Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Drinking from LIfe's Joys and Wonder!

#1 Godson
D'Vante drinking from the cooler of life!
Remember those water fountains, that really cold water as it went past your lips and just felt great all the way down your throat?
Or perhaps you were just so darn tickled to have your photo taken that your dimple popped as you took that drink?
Notice the dimple in my boy?
He got that from his Godmother!!!
It has turned out to be his "lie-detector" as well through the years ... whether a little fib, or a cover his butt, that dimple and those eyes have always given him away it seems!
Oh how I count on that, but it sure can win you over ... those eyes, those dimples.
Love him I sure do!
Ah, the water of life and its many joys; captured so well by the photographer there in that picture!
That's my heart alright, now preparing to graduate from
Radford High School next month in Radford Virginia!
Oh goodness,
we will be a fine mess watching those bobcats walk across that field in caps and gowns!

Wonder if they have a fountain that can hit me up with that youth and wonder and splendor as I sit and think that my heart/Godson is getting ready to graduate?
what a thought!
Handsome he sure is!

Where oh where did the time go?
He is changing, and yet somethings just remain the same.
I so wish he had passion to become a lawyer, as he does love to fight a case, a thought, to argue and have the last word!
We always laugh at him and Mom/Dot/Cob
as they are two peas in a pod; they go at each other with love, with arguments and with gusto always.
He is one fine mess, and yet he has a love of family and friends while maintaining strong opinions and thoughts. He loves to stir in opposite thoughts and to debate; he always has!
And when he gives himself permission to laugh, it is a wonderful sight and sound to behold!
Sometimes I have to step outside myself and think...
is it that D'vante, my buddy pal loves to argue, along with every other teenager since the beginning of time?
Or is it that they are desperately trying to be heard?
Remember when you were a teen?
when most of the time you were hearing why you couldn't, if only you would try harder, do more, do this or that?
When reason was a word akin to try try try, do more be more,
when a grade was assigned to self-worth?
I have to step back and wonder if misunderstandings, hurt feelings, and hard to let go of's are a result of forgetting that teenagers have a certain amount of "bravado" and in the course of raising and rearing
adults forget they are still kids in bigger bodies; still needing to hear "I LOVE YOU" often, and be hugged much.
Even in times of upset, or times of wishing we could turn back the hands of time.
Fear is often mistaken and anger is often spewed in times of that fear.
What ifs replace education.
Oh if they only came with instructions and bubble wrap!
We have to pray, to HOPE and have faith, that love etches itself like a tattoo in the heart and mind, forever and sears its permanence guiding like a beacon in the night.

From those sweet little hands and feet, to now oh so grown up with a mind that is still developing and biceps that could crush you in a hot second; he has learned to crawl, to walk, to study, to dance, to pray; and played football with his best friends. And now like so many including me, often can't see past Friday nights right along with his friends who often gather at his home and regularly look to his Mom to find, fix and to eat all that is there with gusto and speed that would boggle the mind I am told.
I just can't quite imagine a house full of teenage boys, but I remember Granny's house seemed to always be filled with the high school football team and all the family back in the days of pinto beans, fried potatoes and cornbread long long ago; 45 records on the turntable, and good times during hard times.
Friday night lights at the high school,
and gatherings.
D'Vante is wrapped up with friends, with girls that all just love and enjoy him, his personality, his swagga, his smile. His buddies all hang, they do whatever it is that guys with "swag" do;
Deion, Dashon, Hunter, Justan, Timothy... and the list continues.
And we hope he continues to teach the best of himself to his little brother Kamryn, to show the best he has learned along the way, to remember to feed the right wolf in his life as he is faced with choices, decisions with each moment, with each invitation, with each step he takes...
We pray, he plays, he is busy.

We all want to now put duct tape on him; we want to turn back time, to when he was smaller, we want to protect him from all that we can no longer control that is out there to tempt him, and to try and not think about all that he might be experimenting with or doing when he is not within sight or hearing range.
Do we forget so easily when we were teenagers?
I have to laugh at times;
thinking and hearing from all up there in Southwest Virginia
as I hear of the updates on him and his friends! It is amazing to know and to not know, sometimes the latter is better quite frankly.
As I don't take tylenol for the fever of others, it's often best to be out of the loop rather than in one that is spinning.

