl.

Is it "habit" or "DNA" or "choice"...
Maybe a bit of all, or some of each, or
I dunno for each is their own unique being I guess.

I do know that many make the choice
many who are chronically ill,
those with
with unrelenting pain
to wake up smiling each day.
Those warriors that then must take a myriad of
medications just to get out of bed
get out of bed they do
get on with life with an attitude of gratitude.
I do know this to be true,
Life is often what we make it;
playing the hand we are dealt even if the hand is not
the one we prefer or wish for.
Stand UP
Somebody Loves Ya Baby

WE are all a part of a greater connectedness
We can all be
MVP's today.
Much will depend upon
we start our day,
the moment we open our eyes!
What message are you going to give yourself
to get your motor running today?
Say YES to a day of life, of Thanks in the life you have
those that are here to love and be loved by you!
Somebody loves ya baby...
YOU know who it is!

I have been on social networking sites often and much
this past year or so. I am constantly amazed at the words and intentions of others there at times.
Many extend their hand of like/love and become fast friends, they are there to chat, to support and care from a distance across the globe... like an old friend sharing a cup of coffee or a Mt. Dew, or coke with anytime.
then there are people
who often like to stir in it to get things stinking
without knowing (oh how I hope they don't know) the harm that can be done,
with ugly remarks about others on those pages.
It is often remarkable to me, that one person can incite others to speak harshly about a stranger, a cause, an issue... and then sit back and watch.
Is it based on honor and integrity or does it just erupt like a wildfire with no real purpose?
It rather reminds me of bickering between friends and families... will it matter in 5 minutes, 5 months when you think of it?
What if tomorrow never comes?
Will it have been worth it at all?
Do saying harmful things or wishing ill health
about one or to another
to hope for failure of a pursuit or one of another
to make false accusations of one or another or organizations to another... what is up with that? 
what is the point of that?
So sad indeed such precious energy wasted.

set your day to be the one you design, with you in mind.
Make it yours, with the positive light and energy you design. Take the time to be gentle with yourself and with others. We do not know the journey someone else is on.
Treat all living things with respect and honor.

How will you rise to be the
Somebody loves Ya Baby
Say it, See It, Believe IT, Receive IT
Work the Plan you make for yourself!

The fire is burning brightly, the embers are hot with thoughts on the wind to all who enter here, those in the prayer bowl and those walking paths that we honor.
We are with you.

Walk In Beauty,

Monday, November 29, 2010

What Do YOU do? To Get READY...

REady to jump
A Table
Start the Week

Let's Get This Day Started!

Good morning Monday...
My friend Joey Graff who used to dance on desks
on Mondays set the stage for my Mondays
as I always think of him with his
Monday attitude ~
Attitude is indeed 98% of everything...
let's just jump on desks, tables (even if in our minds)
and get this week off to a great start!
It is
Cyber Monday out there...
so I am a bit delayed in the thoughts of the day
as I've been web surfing while holding my computer in one hand, hitting the keys with the other
while standing on top of the table here.
Quite a sight I must say, since I have to enlist the
4 leggeds to hold my coffee!
So far I can't seem to find those
bargains that the world is saying are out there though.
So now I will take a break and enjoy my thoughts
my coffee!
and have a seat in a chair!

So, after a rotten Sunday of football
I'm wondering
"What Do YOU do"
to start your day?
To prepare for the day as your eyes open each day
is what I'm wondering.
Do you wake up smiling?
Does your day start off with
or do you stretch into it gently.

Are you a MVP
 no matter how the day goes
at the days end?

I've heard it said that when those football players leave the locker rooms, they are
pumped up... they have huddled, had prayer, had a
word(s) to inspire, to motivate and are
ready to take the field with
attitude, focus
some "hitting the wall" as they exit
some filled with such focus they never remember leaving that room and find themselves on the field.
What do you do
to prepare for your day?

Are you ready to have the best day today?
It's no so much circumstance, history, chronic pain,
craziness in what the week-end was like
even conflict
IT is
about how you prepare
how you choose
to live
and think about it
prepare well
get pumped up about this day
"Dance on your table, if only in your mind"

The fire is burning brightly, its embers are hot
with thoughts on the wind to all of hope
healing ways.
YOU know who you are
and there are some who have no idea!
But, we hold you UP always,
you are never alone...
Walk In Beauty,

Happy Shopping
Happy MOnday

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Here's to YOU

Here's Lookin At

Good morning from the
local Gator
The Tarpon Turtle!

