Thursday, April 26, 2012

Just amazing; the ways to Stand by a friend

Thursday is here as we set our sails,
stay the course, and set our legs for waters, calm or rough!
Sun is ready to shine and I hope you are as well; many have loved the song and message of yesterday, I am playing it once again today as I share this with you!
I don't believe I've ever heard a finer rendition of Stand By Me with more passion or meaning as I watched it, listened again to the message, the power, the love...
The I began to imagine, the depths of friends, and times when they feel that overwhelming since of "helplessness", the inability to "fix things" for one they love, or make it better for one who is in pain, or suffering through storms of life.
I think those are so difficult for others, and for ones who love and stand but are not able to take it away for a loved one, or able to make the problems magically disappear for one they love.
It is during those times of standing by another that it is truly painful at times; as you are rendered powerless to truly effect change for another.
You want it, you might be able to see alternatives but unable to make it happen for another. Even if you try or want or love; you can't make pain go away, make systems that are broken work better, make physicians respond or medicines work, or make magic rabbits appear out of hats.
It is those times that a gentle word, a hug, a moment of time is the best Stand By Me that matters; a story; a hug; an honest
"I care", or "I'm so sorry that you are going through this" is all that is needed. Love is offered.
It is in knowing that love is enough; and that we have very little control, so to let go is the best way of realization that love and compassion through friendship and the Universal Connection is truly the way of understanding.
It is in the Standing together that matters;
in the imagine that the brain finds ways to heal; to feed the soul and the body and spirit.
Today, I send you all again the message of friends, of love, of imagining once again the bonds that appear in places we never think of yet dare to dream.
Won't you Stand?
Dare to Dream
work the dream!
To those who are on a path of pain today, who are missing, are suffering or are struggling, I hope that this finds its way to you, and that while you watch it...
You are able to know less stress, less pain, and more peace as your neurotransmitters set off the pleasure center of your brain for awhile and you remember that someone cares!
Won't you Stand by someone?
Miracles appear in the strangest of places,
yet true friends and the need to stand is within.
Outshine the sun friends!
“Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage.”       Lao Tzu
Walk in Beauty,
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Irene M said...

Morning, this Thursday, with sun shining, birds chirping ALL NITE !
Thanks for the reminder regarding friends, "stand by me" and the love quotes. I, for one, need a shake back into reality every once in a while. It's a new day with choices to be made, fun to be had, IDOLS to be voted off, you know, the regular stuff of life.
Enjoy..... FIRM EyeScream

Dot/Mom/Cob said...

Stand by me, oh yes, wouldnt it be wonderful if we could count on our friends BFF forever standing by us. The many obstacles in life sometimes keep this from happening. I have been fortunate in life to have many friends in different places to stand by me. Long time friends that I can pick up the phone and just talk. A experience of not so many years ago my friend of many years that lives in Texas said come on down and I had not seen her in 16yrs. what a wonderful visit it was as if we had not been apart. That is a great experience. The secret is to keep in touch, dont worry if they have not called just pick up the phone and call. It does take a lot of love to keep friendships going we never know what the other is going thru. I love the thought of at this time writings from Dr.SES about Stand by Me. Off in the rain to NC this morning. Wish me good traveling. Irene I know you are the friend that will Stand by Me. Prayers still going out for our soldiers and their families. For our president and his staff. For Dr. SES and family. Blessings

fluff said...

Lovely thoughts this morning of friendships and that one that will stand by you through the good times and the tough times. The words and the video were so touching and I thank you Dr. Sherry for all you do and say.
Good to see you Irene and have a wonderful day. Dot/Mom/Cob, have a safe journey to NC today. I hope it is and enjoyable time for you.
Wishing for all who stop by here a Terrific Thursday and much happiness in your day. /Sandy♥