Monday, April 15, 2013

Welcome to your week of possible

It's a new week, a new time, a new day to stand in wonder, or dance on the pavement or in your bed or in your daily steps! It is your week of possible! Just as those two birds would have you to know, it's yours to do with, whether looking someone in the eye with two legs or looking to the side with but one, YOU are possible!

It's yours to decide, so many choices, so many decisions, so much to think and only you can decide which way to go or do. The possibilities are endless and you only you get to choose whether to take the lead or not. Choose well as others may look to you, or may shake their head in wonder.

I hear the snow continues to baffle those in MN, SD, and the chill continues to dismay folks in MI and even CO... yet spring is alive in DC, in VA and here in FL and across much of the country the warmth is finding its way. 

While some are finding their way from the depths of the darkness so are many of those flowers coming from the winter's cold and hard ground, what once was thought of as impossible is now possible once again, with hard fighting and with true grit the fight continues on and an attitude of great gratitude leads folks to hold tight to faith, hope and often charity.  With a song in the heart that sometimes escapes the lips even in grocery stores from someone doing the chores of everyday life, we can see a smile cross the lips and it is mirrored in others, often taking away those otherwise frowns that we may have just had or seen in others.

The possible is always there, the choices are many if we choose to embrace them, to honor them, to remember those who have gone before us and now live not just for self but for so many others as well. We all have work to do, and work is defined differently depending on our attitudes and our heart beats.

Beat your drum, sound your horn, sing your song, YOU are possible, your dreams, your hopes, your path where you plant your feet one step at a time and move through the day with amazing grace.

    Stand in beauty, walk in beauty, find your possible and soar into your day as only you can.
Look for your miracle knowing you are the miracle and you are the creation of the Creator holding all that has been given to do what is yours to do with in grace, in harmony with your brothers and sisters while teaching reaching and demonstrating that which is sacred. Soar with possible

And give great thanks for all that has ever been, all that is, and that which is yet to be. YOU can make ours a better and safer world.

Walk in beauty,


Anonymous said...

wish I had read this earlier today before this horrible tragedy hit us all ..
but the words seem to mean even more now.. let us all embrace HOPE,
kindness and prayer for strength and understanding..
what a vast difference just a few hours can make in so many ways and in so many lives.. be grateful for each moment we breathe, be very grateful..
just sayin'..
prayers out to all angels to help guide us and protect us..
Thanks Doc for all you continue to do each day for all of us..
we are blessed to have each other,
hugging my angels, ♥
sign me, A.

fluff said...

Thank you Dr. Sherry and my friend "A" - My words exactly from my heart. Wish I would have read this earlier before the tragedy we witnessed today. Prayers for the injured and those who lost their lives. Have a peaceful evening friends. /Sandy♥