As morning breaks gently,
I am sending thoughts and prayers on the winds
to all who gather here, and those mentioned today
As I hold each in the prayer bowl
gentle thoughts, strong energy and healing ways
along with a bright and protective light
to soothe and strengthen
with great gratitue for all that is~
Take BEST care of you today.

The fire is burning brightly, its embers are hot... the air is filling with sage and cedar ~ ~ ~

Thoughts on the winds to those who visit here today along with those in the prayer bowl.

STOMP Warriors



To those who have served and are serving this great Nation, I thank you and your families.

We are together in prayer, in thoughts of all that is needed to remind you we are WARRIORS...

We stand with you on the journey beside you, along with some powerful angels both here and in the next place, the other side. May you find comfort in knowing we are with you always:

AND for that I give thanks, and so it is!


Little Cub on his way to Mayo in FL, to CJ and Angel eyes Jack, 
2 Wolves, Jinx in SD,

Judy W and her 4 sons up there in New England, [we are with you, along with those that are standing with Doug in the Thin Blue Line, watching over you]

Cherokee Wick, Benni, Gayle, Jonathan, Great Aunt Effie, Marilyn Warren, Ilene, Tweak and Chris, Hannah Sherabow, Pam C. and family, Susan S., Angela A., Eagle-eyes, Rita, Glenda, Mato Oyate Kola, Susan Brouse, Cindy and Stevie, Kim, Olatz, EVB, Guin, Yiva, Mary, Sandra and family, Christina Hellen, Dotti B., Susan and Greg, Amy, Becky and Barry Long, Christina, Matt and children, Aaron, Lisa and family, Freda, Linda Katie, Pat D,  Tink and Mitch, LITTLE Ben, Jerry, Trish, Barb, Anastasia, Mary, Rylee, Lindsay, Ann, Sarah, Ruth, Johnny, Bobby and the Tucker Family, The Spraker Family, Aunt Effie and family,Kenny H, Michelle, Sandy, Addie and family in Canada, Sandy, BraveHeart, Rowena, Chris, Robyn Elizabeth, Jean, Duke,Rowena, Chris, Baby Robyn Elizabeth,

The Kocab Family, baby Lilly Nicole Kocab, The Curtis Family, Tarpon PD, those serving here and there in Uniform... Those now walking The Thin Blue Line,

Mylee, Mikey and family in DC, Jack M & Janis in OC, Stephen, Stuart Wittel on (secret mission_____) and his parents Sandy and Stuart, Lavie Coltrane and her loving family, Pat in NC, Andrea Gasse and family here and in New England, Ali and family, Randy and Winnie in New Mexico, Jill Wheaton L, Dr Peter in NY, Dr Rev Bev, Irene M, Bernice, Eileen and family, Dorothy, Angela, Elijah, Ode, Linda M, "Southwest VA", Vicki, Matthew and family, Chris, Lovie, Pedro and Our adopted family in BRAZIL, Our North American Black American Bears, Lily and HOPE, their spunky spirit, Jill, the folks at the NABC, WRI, Joseph, Cathy Madden, Nathan, and her family., Cindy in NC, Liz, Lee, Molly, Joanie, Jude, COFA,Judi, Matthew, Natalia, Matt, Mark's family and many friends , Pat, Irene, Kevin, Dr D, Deb, Randy, Dr B, Isabelle, Kelsey, Sabrina , Charlie and family, Jean, Julie, Rhonda, Victoria, Mildred, Andi and family, Faith, Denise, Jim, Tom, Joey, Shelby friends and family, Judi, Phylis, Joyce, Gina, Tonya, Beverly and Family, Janeth, Melissa,Virginia, Stacey, Elizabeth, Nita, Gary Siegal, Adrienna,Brian Mawbey, the Boyan Family, Jean R and friend Christy Rider, Victoria and hubbie, Stephen, Gayle, Steph, Chris, Erica, Eileen, John, Mindy, Jack, Susan Werth Becken, her brother Mike and family, Craig James Lightfoot and his family, Kenny, Audrey, Ed Saner, Patty Crowley, Bennie, Gail, Jonathan, Moe, Beverly, Dennis, Peter, Trish, Cynthia, Heidi and her family, Kathy Knights family,
and ...

(please feel free to let me know if you would like to add your/or a friends name to our circle)

Please lift these friends family and loved ones of these people in your hearts and prayers ~

YOU have the power and can choose to to join with us. Know that there are some powerful warriors on this page and in the next place along with some powerful angels ~ together we have banded together with the energy, love and support to facilitate healing and hope for so many along their journey... and for that you should feel pride and great love in connection ~

That is the HOPE in Healing Heartaches ~
Walk In Beauty,


Saturday, November 27, 2010

Wandering as I wonder this Morning... Congrats Bobcats!

