Monday, February 24, 2014

This Day...

So today we embrace this moment, be it cold, cloudy, windy, sunny or otherwise.
We wait patiently for what is to be, without forgetting to celebrate this very moment.
While we hold our dreams of tomorrow in our hearts, we must not forget to live in the present. To be present in whatever space we find ourselves. While we hold sacred our unique histories, and the memories they evoke. We honor precious memories of those who have gone before us, we, must mindfully live in this moment.

This moment is precious. This day is valuable. We have an opportunity to touch another life. To give thanks for the life we have. To treasure the memories of loved ones, and to appreciate the people in our lives now that we hold dear.

So while we value the future, dream each dream with color and passion. Fill the canvas with all the details of that which we are creating for tomorrow. We must honor today.
As we catch the breeze that fills our lungs with today’s chill air. Watch the wind chase the clouds across the sky. Hear the sounds of nature around us. We celebrate today.

Practice patience. Practice random acts of kindness. Be kind to ourselves. Be kind to others. Wrap this day in tenderness.

Speak softly, feel deeply, dance if you want to, hold up the sky because you can. Offer up an affirmation for peace, contentment, and gratitude, because we should.
Because we are deeply caring people, and the world is better for that.
Our caring matters to self, to others. Others matter to us. Laugh, even if at yourself... it will spark laughter in those around you even in the darkest of times there is humor to be found.

Don't like something? DON'T DO IT.

Take the time to look at the beauty in your life, around you, within you. Do what makes you feel good, then do it more.

Walk on

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