Remembering my own teen years, my own times of thinking myself invinsible, and letting the good times roll!
And yet, I have to remember those times were far different from these times and days as technology and prescription drugs are the new party items on the lists of so many in so many places!
A few drinks or some weed lower the defenses of kids these days; making their ability to reason and make sound decisions harder to reach once they are under the influence like in the days of old.
Teenagers have not yet finished growing, even though they think they are grown, think they know more than anyone ever will.
BUT, they don't and their brain is not yet fully developed, and that is a fact...

Synthetic drugs under the names of "incense" and "bath salts" are being sold at mini marts around the country and purchased legally; being smoked, being put in drinks and snorted ... people not realizing that they are toxic, that they are creating a chemical frenzy in the brain that leads to death and poor executive functioning in the brain.
Kids are not waking up after these parties, families are being destroyed by the results of what began as a party and ending with death.
Seems gone are the days of dance parties, of gathering to have good times with a few beers and spin the bottle, or bowling, fishing, hanging out at our homes, or all night dances til you drop.
Times where you could trust one another to take care of the other just in case you got a bit too drunk to do anything other than hang your head and then sleep it off safely.
c'mon now, most have been there and done it, maybe even have to rely on a friend to let them know if it was all worth it at the end!
Sometimes those experiences changed a life forever, a bad decision altered lives or made the next decison different somehow.

As adults we sometimes grow into folks who are too civilized or stuffy to remember our youth and crazy times.
Or some never experienced them at all; making it even harder to understand or comprehend those that do or have had those times or experiences at all!
Experience is a great teacher and yet we tend to forget our experiences or color them a certain way as we age; often losing sight of what is important in the now of things.
the present moment is the NOW;
we could all use a moment to honor memories, while using now
to realize that the only constant is change.
Awareness is the key to the gates of understanding.
We still forget to say those wonderful and very important things from the heart;
Just those four things can change lives and bring us into the NOW of our lives, the richness of our being forever.

Yes, the fountain is waiting for you to quench your thirst,
to invigorate your senses and to celebrate the rush of the NOW.
After all, IF not now, when?
the time is now
to realize that we only have NOW
to say
YOU matter to me
I want you to make good choices
I want you to put your attitude on
I UNDERSAND you may fall, but I love you, and will use all my magic and experience to keep you from harm!
LIfe is uncertain, it is precious, as are those we know, those we love and cherish.
My Godsons; they are brothers with a bond, a love that only the two of them know in their hearts.
They are loved beyond measure, and in a place where there is no space or time; they are silly and will drive a person insane on a good day!
they are two kids that we would fight to the death for and over,
kids need to hear it loud and often,
D'Vante and Kamryn
Oh how I remember us singing this at disney, how D'Vante and Kamryn would call me weeks after and leave a message singing this on my voice mail... They don't call often anymore, they are changing, growing. they are busy in their lives with their friends, activities. I have come to accept that.
But yes, they love me.
Yes, my memories sustain me in the selfish part of myself that feels I am no longer needed or valued by them, except to provide good times to them.
YES they need to take responsiblity of which they have been granted love and good times, and I am sure that they will.  It is a kid thing I suppose, but again I too was a kid, in very different times with no game stations, cell phones, and time was different then!
I didn't seem to have so many activities to be transported to, so much to do and heightened presssures or I've selectively forgotten that part!
Yes, we're goin to miss that, as the song says!
Yes there is so much to that song, my memories, my BOYZ...
I love them with a passion as strong as the sun''
 as they are drinking from the Creators never ending water fountain of life
and a family's love!
“We need to teach the next generation of children from day one that they are responsible for their lives. Mankind’s greatest gift, also its greatest curse, is that we have free choice. We can make our choices built from love or from fear.”
[Elisabeth Kubler-Ross]

We have given our children a foundation, built in love, built in faith, hope, compassion, charity, laughter, honor...
We now watch as they grow, we now must see them as they move into their lives
while knowing that free will and change is a starting to take flight.

Walk in beauty,


Irene M said...

That is one fine young man and the progression of his years in photos, quite impressive. Wishing him the best in the future as he graduates. I remember him greeting me at the door of Hospice's Holiday party. A fine young man then and now an adult with years ahead. My niece Victoria, also graduating in June, turning 18, off to college. Hope and pray she makes good choices, is aware and beware of temptation which can wreck the future. Sunshine/blue skies in FLA today.

fluff said...