I just am wondering

With the same intense focus
Nana's Girl in this photo!!!

Good morning Saturday,
blessed and beautiful Saturday to all.
The Team got a trophy on the field
Coach got the ole' water soak by his players
in 32 degree temps!
The Excitement continues next Friday
as they go forward to the next level
on their own
turf in the play-offs.
whew, I was exhausted ;)
That Godson #51 of mine
put on those black "thingys" under his eyes
and last night
they had
our Great Aunt Effies initials written there
in her memory!
What a fine young man he is growing into
honoring her in this way!

What a morning it is!

My mind is wandering, I am wondering...
After a night of my rooting
for those
from here in Florida
and my phone
"blowing up"
with texts from Cuzzie Angie
as the
Bobcats were on the field and on the Prowl
Their competition managed to score a TD in the last minute of the game to get on the board.
#51 BEAST that
Godson OF MINE!!!

Black Friday was/is happening all weekend it seems, breaking records from last year, folks taking out chairs from the isles of stores and finding themselves a seat waiting for
5am sales in the Electronic departments of
WalMart stores!
(what a hoot)
While others were in line and sure looked
happy as they rushed the doors as they opened
(*Can we say: NUTZ)
Now we only have to wait for
to get similar deals online!
The news last night seems to say that sales have increased over last year considerably across the nation!

Up in DC
Mrs Obama and her girls sniffed the Nations'
Christmas tree
POTUS was found to have gotten 12 stitches in his lip
after being elbowed on the basketball court
doing what he loves to do!
Oh How Kamryn would love a little 1:1
with our President!
God Bless the USA
God Bless our President and his family
those who are serving our Nation and their families
as we approach the holidays.

And I can't help but be wondering this morning
as I enjoy my coffee:

I wonder about things like:
Why do people get up at 'dark thirty and go shopping.

Why do people who are grown hold grudges and not talk to each other when they know that every day is a gift and there is no promise of tomorrow.

Why do people use precious time and energy and pee in their cheerios rather than use milk which is much better tasting and then have a rotten day and take it out on others; often hurting the feelings of others in the process.

Why do people stir in "s**t and get it stinking just to cause a fuss, then sit back and smile while others fight.

Why do folks resist change when change is the only constant in the world.

"If there were no change there would be no butterflies"

Why do folks like to "dump" on the messengers with unkindness rather than respectful acknowledgement and understanding.

Why do folks not embrace each other without judging.

Why do kids grow up so quickly.

Why is it that time goes so quickly after you pass 40.

Why are viruses called viruses and last so long.

Why do rotten things happen to good people.

Why do the stars not dance across the sky when you watch them closely.

Why do people eat squirrel, gator, and such
then we ask "what does it taste like"
they look at us and say,

And during all this wondering, I find that my mind
to times where it seemed so much simpler
where folks were easier and more casual about things.

And then I wonder

Why does it take a death, fright, or tragedy to bring people together and be their best selves.

Why are some people always called upon to be the peacemakers.

Why do people wonder anyways.

Why oh why do we wonder and wander at the same time.

So I figure.

That is just the way it is sometimes.
Sometimes, a spark fizzles out, it is nothing to worry about.
Other times it catches and break out like a wildfire
out of control, just like that (BAM),
you cannot change it, best you can hope for is to
change YOUR reaction to it.
Therefore, best to NOT REACT...
just note it, and move on with it.

Some times circumstances/situations just flare, like a pan on the stove... needing to be put out quickly before the fire is out of control and then it is over. No need to bring it up, have a re-do or share it with others.
It is over. It happened, was dealt with, call it done.

Other times, humor is a quick and timely fix.

I find it is best to just be you, to embrace the joys no matter how anyone else chooses to act.

I think that it is best to only take tylenol for your own aches/pains/headaches and not for those of others.

I think it is useless to worry and fret, after all I have yet to meet someone who has found it beneficial or changed a situation by doing that.

I find that the purest way to live is that by walking the red road of kindness and compassion.

Bottom line

If you can't change something,
Change your
attitude about it!
Work to be your best self
today and all days, whatever it takes
make it happen
it is a choice!

Now, what was it I was wondering about???
Ah yes,
I was wondering most importantly about this...

That's it, the important stuff!

