Monday, June 2, 2014

Zac Brown and band; passion that is hard to describe

There are some people, ordinary people, famous people, that just take your breath away. I had the great pleasure of seeing The Zac Brown Band in Tampa this weekend and I was not at all prepared for what ended in being the best concert of my life... with musicians that lit up a stage with passion that words are hard to describe. Zac Brown with a guitar that is beginning to look like Willie Nelson's guitar (Trigger), but he is much too young to have a guitar that is so worn, so fine tuned and well played.  Zac who takes to the stage like most of us walk through our home, with ease, with humility, with a smile that reaches into the soul of each person it falls on during the night. He and fellow musicians could be playing for 50,000 or for 3 and they would still be intense, incredible and their abilities on those instruments awe inspiring with such passion that it could easily take you to a place in your soul that flies as fast as his fingers on the frets. Whether circling his fiddle player in a duel of "Devil went down to Georgia" as though they were playing for the win, to singing with such earnest love and fun songs of chicken, I do believe this young man has more passion than the majority of folks in the crowd that filled the lawns and seats.

He is generous, he is a master, he is on tour city after city, bringing his smile, his perfection, his band of talented men to the stages across our nation.  At one point during a song, a soldier appeared, standing at salute with a flag behind him... The audience went insane with screams and applause... The volume level was deafening, the soldier never moved... the intensity of the sounds I have never known the likes of.  It was more than words can explain the feeling and the song played on as he stood at attention, as he continued his salute. As the thousands stood and screamed their "thank you" for our military.

There are some artists that once you have seen them live, their music takes on a different perspective on CD/radio... it adds a depth that is like the seas. Behind the stage there were scrims that took the breath away; oceans, sunsrises, at one point looking like Zac was standing in the rain of Tampa... And in a heart beat the stage was cleared and these musicians were sitting in chairs in a semi circle with guitars playing their hearts out... With songs that filled the soul, with faces of rapture, of great gratitude, or mad respect for each other and with passion beyond what most folks will ever know.  Zac is one of those rare talents in this world of music today... and one helluva a good man who has maintained his humility wanting to just play his music and do some good along the way. He let the crowd know that $1.00 of their ticket was helping his foundation for kids across this 2014 tour; added up that's a lot of money!  Take a look at the good being done at Camp Southern Ground Organization!

Yes, there are just some things that "telling about" doesn't do justice... Zac Brown and the Band seems to be one of those things... One has to experience it, to be open to it, to "see it/feel it/go with it" in order to be open to the feelings and thoughts. Once that is done, it makes hearing him different in and on so many levels.

It was a night to remember, a night that now allows me to erase the not so good moments and times of obscene drunkenness and in appropriate behavior of humankind that was around us.  I do believe it opened my eyes to part of what is "wrong with our world" as I observed and was enraged by some of what I witnessed and what was in the row in front of us... the lack of respect, the lack of care, the .... I could go on and on, but am working hard to remove those images and confrontations from my mind as I continue to enjoy all that was good, and Zac Brown was more than good.  He was "more than words can say", but says it all in his music, even when "I saw goodbye in his eyes"...

Wishing you all a most wonderful week! Let the music play on, play on, play ON... through you, in you, and move you...

Walk in beauty,


tgodwin said...

Great description of the ZBB concert! If you were there on Friday night, did you get any pictures of when Zac gave his guitar to the little boy? That was my son and I am trying to find any pics or videos of that moment. My son loves Zac and keeps asking me for a picture of them together. I got a video but it didn't turn out very well. If you were there Friday night with your friends, can you also check and see if they might have any pics or videos? Thank you so much for your time! You can contact me at

tgodwin said...
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