Friday, November 27, 2015

The Holidays are officially here!

Just amazing isn't it? Still a Black Friday where people line up, stay up all night in pursuit of finding whatever it is today that they could of had last week at probably a better price... Today they will grab, get all the stuff they thing they must have, when yesterday they said they had enough and were grateful for what they had. Oh well, some things are just beyond my understanding.
If you are out and about with the crowds of "Black Friday", you are out and about with the crowds of "Black Friday". I sure hope you find all that you are looking for among the crowds while holding on to that feeling of great gratitude and thankfulness that filled the air yesterday! Just maybe you or someone you know were hitting the streets and the bargains held in many of the stores yesterday after a sumptuous meal as the doors were unlocked to those "amazing bargains", folks standing at the ready to run from aisle to aisle with happy faces and intent feet flying.  Wonder how many faces are showing those smiles out there today with happy feet? 

Oh Thanksgiving... such a day to see the posts on Facebook for the thousands of people talking of such warmth, such joy, such remarkable photographs of family, food, as they expressed such lovely sentiments of "thankfulness".  Of course those were scattered with the same political posts and opinions of others while mixed with the daily hatred/judgment of others. Let us not leave out the comical ones of adding prozac to the the Turkey so that everyone in the family could just get along and be good to each other for the day of thanks! Yep,  it does a heart, soul and spirit good to read of the thoughts of so many in unison as they give thanks on a day where so many are on the roads, sharing meals, sharing precious moments or pics of the same united traditional meals on different plates!

My question becomes this: IF that can be done once a year on a Thursday in November, why oh why can't it catch on for every day of the year? OK, maybe not turkey with all the trimmings... but the attitude of gratitude should, could and is attainable.

We don't need the "Black Friday" as the follow-up to clean dishes and over filled bellies, the Adrenalin surge as we try to find a parking place, then running like our lives depend on it into the stores with wild eyes to find the "next best thing" on sale as the motivator to keep going. Do we?

What is it that they are wanting so badly anyway? Is it the thrill, the excitement, the t-shirt that says, "I survived Walmart/Mall Black Friday?"

As I sit in the quiet, having coffee, wondering what in the world this world has come to... I am still filled with remarkable gratitude, I am so thankful for each and every person who has walked in and through my life. Some for a reason, many for a lesson... I am still full from that turkey of yesterday, still tickled by the 4 leggeds who stood in turn for their turkey bites and those tongues of theirs savoring each little bite.

Oh how grateful my heart is, how thankful I am for each moment of this precious life.

Wishing you a tongue licking weekend... Hope you have leftovers for that fantastic turkey sandwich later today... nothing like it.

Black Friday... Super Saturday... and of course after a long and wonderful weekend, folks can sit back and click on buttons for the famous
"cyber monday" for even a better deal. There's no crowds to fight, no running from store to store, no Adrenalin surges nor parking places to maneuver...  As Olivia would say, "Whatever floats your goat"!

Get your gratitude on and just go with it! It's official now... I myself saw Santa cruise past Macy's in the parade! Everyone can blast the Christmas music, pull out the tinsel, start those decorations and get those happy Elfs out on the shelves. Yes Yes, oh yes, You can say Merry Christmas and and be just as merry as gay as ya want to be!  Just be KIND.... and don't believe everything you read.

Walk in beauty,

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