Thursday, April 12, 2012

Papers Galore

Sweet Lovie
Sally the Tax Lady!
Would ya just look at that smile?
But better yet,
would ya just look at her desk
and to think
it spills over to her bookcase,
her chairs around the desk
she knows what each and every paper is and who it belongs to!
Yep, and she still has time for a HUG and that most beautiful smile.
This woman is one of the true treasures in life, with an enthusiasm and love of life that fills my heart.
But oh those papers could just scare a person to pieces as I got a first hand glimpse as I dropped in to hand off some last minute "papers in a bag" for her!
But mostly I stopped in to get my dose of
"Lovie Hug" and that awesome smile right here in the last laps of tax time for them.
Did ya really look at that desk?
I'm thinkin a big ole' chocolate cake is in order to take there this week to her and the staff; maybe decorated with just numbers on top and the sides,
you know just numbers!
sort of like that.
Might give them all a break from the work they are now doing from sun up to beyond the sun setting and I do believe they are working 6 days a week over there now.
Lovie has a quote that she uses all the time,
I would like to share it as it speaks so beautifully:
Live each day, love every moment, expect the best, laugh often, breathe deeply, pray earnestly, keep dreaming, give thanks. Let miracles happen."
Anne Castle - 1999

As we do the end of Tax rush, and folks are getting the last of papers together,
while not fully appreciating small business and the hearts of women like "Lovie" aka
Sally Lindberg,
I had to show and tell you a bit about her!
This beautiful woman loves to help others, has never advertised for business that she used to do sitting around her kitchen table!
It has grown over many years from word of mouth... a woman who stands with beauty, with honor, whose word is her truth and manages a smile through heartaches while having a staff who work and adore her.
She now works in a building and all are in a bustle there yet take time to greet you with a smile by name, and you can see that they love her and their loyalty is evident.
Her walls reflect her clients knowing her and her likes, from art to photographs, to awards given based on her good deeds,
and teddy bears in the lobby (one dressed to imitate her) as she donates bears for children each year!
I think at last count she had purchased more than 35 autographed copies of
Healing Heartaches!
She says she likes to have them there, so that she can gift them to certain clients that she feels may benefit from the words and seems that right before I arrived, she had gifted two!
Ah, who but sweet Lovie, could have a desk like that on the week of April 15
and still manage an authentic smile
for me to capture on film?
Only one with a heart as big as the ocean
and who in tax season while working to help others still finds time to listen to their hearts and reaches up to gift them a copy of
Healing Heartaches as they are leaving!
So for today,
I leave you with the thought that
one woman has made a difference in the lives of many, in a world of numbers
starting at her kitchen table
over a cup of coffee!
Now seeing so many, working so many hours, yet still has time for a hug and a smile, dressed in bright colors, with energy to beat the drum of love.
And oh I am blessed by her and those who work with her as they fill me up with their goodness.
I'm a bit like Lovie's Mother Rustee that she loves who is on the other side though... as she told the stories of accounting and taxes. She said that her beloved Mother would take her hand to her head as though to faint, and exclaim,
"Oh this is giving me a headache"!!!
Yep, I'm alot like her Mom, sweet Rustee,
just the thought of it makes me want to faint, grab my forehead and feign a Gone With the Wind moment
"Ohhhh this is a bit much, I have a headache"!
So I am thankful for Lovie
and this flower
matches her outfit
and that I can relate to much more than
the numbers!

This one is for you
Sure hope all of YOU got those paper bags of numbers, expenses and W-2's/1099's and all that jazz together and where it's spose to be by now!
And, if you already got your goodies back from the IRS, hope you haven't spent it all and now waiting for next year!
I wish you a day of

Walk in Beauty,


Anonymous said...

Greetings Doc. what a great picture you paint with those words. We should all pick people around us and honor them for the blessings they bestow just being them.
Hoping you are feeling better and the green crud is disappeared as the week wanes down.
hugs on the wind friend and bless you for being who you are.

danelle said...

Sherry, I do love th is. So many are silent warriors and often taken for granted especially at this time of year. It isn't "her job" to smile and be full of such grace at this time of year but just to fill out those papers and yet she does smile and reach out to others and "gift" others and shows that there is more to a job than just papers. And while many will see it as her just doing her job, you have shown her in the light she deserves as someone who goes beyond her job to be part of the "community" around her and to pay forward the joy life seems to have given her.
thanks so much for being who you are.

DrSES said...

hello EE blessings to you as I hear that you are not doing so well with new and awful news of your back and still waiting for that darn kidney surgery! Prayers surrounding you out there... and to danelle, thank you for being here and yes, Sally is a woman that is definately one to embrace as she sat around a kitchen table and helped others. Imagine never advertising but having so many look to her for help, council and "loving numbers?"! a lovely lady she is, and a heart filled with gold as she ministers to others and gifts them by not only her presence and talents, but takes the time to listen. blessings to you dear one...

fluff said...

Dr. Sherri, what a special message this morning and special words for Sally aka Lovie ☺. Such a lovely lady with a bright and happy smile. Love the messy desk and the colors. Procrastinated this year like never before but taxes are done. It is so good to hear about such a special lady as Sally always keeping that smile and warm and caring heart going for others. It makes ones day so much nicer to come in contact with a "Sally". Yep, I think her and her team is deserving of a great big chocolate cake with chocolate icing and number decorations all over it along with big colorful smiley faces. They are really stressing this time of year and could use a sweet surprise.

Wishing you and all those who stop by today a wonderful and Blessed day. It is sun shiny here today in SE Michigan but was cold 30s with frost on my car this morning. Warming up the next few days though. I hope it is sun shiny where you are today and you are feeling good. /Sandy♥

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed today's read very much. Lovie gets highest praise from me for doing so much more than her "job'.
I think you have showed us all thru your words the forgotten fact that every person has many roles in life, many times, and all too often, the personal facets of our lives get buried under "papers galore" and the routines of the every day doings hide the humaness and spirit ... it is a pleasure to get to know the true people behind the jobs we do.
Sorry to hear EE is having a tough ride at this time, I am amazed at her strentgh. My prayers are in the wind for health restored quickly.
I also am wishing the spring bug hurries on it's way.. far away.
Procrastination being one of my many strong traits finds me here, tax time stressed out and a bit frustrated to be writing a fat check to Uncle Sam... seems I have already paid my fair share, and Iand know I am not alone . I've been straight out busy with little free timee to visit here.
I think of all our gentle warriors daily, and sure hope that life is treating you well..
off to sleep now, sweet dreams to all !
may the angels bless us all...
sign me, hugging my angels...
take best care ! ♥