Sunday, April 29, 2012

VA TECH... what were you thinking

and the atheletic director
Mr Weaver after meetings behind closed doors with Tom Gabbard in Atheletics last week
fires the basketball coach
with NO notice;
 yes FIRES
a man who has given them 9 years
buillt on faith, trust, family, integrity.
Seth Greenberg, the coach of men's basketball at VA Tech,
blind-sided, fired by the powers that be, behind his back,
"SHAME ON YOU" Mr Weaver and your powers that be...
for treating a man of integrity with such dishonor and disrespect.
Seth Greenberg, loved in the community, by his players, by VA Tech;
the second most winning coach,
FIRED without warning, without thought to what it would do to him, physically, spiritually, emotionally, without regard to the community, to the players, to kids...
What were they thinking?
the sports worlds, the Washington Post, many others are weighing in,
all seem to agree that this move was tasteless and a first in lack of style or class.
"Just When was the last time that someone scheduled a news conference to fire a coach — hollering  it all over social meidia sights to make sure the entire world knew about it — without first bothering to tell the coach being fired?"
 As Coach Seth was interviewing a prospect, attending a luncheo this occured at a fast flash news conference called by Weaver .
A first to be certain on lack of class and a new low standard and speaks volumes for Mr Weaver and unfortunatley for VA TECH
don't ya think?.
He lifted VA TECH
yes, there was still work to be done.
This man deserved better;
one cannot say they base a campus on values of family, of integrity, of principle, of hard work
 and then act this way.
You just cannot go about talking about family, bonds of caring community and then make such a brazen cold blooded calculating move, without it demonstrating who you really are and what you really stand for.
Jim Weaver and Gabbard are now transparent,
both cold and calculating in their latest epiphany
and in the desire to win at all costs, have it both ways,
yet it just may be that they have yet to realize the true cost in community, the sports arena, and the Nation that is watching.
OK, maybe Seth was fiery, was passionate, was not an "aw shucks", "gee golly" sort of guy,
and demanded hard work, setting high standards!
That very passion made him go for it, as did his players.
Yes others were let go, were fired, but they were talked to prior to it happening. Can't take the heat?
What they did was plain out

this move on the part of Weaver and Gabbard;
this sudden throw coach off the bus and run over him move
was just wrong,
it has set a message that will in fact and has
gone beyond Weaver's immediate short term greed, lack of loyalty and disrespect.
He has made his colors now be known over the wild and wonderful world of the cyber community as well.
Karma baby, won't take long for this one Weaver and cronies;
but oh what have you done for the future little Hokies and all those supporters of the Athletic Department NOW?

Wonder if he even considered or has yet some other facts.
No I am NOT stretching here.

These players; some will go on to greatness in the NBA;
many are tremendous players, some are cocky, yes.
did you know that each summer,
under the direction and leadership of
there is a camp for kids there at
a basketball camp that kids get all excited about participating in each year.
One that is led by coach, players of the Hokies show out, they inspire and are with those little kids there as they play basketball; dreams are fulfilled there on that court.
Little Hokies
in the making.
Kids that perhaps work harder in school in order to attend each year, parents that may take on part-time jobs, or grandparents that fund the expense to send kids to that campus for the opporunities to attend that
Hokie Camp for those future
HOkies or VA Tech future students.
focus is taught, determination is shown, compassion and competition are shown to co-exist.
Can you imagine the future without
Hey Mr Weaver
did you factor that in?
Without Seth, there is no freaking camp, did you account for who would have the passion, the compassion, the forsight for your future players to ensure the kids would be able to continue the tradition that Seth set up for the continuation with your hasty decisions on that one?
You want to give them the news ?
To see the disappointment on the faces of your next generation of Hokie Stars
or students there?
Where is the vision/mission

