Monday, May 12, 2014

The LANDON KORABEK ONE LOVE JAMFEST 2014... was more than

It was more than... this year's Annual Jamfest remembering Landon.
This was on the back of the shirts worn by Susan, Greg and Kyle Korabek.

The anticipation, the work that was involved by the "committee" was once again amazing... The Thirsty Marlin and their staff were ready for a day unlike any other day... and it was just that and so much more!  The Thirsty Marlin was transformed into "The Landon Korabek  Jamfest 2014 as we all became a part of something so much greater than self, so much more than tragedy, so much more than even imagined by all who had suffered such heartache. Bands were on the ready to take the stage as if playing for the concert of their lives and left their hearts, sweat, and soul on the stage!

I was so very honored to once again kick off the event; this year asking for silence as I"popped a top" on a can of coke in Landon's honor!  After words of hopeful inspiration to those there and those yet to arrive, I looked out into faces that have become familiar, have become so loved through such tragedy as I spoke knowing that Landon was already there. YOU could feel him enter as only a trickster would. His heart and hands touched all that were there on what has become"the main event each year" as I found the eyes of Susan,Greg and Kyle while I spoke ...

 This was the day just three days since his "angel-versary" that we would now sit back today and still feel "One Love" after getting together that beautiful Saturday.  After my words it was not long after that Landon's Dad Greg and Landon's guitar teacher/friend/mentor took to the stage. Greg is carrying on the legacy of those lessons now, and this year he took the stage as he and Bear took our hearts and breath away! I'm thinkin' there was not a dry eye in the place... Landon had to be sitting between the two of them I have no doubt.

 The raffles, the 50/50, the silent auctions, the One Love merchandise was flowing as strong as the love that was filling the Thirsty Marlin... How in the world the wait staff moved through the crowds remembering food and drink astounded me, but they did it as the sweat poured off them.  And the community showed up and showed out... including the recipient for last years' scholarship for music thanks to the One Love JamFest! He looked just as proud as proud could be... And received a powerful applause and congratulations from Susan, Greg and Ruth Eckerd Hall.
As the day brightened, the music got started, more folks walked in... the white shirts became more and more visible... the photo-bomb pictures, the fun, the dancing, the hugs and touch filled the space where once heartache lived.  From his grandparents, to his Aunt from California, his uncle from N.C., to those who never met him, they came... they ate, drank, and emptied their pockets to benefit N.O.P.E and Ruth Eckerd Hall for music scholarhips to benefit some lucky someone who loves music as much as Landon loved it.  Landon's friends showed up and showed their love to the Korabeks' each moving along in their lives and each remembering a friend gone too soon.  Curt Korabek and Matt Pilson once again ran around snapping pictures like bosses, both loved Landon and both are remarkable men... Amazing they can balance a beer, a hug, and a camera at the same time! They are just that good. 

the music was again, "off the chain" bringing folks to their feet,clapping and hollering to fill the blue skies with joyous noise and some fierce playing.

He's even known to throw that guitar behind his back and play on, just play on!
As they got to their feet and just seemed to "dance on"~
This year, brother Kyle Korabek introduced the Shenanigans to the stage; the band that let Landon play with them oh so long ago. the band whose members love beyond measure and give beyond words. Kyle took to the stage like "a boss", once the guy who wouldn't say too much, the quiet one... NOT this year, my friend has found his voice along this arduous path, and spoke from his heart along with his wicked humor. He took the time to wish his Mother Susan Korabek 'Happy Mothers' Day, along with his Grandmother Joan who was there, and his Grandmother in N.C.; he took his time to say what he wanted and then he smiled that smile and let the Shenanigans take to the stage they had been itching to get to all day long!

Oh how they played their hearts out for Landon, along with the others that walked on that stage on May 10, 2014... 
Saying his Name: Landon LANDON... as we all remembered, as we all "got together" for something greater than we even knew.
Landon's friends with Susan Korabek; they haven't lost touch, they still come around... 

Life is different now, it goes on, it goes on with the hope and each time Susan walks on a stage in a school and tells Landon's story,  she saves a life from a bad or stupid choice .  Each year that we gather, as these talented musicians play their hearts out; Landon lives on through the music. They have walked into my heart and I am so very honored that they have chosen to stay.

 they all left it ALL in the hearts of all there, and on that stage. 
At the close of this year's JamFest, Susan, Greg and Kyle were called to the stage. At that time, Shenanigans presented them with a Fender Guitar that was signed with each person who took that stage for them and for Landon during the day. Talk about breathtaking!  Tommy and Jack sure knew what they were doing with that surprise, and my heart is still recovering from watching them receive it.

 I could go on and on with photos...
but in closing I will share the one that says it all:  this is the back of Landon's friend... he is the one in the group photo with the shirt on that said, "Every damn day, just do it"

ThankYOU to all who attended The Landon Korabek 2014 Jamfest, to all who worked their butts off to prepare, during, and after... and those who played their hearts out for Susan, Greg and Kyle along with a community that continues to grow.

Just do it ... every damn day.

Walk on,

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Anonymous said...

It was quite a priviledge for
myself, to stop in and feel the vibes and the true SPIRIT of
"one love" which engulfed the festivities...
amazing folks, The Korabeck family and friends, moving out of the darkness of such tragic loss and
onto the path of healing..
Landon will always be honored and remembered, that's the sunshine after the storm..
A great cause to support and I am honored to have had the chance to
participate in my small way ~
Thanks Doc for all that you continue to do for so many..
warriors in spirit..
and by the way, it was also awesome to see you, you are the best !!
blessings to all ~
sign me, ♥