Tuesday, February 25, 2014

The Light is coming:

Let the light in, always. The little seed huddled in the dark is protected from the cold. It germinates silently in the dark, moist soil. Then, when it is ready, the warmth of the newly strengthened sun brings it forth to the surface, to form a bud, grow a wee bit stronger, soak up the light and eventually burst forth and bloom.

There are times when you must plant a seed and wait. Sit quietly and let nature nurture the seed. For by doing nothing, the seed will germinate and bring forth it’s bloom. We do indeed reap what we sew. When circumstances have sewn the seeds of grief, they germinate at their own pace. For each journey back to the light is unique.  There is a season for everything. And so it is with grief. We cannot rush the seasons, nor dictate their length. We must allow the seasons to come, and to change. Just as grief can be a long dark night, eventually the sun will rise again. The hope for tomorrow will return.
Slowly perhaps, but the hope flickers dimly at first, then grows stronger over time.

The message being.

Lend a light. Be the light, for someone in the cold dark space of grief or depression. That space moistened  many tears. They too will benefit from the pull the light has on all of us. Provide them with warmth and light. A waiting bright space where they can feel the warmth. This is in my opinion best done with a warm smile, a cup of coffee, a gift of your time, a gift of your caring silence at times, or the sound of laughter to surround the beauty that remains. 

We do not know the moment when the light will reach them. So remember you are brave, you are a spiritual being having a human experience, be patient, and just offer caring and support. For many, the grief seed is planted deep. The flower cannot be jerked from the soil on demand, nor can the heavy hearted be dragged from their grief. Each are walking their own personal path, some would like to be escorted by warmth, and light and time. Gently nurtured along the way in the darkness into the light of healing….

And so my friends, provide the light. Gift the warmth of your caring and nurturing to someone in pain. Be not demanding, nor dismissive of the very real sorrow and the desire to linger longer in the comfort of grief. For when the griever is ready, you may have provided the light needed that warms, soothes and reminds another that there is no distance when hearts are joined in love. LOVE WINS.
Angels walk with us along the way... to the light of healing ways always.

“A smile is the lighting system of the face, the cooling system of the head and the heating system of the heart” Author Unknown.

Walk in beauty,
author of:
Down The Hallway
Chronic Pain; Hand in Hand
Healing Heartaches
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