Friday, April 12, 2013

Cherry Blossoms, New Beginnings and wise wonderings

The cherry Blossoms have peaked in Washington D.C. as I remember times of walking around the city there, the fragrances and beauty enough to fill the senses with such sights and fragrances to last a lifetime of beauty so easy to recall. Here in Florida we hit the 89 degree mark yesterday, and the heat felt grand here, while in other parts of the country I saw photos of snow, rain and heard reports of temperatures in the teens. Weather often reminding me of moods that are witnessed in others UP/Down and all around now seen on maps of the weather or experienced by those who today are either putting on flip flops or buckling up their snow boots thinking enough already... wanting some warmth and good times to return.
Good times, the times of grand laughter and less stress and truths that are told without a second thought, we remember those days and yet these days seem so far away. Just as those aches and pains sneak in when we least expect them it seems many forget to look with their precious eyes, smell with their noses and feel with their hands all that is remarkable in their lives. Some are jaded by the words and actions of others, those that they love, those things they have come to stand for or believe in along the years that somehow have let them down.
There are times we've watched as others work so hard to lift another, to be there when a birds wing is broken, we watch and listen to the comfort and the coaching, and yet at some point when the strength is there and that bird flies we witness the greatest of gifts as we see with our eyes the magic of flight. 
We watch as flowers and bulbs fight against hard ground and finally are able to seek the sun, the light and then just pop through, and find that moment of new beginnings... sometimes against all odds and bloom in the snow and the cold, finding the light anyways.
We all find new beginnings if we put aside those things that hold us back, put away our most fearful or prideful places that keep us from blooming and from recognizing the light within.

With New Beginnings come wonderings, come a time for reckonings, for reasoning and often for apologies of times in darkness. Apologies that include the depth of character to mean it to follow through with it to assure that it is real. With New Beginnings comes light, and promise with faith and hope along with color and joyous noise.
 Often the wise knowing that you do not have to fit in when you were born to stand out with honor, integrity, truth as you walk your path in kindness and connections.

 Walk in Beauty

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