Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Memorial Day around the Nation, grief strikes America

The wreaths have been laid, Rolling Thunder has rolled into the Nations' Capital once again, thousands and thousands have paid their respect and honored the fallen. Memories and hopes left unfilled by those who gave all for our freedoms on this land as Taps has been heard over and over. The wait list for burial continues as more and more flag draped coffins come home. 

Many have now returned to work, have returned from long awaited vacations to the beaches or the mountains, the grills have been cleaned new memories made, and it's back to the grind.  Our soldiers are out there 24/7 in situations that most of us would not ever understand even if they voice recorded a 24 hour day and sent it personally to each of us.

So many year of wondering when will this senseless war(s) end and our men/women/service dogs come home and receive all the care and treatment that they have so willingly provided to our country. While now the scandals are filling the news of those Vets on the streets, unemployed, dying to get care at VAMC.

Some things just do not make sense.

Spending the weekend, honoring the fallen, celebrating the very freedoms we the people have as a result of those who signed their names on a blank check when putting on their uniforms however long ago.  Those who visited the final resting places of loved ones; some took a bottle of Jack or a beer and sat awhile... others lay on graves and cried until they were weak missing their loved one, while still others toasted all the fallen between whatever it was they were doing that made them feel good as they enjoyed their freedom.

Some used the time to bitch, complain, whine and show their hate and want of something different or better.  Millions got on their bikes and rode to D.C. once again with flags flying to D.C. to be a part of remembering, honoring, and demanding, "DO NOT FORGET, and Bring them ALL HOME", as a Marine stood in salute when they rode past him. Just like every other year before as so many stood on the sidewalks waving and offering their support, love and gratitude.

In other places across the Nation, folks took to the highways, the skies and went on that long weekend to destinations known for the fun, the sun and the relaxation. Many flags could be seen flying with pride. Children, adults, Elders... some fishing, many swimming, all just living their lives and hearing the sound of their souls that life is good.

Yet, have we not taught the children who are now young adults ... do they get a pass of undervaluing life itself as we hear of shootings in Myrtle Beach over the weekend? Yesterday at beautiful Clearwater Beach, beginning in a parking lot of the Hyatt Resort, gang activity with someone going home to get his gun and returning, there is gang violence and shootings?
Near a pier where families always go, past a beach where people are laying, playing and having the times of their lives, there is a shooting and gunfire?  Up the tourist road to a restaurant known best for its sunsets, there is a shooting?  Gangs now go to the beach over Memorial Day weekend to "settle it", to "do what rival gangs do"?  Where is the moral fiber of people and the knowledge that someone will die, perhaps that someone who has nothing to do with the rival or the petty issues of those with gang mentalities that are entering into the space of resorts and a beach? What in the world has happened to our communities and our country and especially on a day when we are honoring the fallen?

 How does a person get "into it", leave a place to go and retrieve a gun, return just as pissed off and all hell break loose...  It makes a person wonder, what how others are raised in life, what they played with as kids, how they studied in schools, where they think the justice system stands on this... and how they can involve everyday people who are just out living their lives.

Out in California, the shootings, the video's the comments that I have yet to read... the craziness of desire of want and of entitlement to take the life of another. Or to even entertain that is OK, will continually boggle my mind.  

3 hots and a cot, cable t.v., and a place to get "buff" while serving some time must not look like much of a deterrent to such horrific actions of some against others. 

We as a Nation of people are stuck in a grief cycle without completion; one of shock/depression/Anger... as it keeps going, going, going... with no end in sight.  It makes a person sick on the inside and others afraid to go outside.

Remember the fallen, the walk they must of made as you continue to stand, continue to walk vigilantly with your head high while looking for the good.  Parents, Grandparents, People, teach your children well... stand UP against violence, against behaviors that you would not want to see inflicted on you or loved ones, or anyone.

Yes we know there are horrid things happening all over the world, countries that have histories longer than our imagination based on blood shed against their relations, against their neighbors, we send them our brothers and sisters, we send them our money while having none for ourselves. BUT we must take care of our own, we must find ways to end this lack of compassion in the streets, in homes, and random attacks on good people and a justice system that is broken reminding one of a hotel for the broken where the meals are paid for by citizens and our folks in Nursing Homes go with far less.  We must stop this madness with more than hate posts, comments and name calling.  It begins in each home, each community.

That is all.


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