Saturday, February 1, 2014

Superbowl almost time...

THE EXCITEMENT IS BUILDING... the social media is a buzz, the odds makers are already busy, as are households across the Nation and the world ready to tune in, turn on and kitchens are creating! We've already seen some of the commercials that will just keep our bladders full, our kleeeenex at hand, our jaws will drop with the creativity behind the process.

It is almost time to hear "OMAHA"... as millions and millions will tune in, will be comfortable on couches and chairs... only to rise up with the call of a ref that is obviously wrong, a play gone just flat out ridiculous as we scream and move our bodies with each hit or with each remarkable move.  Oh yea, it's soon to be the "main event"... Even if "our team" got knocked out or didn't show up, we will now choose one to root for, and root we will.
That is just the spirit of the game! It's football after all, not just, but the culmination of a year and the final two.  Meanwhile in Indiana, my buddy Joe Graff, his bride Rachel and their kids are preparing for a house full with food overflowing, adult beverages not to be matched... the echo of "OMAHA OMAHA" has been heard from there to here over the week, and I'm sure I will hear it in Miami tomorrow as well!  I can only imagine the food that will be prepared and the Bronco colored beverages that will be concocted...  Oh good times all over the lands will pop up centered around this Super Bowl I am certain.

Wonder what the players are doing today?
How many texts are being made to each other and between opponents just to rile them up even more before taking the field and talking smack? 

Manning now will take to the field and astound folks I'm sure... folks will love to hate Sherman once again and still be amazed at his moves on the field.  Others watch just for the half-time show and commercials, or for the gathering of friends and the party goin' on and opportunity to gather!  Bruno Mars has already got folks wondering and guessing about what is going to happen on that field of America.

Are you ready for some Football? 

The winter storm has certainly brought about some mad skillz and creativity this year, and those who are readying for the Super Bowl are no exception. This photograph just amazed me, kudos to those guys who summed it all up with brilliance, and creativity, I do believe they are ready for Super Bowl Sunday. Imagine the time, talent and work that went into that display...

Imagine the hard work, time, dedication that goes into making everything work like magic on Sunday's event... I am always astounded how a field can be turned into a stage; the way the timing of such hard core adrenalin can be shifted from the field to the locker room, or in the face of a microphone. The shift of energy, the pace from wide open to stop while half time occurs, as that field is transformed and then magically changed back to a field when those players return and pick up where they left off!

As the millions will enjoy cocktails, friends, families, eat marvelously made foods and goodies with the theme of their team or both teams, the rivalries and the comrades often sitting or standing shoulder to shoulder.  An intense and exciting time had by all.

The build up, the banter, the back and forth we have been hearing as we lead up to it.

The Seattle Seahawks now are showing us how to make jello shots for the main event... they are getting ready!


Denver is showing their image of victory in another way...

 Here's an image for who is goin to crush it on Super Bowl Sunday: OMAHA

who will you be rooting for?

Is it the commercial?

Will it Be the controversy during half-time we have heard might just set the Nation wagging with tongues wagging on Monday?

It's going to be exciting as both teams take the field on Sunday... as we watch and hear it all.

May the best team win it, and get to go to Disney. I've heard the one who loses isn't goin to be hungry, as they are making a lovely sum of money for just showing up and showing out!

Here's to our Nation, to the competition of sports.

If ya don't see me for a while... well,
I'll just be cruisin.

Take best care of yourselves and each other in kindness, in laughter, in beauty!

Walk in beauty,

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Anonymous said...

rooting for a great game here,
just stepping into the spirit,
it really awes me that amount of
ENERGY that is put forth for this
super game ~
and just sayin',
I don't understand jello shots
sign me,