Friday, April 13, 2012

HAPPY Lucky Friday the 13th to all!

I know
not a black cat
the closest I have!
Gypsy and her Monkey
are wishing you a great day of goodness
on this
Friday the 13th!
As the 4 leggeds are busy doing their laps around the pool today, Gypsy has that Monkey in her little mouth, and still manages to run like the wind without falling in as she cuts the edges of the pool a bit too close for my likes!
Oh I just love Friday the 13th,
a great day of fun, luck and just overall good feelings seem to happen on this day!
It has started with the little ones waking me, and I do believe they did it just to have me out here to watch them run the NASCAR of dog world
as now they are quiet as can be,
the coffee is great, the light is playing on the trees and spanish moss and I am preparing to get busy here.
The sage is burning as prayers have been sent to all in the prayer bowl and those who have asked.
The week-end is here and I find that many are here in Tarpon Springs are getting ready for Greek Easter!
Last night I was reminded as I listened to some "pre-holiday" fireworks that made all of us jump with wonder if gun shots were being sounded, only to then realize it was the beginning of Greek Easter in Tarpon Springs!
I'm sure we'll be smelling the great foods soon over this weekend from right here!
Traditions, rituals, celebrations
all remind us of so much!
They stem from rich histories
as do superstitions
and those who still sometimes dread walking or waking to a day
called Friday the 13th I think!
Then again, I am reminded of times when we hear stories from our childhood and carry them through our lives only to wonder the "why" of things... the rituals that have been done year in and out.
do you have memories like that?
Things like turning off or lowering the volume on the radio when entering a cemetery?
Seems that was always done from the time I can remember, and I always wondered why in the world would one do that,
wouldn't the person we were coming to see or pay respect to want to hear the joyous refrains of music?
Upon growing up, it occured to me that tradition or ritual had grown through the years from the days of old when there was no radio or cassette or CD in cars!
So as years went by, of course people turned off or down the volumes...
it had become a learned behavior throughout time!
Life is such a magnificent journey,
we can learn so much from the little ones in life; or if we are courageous enough to tap the child that still resides within each of us.
We grow and become so very civilized that we forget the authenticity of children,
the brutal and frank honesty
of children and their simplistic truths.
their ability to play, to wonder, to tell it like it is; with kindness and truth.
To question and expect the truth in return in ways that it is understandable.
They embrace black cats, ladders, puddles, and rain...
They step on cracks and know their mothers backs will still be strong enough to bend to hug them.
Ah but we can learn so much from a child!
They were some of my greatest teachers back in the day, and i still use them as my guides; they are some powerful angels now who still speak to me from the other side
and they are powerful old souls.
So today?
Friday the 13th!
Choose your words wisely, your path is yours, walk it with your head held high, in all that you do!
So then, with all that said,
I'll leave you with this to wrap in your head!

The Creator will take care of Us today,
just like any other day,
so do your part, and set yourself free!
Pay it forward, do a good deed or two, smile at everyone you meet, and just try to say friggatriskaidekaphobia to friends, families, and strangers today!
It will certainly bring a laugh or so many that your sides hurt, or til somethin else happens!

Walk in Beauty,


Irene M said...

" frig " Friday the 13th fear,
WHAT !?!?!?! Nevermind, already been to the pool for my A.M. workout. Got that blood moving, head spining & endorphins jacked up
Ready for the weekend. Doggie races, coffee and sunshine over there, huh Doc? Greek Easter and a nice warm GYRO, yummy, yummy.
Wishes to everyone for a GREAT Sat & Sunday. Friends from Mississippi are here for a few weeks, enjoying our Florida everything. Irene

Anonymous said...

and a Happy Friday the 13th to all !
I was actually laughing out loud, my
three kitties were quite puzzled.. but when I saw the trivia on the fear of the Friday the 13th , believe it or not, I KNEW that already. In the days of junior high we had a super teacher who shared with us all sorts of " do you know" questions.. we each had to find a trivia fact to share and that was my choice.. what fond memories you triggered for me...
I happen to have the day off, and have lots to do, seems to me I have been unacceptably yoo busy these days so today I will do only the most important stuff and then kick back and relax... I'm standing alongside with Firm today,love the attitude and energy she has.. might even try a gyro myself.
Have a wonderful day everyone,enjoy your friday with happiness in your heart no matter what the supersticious have to say..
Thanks Doc for being here, really do appreciate you...
hugging my angels, ♥
sign me, A.

fluff said...

Ahh Dr. Sherry - Happy Friday the 13th to you and all our friends here today. I grew up with a Mom who was very superstitious. Disliked Friday the 13th, would not allow a black cat to cross her path ever - even if it meant walking across the street or around the block - Really! Never opened an umbrella in the house and never ever walked under a ladder and did not allow any of her children to do those things or she would go into a panic. We would chuckle at her because of her superstitions. What a grand and funny lady she was.
So, those 4 leggeds are having a time racing around the pool. That must be great entertainment. Hope they steady those paws in the corners. They sure are cute! I sure have been busy today. Only have 20 minutes to go and my work day is over Yeah!!! Going to get the weekend going. My neighbor is from Greece and just told me a few days ago she is getting ready for the Greek Easter celebration. They do it up big time. Thank you Dr. Sherry for those prayers and for your words. I sure do look forward to stopping by here and seeing what is happening in your corner. Wishing all those who stop by here a very Happy Friday and a grand weekend. Hope you have something fun to do and lots of sunshine to do it in. Good to see Irene and "A" here today. You all take care. I will be off to the shelter soon. A few Meet and Greets with the doggies and 2 planned cat adoptions tonight so we are excited. /Sandy♥