 "If ever there is tomorrow when we’re not together.. there is something you must always remember. You are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think. But the most important thing is, even if we’re apart.. I’ll always be with you." 
Winnie the Pooh

The fire is burning brightly it's embers are hot, with smells of cedar and sage on the winds today. Thoughts on the wind to all who know who they are.
Treat each other with kindness and compassion
here, today, right now...
NOW is what we have, on that you can be certain.

Walk In Beauty,

p.s. if YOU were wondering about Olivia and what she was "wondering about" in the picture...
She was wondering about the "calamari" she was about to eat for the first time!
Result? She loved it!!!
Another first with Nana~

Friday, November 26, 2010

Black Friday ~ Are ya still full? On the Road yet?

Did you eat it all?
This was... uh, er, ehem
Jeepers Thanksgiving,
that's right see him looking?
It was for HIM
not mine!
no he didn't eat it ALL
had to save room for
Pecan Pie!
Good morning morning~ It was just like I imagined... The pictures came in texts this year... Angie sent them of HER PLATE... (full of everything I love too) Corn puddin, green salad, turkey, dressing, green beans, mashed taters)
I sent text that said:
"Hope you drop it like it's hot: In your lap!"
Happy Thanksgiving phone calls were made and received! Messages from Warriors here were received,
I am blessed by all and the many comments of yesterday. 
Did you recieve the gifts?
The many and wonderful gifts that are yours
if you "choose to be open to them"
Oh how I hope that you did~

Many will not have time for thoughts here today,
many are already among the throngs of shoppers
I guess!
"Running With the Bulls"
stores have been open all day on Thanksgiving
all night, folks lined up waiting
anticipation, pulses racing,

For the doors to officially open
some as early as
for those
super duper off the chain sales!
Things you just cannot do without for you and others!

I HOPE you had a blessed
Wishing that you were able to gather with friends
family around tables with love in your hearts.
I pray that families gathered in the true spirit of the holiday, giving thanks for each other while holding the memories of those no longer there.
I know that there are many who sat with an
"empty chair" at tables, as they remembered
those no longer here.

It is with a full heart that I pray folks will have enjoyed
"Hallmark" magic; casting aside feelings of insecurity,
of pettiness, of those family dynamics that often rear their heads and make no sense in the grand scheme of things. Life is too short ... Much to short for things that cause stress, drama and discomfort.

Children grow up so fast,  so quickly, if we are blessed to witness them growing up at all. In the quickness like a firefly in the night it can all be taken away; a loved one, an event, an opportunity.
We have this day, this moment, this breath.

I so hope that all are realizing the importance of this opportunity, the gift of this life, this friend, this family, of birth and of choice ~ Value it, treasure it, honor it.
` ` ~ ` `

Today is reported as one of the busiest shopping days of the year, for those who are brave enough, strong enough, patient enough and have the nerve enough to wander out with a plan and comfy shoes!
The paper said that 80 million folks shopped on Black Friday last year!
One in three arrived at stores by 5am!
The only thing I usually see at that hour is my coffee cup and this screen at that hour, but I mostly enjoy seeing the insides of my eyelids to be honest!

It has been said that one should check online before heading out, to see what you can save there first!
Others report you can in fact have
FUN shopping on Black Friday
although.. I can't really imagine that!
Some even suggest it can be
stRESS Free!
Go figure.

What I can tell you is this.
One year the family was in Florida, and the 6 of us decided to "Do Black Friday".
10. RUNS WITH BULLS>great description

As much as I love my family, as much as I love the idea of gift giving.
Black Friday and me do not mix.
I would however enjoy going to Starbucks
grabbing a punkin spice latte
and sitting near the door
comfortably seated mind you
just people watching!
The people are a true amazing sight to listen to,
watch; yep I could see me doing that
not at 0'dark thirty!
Be careful out there folks, remember to use
kindness and compassion with those poor folks who have to work that shift. They are just humans, just doing their jobs. They are not trained in what is going to be thrown at them today.
Be gentle with yourself, hydrate, watch for elbows and ugliness... Shield yourself well, do not take things personally!

Radford High School
Will be on the Prowl
fighting for the playoffs
in VA
Godson D'Vante #51 will join his team on the field
as they fight it out
one win closer to winner take all.
I'll be here in FL in my
BOBCAT shirt
rooting for those BOBCATS!
I HOPE you will join me~!~~

The fire is burning brightly, with sage and cedar filling the air, healing thoughts of HOPE, strength and prayers on the wind to those who know who they are.

Walk In Beauty,
That is the HOPE
Healing Heartaches