Thursday, August 4, 2011

VA TECH > A shooter was seen on campus

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*early evening update to this writing*
It's been a helluva emotional day.
As you will read below.

As I was online the newsflash came up
and my heart dropped.
Kamryn was
this week
at the Hokie Basketball camp
as I listened I heard
that a man with a gun
was seen in front of the building
right next door to where the
kids were all together
HOKIE basketball camp.
I felt dread
and a sickness came over me
with racing heart and pulse
I immediately texted Angie
The phone rang immediately and she told me she had also just heard it
and that she had just gotten off the phone with Dot, (aka> Mom, COB)
who was already on her way there
Angie too was on her way
Thank God for Mom, she was all over it and enroute to little Kamryn!
I put on the live stream of the current happenings as we talked on the phone
so that she would not feel alone on the drive.
She told me that someone had just "cut her off" on the road as they were making a mad run up the road,
we both figured that they may well be also trying to get to VA TECH
as many were intantly floating back to that day not so long ago of the
VA TECH massacre
when a lone gunman took the lives of so many there.

We were both glad that Mom was already on her way,
we both knew that it would take a real big policeman with 4 point restraints to keep her from getting to
She would not be stopped from that
I knew that much to be certain!
Angie I was so impressed with
as we both had increased heart rates
and we could still talk with reason
still laugh
under the very real and perceived threat that filled the airwaves
on that ride.
make no mistake,
we did feel our bodies under the pressure of
perceived threat
and some lunatic somewhere on campus with a loaded gun
could not help but remember
Our phone call ended as she approached the entry to
and she told me that she would text once inside
by then they were on
I was thinking that Kamryn
was probably playing a fierce game
none the wiser of the threat that lingered outside the gymnasium along with the other children.
As parents frantically were making their way back to
and filled with the possibiliites
and the memories of
what had happened before there.
Children are remarkable that way.
after all they get to meet and see the
and to practice their skills and realize their passions and develop their skills.
The update on my phone and the internet
said that the State Police had arrived and the FBI were near; the shooter or "perp" was still at large.
I received a text from
Angie saying she had arrived
and was inside,
Kamryn was happy to see his family there
as they watched his
"moves on the court",
he is talented to be sure.
This is him playing defense,
he much prefers having HIS
hands on the ball and shooting "threes"!
When all was said and done,
and meeting the
and posing with pictures
and having his basketball
they were
out safely
and able to leave the campus
I am now breathing better,
Angie is still a bit shaken and I think that is a good thing.
Mom took them to the Red Lobster, and they have talked about it.
Kamryn now knows what was happening there
the 4th day of August 2011
the home of the Hokies
in Blacksburg VA.
He was mostly concerned of devouring the crab legs that he ordered
and enjoying his fresh salad
that probably had great tomatoes in it.
he was tired from playing basketball
thrilled by meeting
Coach Seth Greenberg
Paul #32 who mentors him
Eric Green #11

Coach Seth Greenberg and Kamryn!
Kamryn and #11 Eric Green HOKIE
Kamryn with his pal, mentor/coach: Paul #32

Good luck this year
thanks for taking care of the kids!

Kamryn will one day be wearing that HOKIE
cos' he is filled with passion, desire and spirit!
A little force to be reckoned with I'm thinkin.

As for this day?
The threat that could have altered, changed lives in a hot minute?
I am amazed,
I am angry
I am blessed beyond words
a stain glasss of emotions
ever so grateful that all are safe as of this writing.

I cannot imagine a world without my family in it
especially the kids.
The percieved and very real threat
made once again it come straight at me
the importance of
NOT BLINKING in one's life.

It once again makes me want to stand on a mountain top and shout:
"what will it take for some to truly get it?"
To understand that we have this moment, this day"
What difference does it make if a kid fails a test or a grade and is too afraid or shamed to tell the truth because they do not or cannot bear to hear the judgments or scorn of others?
What difference does it truly make that you got mad at your sister 11 months ago over something so ridiculous that you now cannot remember what it was,
but are too stubborn and mean to accept that
it does not really matter?
How hard is it to say
"I'm sorry"
in the larger scope of things?
really now,
what difference does it make in 30 minutes or 32 days
whether you got your feelings hurt
or someone rained on your parade?
Hell there just might be another parade
you can start your own
The hateful spewing of words between friends or family members that amount to egos that are inflated or wounded
as a result of greed or mistrust or words that cannot be taken back
or the distaste of "crow" that every once in awhile must be eaten to move forward
is often of ones own doing.
make no mistake friends
a day like this day
when you know
that there are kids
in an auditorium
one of those kids lives in your heart
is of your blood
and the threat of a shooter is next door
if that does not open your eyes
to the uncertainity of your world
the blindness and coldness of your heart
is indeed of your choosing and permanent.
But then again, you are probably not reading this page!
Have people forgotten
that day of 1995 in Oklahoma City?
9/11 in NY, the Pentagon, those brave folks who deterred the third plane to Shanksville?
could have been another one of those
just like the last tragedy