Thank you for the message and thinking about my past and those young ones in my heart and life who are in my prayers daily that they know to make the right choices. Great pictures Dr. Sherry. D'Vante sure has grown up and is such a good looking strong young man. I will keep my prayers for him as he will soon graduate. Then there is Kamryn growing up right behind his brother he loves and admires. May he learn from watching D'Vante and may he remember to make the right choices in life.

As always, it is good to see you here Irene and wishing you and all those who stop by here a wonderful day. I am happy the skies are blue over Florids today because they are clear and blue of SE Michigan also but it is quite chilly out in the 40s. So my friend, have a terrific Tuesday and be well. /Sandy♥

DrSES said...

Greeetings on the winds ladies! Thank you for your words of encouragement and enjoyment of watching D'Vante *(my heart( as he grows up through the blog! Yes, we will soon see him in cap n gown walk across the field he has played some fierce football on along with his friends at Radford High School, we will celebrate him and those there, as they move into the next chapter of their lives and reflect on all the years and moments that seemed to pass too quickly! Thank you both for your prayers and thoughts today! wishing you both all the greatest memories of your own, and hope for this day to be more than you imagine! blessings and all the best as you drink from the fountain of wonder!

Dot/Mom/Great Aunt/Cob said...

Good afternoon to all. Powerful blog, my heart has been full today and some powerful tears have flowed for many reasons. DVante called me today and he has finally gone to pick out his tuxedo for the prom. I have jogged his memory several times to just do it and do it now. When he called and told me all about it, after teasing him a little bit (trying to test him to see if he was listening). I said several times what shade of PINK did you get? He finally got it as I laughed with him. He will wear a white coat, white shirt, cumberbund, black pants, black bow tie and black shoes. He will complement the friend he is taking to the prom, his best friend. After the conversation I have sat and cried my eyes out. Not our little boy, not our dimpled one who when hurts, hurts all over. Not our great debater, he and I both should have been a lawyer or a preacher. What will I do? My heart tells me he will do great in whatever he does, at the same time my heart says you are still our little boy. In other words my heart aches for him and all of the challenges he will have in life. He is a good soul and a kind one. One who loves his little brother, mother and his family. His Godmother along with DLB, mom, grandmaw and of course Auntie Dot loves him with all of their heart. I just cant let go. Thank you Godmom for all of your thoughtful words, I am sure we all are thinking but cant say them as well as you do. Tears, tears, of joy and heartache. Loving those boys.

Anonymous said...

Good lookin boys indeed. No doubt about it Doc, you love um from the bottom of your heart, and it came across loud and clear. I too remember the wild times of our crazy youth. A time when the hippies were all about love and music and pot, lots and lots of pot. Different stuff than is out there now. Kids are experimenting as is the age, but the dangers are greater. Congrats due for the upcoming graduation. What a milestone.

DrSES said...

@Dot/MOM/gReatAunt/Cob: damn u sure do cry a lot woman, I remember when you laughed a lot, howled at the moon, ALOT... yes he is still the dimpled one, the one who when hurt hurts all over and when has his bravado on will peeve you off in a hot second... you two are two peas in a pod...except the crying part that is!!!! hahaha

Letting go is a part of life and living fully, letting go is not giving up or giving in, but in living fully and knowing that one never has to let go, to hold the lvoe and receive it fully... stand up, live it up, and enjoy each breath, each beautiful moment with those boyz and memories...
and stop that crying, you are getting the joint soggy! :)

@ anonymous yes a great milestone in a whole different world here it seems where the temptations are different, the stakes higher than hippie love, a bag of weed and the highs expected.
now the weed is sold as incense and its effects are leaving folks dead at ER's and the effects are destroying brains under names as sponge bob, k2, spice and the likes... gone are the good days where you listened to the Tempations, had a few beers and kicked back with a joint and friends that had your back...
blessings and thanks all for being here as you've watched these boys get ready to fly!!!

let's get this party started with laughter now!!! the tears can come when he stumbles across the stage with swag gone over smiling at the family and forgets where he is amid the hollering!!!

Anonymous said...

Love Love Love the blog but why you make me cry? Kids grown up so fast~ I can’t believe my baby is graduating next month and will begin college. Makes me feel so OLD! I still remember the day at Disney when you put that song on….”Your gonna miss this….your gonna want this back” We kept playing it over & over. You defiantly make us have the best of times and you always remind us how we r gonna miss it!
I too wish we would have put duct tape on him & Kam but guess we gotta let them grow up. Just hate the IDEAL!!
I love you Cuzzie
Counting the days til Cali