Coach Seth Greenberg and Kamryn
Greenberg has a career record of 383-293 in 22 seasons as a collegiate head coach and a 170-123 record in nine seasons at Virginia Tech. Prior to this season, the Hokies had made five consecutive postseason appearances and had six total postseason appearances during his tenure. As a two-time ACC Coach of the Year, his teams earned first-round byes four times at the ACC Tournament.
Yep, just the man with values, respect, integrity and honor to have someone run over him with a bus, and keep the change.
Imagine for a moment,
Kamryn's face, heart and mind racing to keep up with the news;
"there will be NO camp this year"
Coach Seth is no longer at VA Tech and they said that they don't know if they will have camp again for the kids as it was (his thing). No son, you may never get to see him again, nor benefit from his helping you on the court, I know you are disappointed too.
Maroon Monsoon HOKIES
I'll pray for you
Seth Greenberg
I thank you for all that you've given
VA TECH with passion, fire, compassion and honor.
I thank you for taking the time to teach and reach our kids,
as you stepped up and out
to see the promise of tomorrow with honoring their dreams
while recognizing that dreams are the things that make for the next
Michael Jordon
the next Einstein
and the next VA TECH student
I am so sorry that you have been dishonored in such a horrific way.
I am so sad for our children who now sit with such unexplainable disappointment
as we attempt to explain this.
Shoot the hoops dear ones... you gotta keep the faith while knowing that sometimes things are just wrong...
The firing of a man like
Seth Greenberg
was one of those very wrong things.
and its impact is yet to be completely felt,
but oh how I would love for Mr Weaver to have to look in the eyes of all the kids
who now are hearing the news
of dreams and hopes being dashed
and parents who pay and support
the athletic department of VA TECH
locally and from a distance
including this Godmother
from Florida
who is spreading the word
and thinking beyond the moment.

Prayers goin up today
those of us who wonder where did
April go so quickly;

the players of TECH
the children who are the future of our world, the students preparing to graduate high school and the new chapters of their lives,
the parents who are crying,

Soldier Thomas O'Brien, in Texas 21 years old now fighting Cancer... He is accepting all requests to friend him on facebook, for words of encourgement, of strength, and prayers ... Prayers and thanks to you Soldier O'Brien... YOU are being thought of by so many.

Seth Greenberg and family, Eileen D. and family, Steve and family, Anne, A, Sandy, "EI", Kev, Chris,

Lyle Emerson and his family in Buffalo and little Kendra 3 years old who is fighting Lymphoblastic Leukemia,
Bernice Etsitty and the life of her son, gone too soon GARRETT JOE,
and all the children of all colors
gone tooo soon,
our President and his family
of our United States of America,
those who are serving our Nation and their service animals
and all who have served
and their families,
May the Creator bless you for holding us in your arms to protect our freedoms.
We will remember.
Sherry Reed, Mary Grace, Shirley, DLB, Dot/COB/Mom, Angela, Kamryn Elijah, Ode, Linda McDonald,
Joan & Olivia,
danLrene, Florence, Jenn, Bill, Denise, Ashe, Stuart Jr, Whitney, the Houston family,
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what a joy you are to so many of
SOUTHWEST, thank you for visiting with me,
prayers of continued success and tobacco to your Pueblo uncle!
and for
Christos Fandaros, Thomas Galvin,
John Knudson,

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Anonymous said...

dvakam April 29, 2012 at 9:30 am EditReply

Very sad day in the Hokie nation~~ I too pray for Coach Greenberg & his family. Everyone can not have a great season. You win some you lose some and then you regroup and focus on the next season. It’s not all about winning, it’s about how you play the game.
Kam was and still is very disappointed. He has been attending the camp for 4 years~ He had met friends from all over who came every year and played ball together. Friendships that were built over 1 week and looked forward to seeing again for a year.
He said “Mom what will Coach do now?” “Mom I won’t see my basketball friends again” It is sad that the staff didn’t think about the aftermath. But like I told Kam, the higher ups only want to win. You don’t win, you don’t coach, you don’t play….Sad but very true in all sports.
Thanks to the Godmother, Kam will still have a wonderful summer in Cali, at Michael Jordan’s Flight Camp. He will meet other kids from all over the world. Friendships will be formed and even though Kam may never see those kids again, he had the opportunity to attend his Hero’s camp and hopefully he will play some ball with MJ and it will be a memory that will last a lifetime~~
Hope everyone has a beautiful blessed day~
Love you Cuzzie

Irene M said...

Shameful Sunday, impulse firing, impacts the young camp attendees.
Kam, stomp and stay strong.
Wishing everyone a GREAT Sunday what ever and where ever you do and are. Take care, Irene

Anonymous said...

Really crappy things often happen to really good people at the hands of the greedy and powerful In this case, I hope the karma Bus does pull into town. Really?, a public announcement before the spineless Weaver even speaks with the coach. Can we say, "weenie head"?
Sorry for the kids camp. It's a shame every time a good program, that works is trashed. All the best to Coach Greenberg. His reputation will place him in a better situation quickly. Why do people have to be mean and sneaky, and crappy? Maybe we should promote a new saying... "Pulling a Weaver".
Just sayin.