Some things in life you cannot recover:
A stone...after it's thrown. A word...after it is said. An occasion...after it's missed. The time...after it's gone. A person...after they die.
Life is short.
 Break the rules.
Forgive quickly.
Kiss slowly.
 Love truly.
Laugh uncontrollably
And never regret anything that made you smile,
 Enjoy Life!!

Yes, I am on my box now,
who knows at what point I will step down
it may just take someone bold enough to knock me off it!
I do know this;
there are many who stand in their own way, and who seem to go out of their way to hurt or harm others with words, or with actions of passive agressive nature
and try to think they know what is the best way for others
to live their lives.
And it is in that meddling feelings get trampled
like a stampede of cows
others never recover from that pain.
And I cannot help but wonder
what those folks get out of such actions;
"did it really matter in the scheme of things?"
Each of us are works in progress,
the children, the adults and the elders...
each on our own paths.
We are not here to judge, only to enjoy ourselves
and each other.
my Godson Kamryn was at VA TECH to play basketball with other kids.
Others were there to learn.
And all of a sudden a man was seen with a gun on campus
that meant that all there were in harms way.
It is time
to love those
 hug those you love
unconditional positive regard.
things can change in a hot minute.

To Kamryn,
 Mom, Angie, and D'Vante
I am so very thankful you are safe and together. May the Creator bless and keep you safe, enjoying each other, laughing and loving each other.
From a distance, my arms are around you.

The fire is burning and the sage is lit, with thoughts and prayers to all who enter here.
Walk in Beauty

After returning home safely
updating Kamryn on the events that led
him to leave the building with a police escort
he looked in awe
"why would someone do this".
Mom and Angie talked with him and he was listening intently
then showing resiliency and the understanding of a
hungry 9 year old
attacked his crab legs
with his hands and teeth and enjoyed each bite
the love and attention
mom and angie
both still in shock from
the day.
I later talked with them
after they returned safely home
only to hear the conflict in the background
D'Vante was having "issues/attitude"
the "it's all about me I am 17 tomorrow"
I could feel "cold chills going off in my brain"
once again
amazed at the selfishness of ways
I was fit to be tied.
mostly I was filled with such gratitude that I wept.
Later when I spoke to Mom
we got past the drama
of the moment
through her tears
told me of her fears
and thoughts as she drove to Tech.
again I wept.
Angie is now resting, Mom as well.
I spoke to D'Vante
and was firm, I was real, and I did NOT soft soap
"could have been a tragedy that could have forever altered the course of his life"
while reminding him
the reality of the life he is standing in
the silliness of knee jerk reactions
the inability to take back words spoken in haste
not recognizing
the pain of others
as they now try to stop the adrenalin
that allowed them to remain calm in the face of threat.
It is now evening
I'm sure we will all take a few days to get this out of our system,
I guess that it will serve as a strong
I tried to explain it to D'Vante
like this:
"you know how your heart starts to beat really fast as you approach the line of the football field;
the ball is snapped and you have tunnel vision
and you have one thing and one thing only
and you see them coming straight after you?"
And your heart is racing?
Well son, that is how everyone associated with Tech was feeling; now add to that a gun, and the very real threat that someone or many someone's including your little brother, your aunt and your mother
could have been shot as they approached the car
there you go.
And now that they are home safely
you want to walk with attitude over a
cell phone? Really?
Are you kidding me?
Think for a moment, of the larger picture here
of "does it really matter"?
C'mon now, you are bigger than this moment?
Dig a little deeper in the caring well of your soul
go and hug your brother and Mom, call your Aunt
be glad they are alive.

on that note
I'm goin to throw myself into the pool
forget that other people just
sometimes stand on my very last nerve
over issues
that are created just to piss me off
in the scheme of things.

Don't blink
things can change in a heart beat
and this thing
and those people you love
can be gone from sight
Will the squabble or the mess u stirred in yesterday have really been worth it
when you look back?
Will wasting time and energy have been
looked on as
time spent spinning in a circle
time spent enjoying each breath?
Ah those choices,
for today
so far as I hear,
my family is safe
and for that
I say
thank you.


fluff said...

My goodness, how frightening that had to be for each of you. I heard that also on TV and said a prayer that those there were safe and protected never thinking that someone I would know would have such a terrifying afternoon. I am so grateful that all were safe and Kamryn was enjoying himself and was safe and well. Such horrible monsters live amongst us and sometimes we don't even know it until they raise their ugly horrific head. Praying that your family will be able to calm down tonight and rest knowing everything is good and this young child who is your own flesh and blood was protected and is safe and will rest easy. God please protect our children and keep them safe. I loved the quote you posted about life and I hope you don't mind that I am going to borrow it. Take care my friends and Blessings and peacefulness for you this day. Sandy♥

Jan Szasz Hinerman said...

Wow...awesome words you spoke here. Tears are rolling down my face. So happy everyone is safe. I pray that they find this fellow, before he DOES get a chance to scare or hurt anyone else.

Anonymous said...

WONDERFUL, HEARTFELT WORDS IN TODAYS BLOG MY FRIEND. So true. Glad it all worked out and everyone is safe. Scary times. You are right.... Don't Blink!

Anonymous said...

What a scary day it was for me, Dot and the whole community. My phone has gone dead twice from calls, text messages and facebook comments from wonderful friends~~I would not wish this feeling I have had all day on my worst enemy~Thank God all is well but as far as I know they have not got the guy or if the juvenilles were telling the truth but either way we r all safe and I won't let Kam leave me side for 5 minutes. I am even watching Nickolden and what ever else he wants to watch.
Thank you for all your prayers and concerns.
Thank you cuz Love you "whole lots"

Irene M said...

Just now read your post from yesterday.
Sherry, COB, Angie and the boys: I am so thankful to hear the outcome from the scary incident which could have turned out a different way. I do hope you threw yourself in the POOL after the writing. Whew, is all I can say. STOMP......... on this Friday.
Happy to be alive and FIRM

Dot(mom, cob) said...

In life, I have been thru some terrible and sad times. I can tell you the experience of hearing about VT yesterday knowing that Kamryn and so many other little boys and girls was in that gym my only thought was to get in the car and go. I called Angie and told her I just barely got the end of the story on TV. that I was on my way, I would keep her informed and she should continue with her appt.. I turned on the radio and got continued updates, a person was seen walking on VT campus with a gun. I knew I had to be very calm so I let the tears flow driving as fast as I could get by to enter the VT. grounds. Policemen and the news television was everywhere. I drove into the parking lot and a very nice police lady met me, took my name and said it is ok, we are on lock down. Go thru this door and stay with the kids until someone comes and tell you when to leave. In the meantime Kam came over and hugged me and I smiled at him and said go get em. He is a great basketball player. I kept Angie updated on her way and told her she must stay calm as the kids did not have a clue to what was going on. He got excellent grades, pictures, autographs and a big new basketball with autographs. We ask him where he would like to eat and sure enough it was the Red Lobster. His Godmother got him in the habit of crab legs and that is what he ordered. He rode with me and we followed his Mom, she is so brave and what a great MOM she is, I am so proud of her. I told Kamryn when he ask about the policemen and TV cameras, someone had seen what they thought was a person carrying a gun and so they went on lock down. He was ok with that info, turned his head and laid the seat back and went off to sleep. I have deep respect and praise for the Virginia Tech, police and the officials for all they did to make each of us safe. Be sure to hug your family every day and tell them how much you love them, my insides have finally quit shaking. I cried lots of tears when I returned home. Thanks to all for your love and support. Thanks to DRSES for all of her words of wisdom and I know being far away was very hard on everyone. Should make all of us remember how precious life is and not take it for granted. Yes, I will watch the Wizard of OZ many more times and get beat in bowling on the Wii. Blessings

Irene M said...

YOU, GO, C O B .....

fluff said...

Just thinking over the event yesterday a V Tech and how grateful and thankful I am that everyone was okay and the children enjoyed their day as planned and they were protected. Wishing each of you and Blessed and Happy Friday. Sandy♥