Saturday, April 13, 2013

On a rant today... We need kindness

The cherry blossoms have peaked in Washington D.C. and a sight to behold they are once again as spring's arrival is now met with the heat. Oh how walking through such beauty evokes such memories of those old stomping grounds. It's just so hard for me to imagine those out in MN and Colorado, North and South Dakota shoveling snow, building snowmen/women and making snow ice cream, while the warmth has found us here on the East coast!  My goodness it is time for the flowers to be blooming and folks to be setting out their gardens and joyous noise of warmth to be sung all over the lands... Isn't it?
Time for the robins to be seen, the birds here are singing their songs and now flying all over the place as the squirrels dance around the trees and just make my little 4 leggeds bark and dance trying to catch them across the screen of the lanai. Oh yes, spring is in the air here as others long for shovels being put away, snow boots retired for flip flops and times to improve.

It is time for good times to return, past time for hatred to take a burial and kindness to return as a valued treasure and norm in our world. Time for us to worry less and stress to decrease in a world where now people have to think twice before attending movies or even shopping at their favorite mall for fear that a lunatic or a person with a knife or a gun thinks it is alright to just walk into a place and let their rage go wild with no care of humanity and less care of consequences knowing justice is slow and insanity pleas are frequent.
It is past time that justice becomes swift, that parents raise their children with the same values that were once instilled long ago and follow up and follow through, yet with modern ways now so known that they also monitor behaviors that are thought of as less than normal along the way. Yes it is time that we put money where it is needed in mental health services while also realizing that once someone is 18 years old you cannot take or make them go to therapy offices unless they are forced after an event or action that is court ordered. Too little too late too often.

Violence that now seems so frequent, so common place so random, yet targeted in educational buildings in work places, in theatres mocking fantasy shows and violence that begets violence and wanna be's that crave that moment of fame, then given solitary to protect them from others who commit crimes.
Perhaps it is the justice system we should be looking at re vamping, the swiftness of justice, the reality of doing the crime = doing the time.

Yes, mental health programs have been severely cut in access in ability to receive help and that is a damn shame, and needs to be fixed. Yes, assault weapons are not necessary for killing a deer, never heard of that happening before, hunters are usually really good shots and cautious about how they shoot and take only what is needed.

Our military use high powered weapons, do not purchase them in gun shows or on the internet.

We have much more than a gun control problem. We have much more than a mental illness problem.

We have a "mans inhumanity to man" epidemic where life is not valued, where respect is not valued, where someone just casually walks into a place of business, of education, of the street and opens fire on innocents and then submissively takes themselves out or allows themselves to be arrested knowing they will receive three hots and a cot.

Yes, I am disgusted... disgusted to think that one human being thinks that they have the right to take the life of another or many others in this world and walk away.

Prayers going up for those in Radford VA who were shot, those who witnessed this idiot that walked in with a shotgun and opened fire there in Christiansburg VA yesterday.
May the Creator send skilled clinicians in to assist with this trauma along with those across our nation who are suffering.

And this woman Feinstein? She thinks that PTSD is a new phenomena  and our warriors are all mentally ill? who in the world put this woman in a position of power anyway?          

Just what we need, another person in power to further damage and discredit our warriors who stand for our freedoms and protect us in our country and while she sleeps in her soft bed and collects her salary.


Walk in beauty,


Anonymous said...

and there is not one idea expressed here that I could rationally disagree with
seems as we are raising a world of children who know violence as a normal part of life, and hence grow to be adults who lack the morality which once defined humanity
I remember as a high school student, way back when, doing a project on on the subject of
"man's inhumanity to man "
I was baffled, needed to do real research, had to look hard to find examples to talk about
but that was in the 70's..
several wars ago, several mass murders ago, days when parents were a part of education, family dinners were a norm, morals were strict, video games of violence were non existence, and all in all . our world was a much simpler and kinder place Actions had consequences
We could leave our cars and homes unlocked ride our bikes all over the neighborhoods , not a care or fear of harm.
yep, I am with you here Doc.
may everyone find sunshine and
happiness on this day .. prayers go out for all who are in need of a bit of kindness .
hugging my angels ♥
sign me, A.

fluff said...

Very sad state our world seems to be in these days. You are so right "A" in the 70s, when we were in school, it was unheard of the fears that children have today while going to school. You never feared going to a movie, a shopping mall, even driving down the road. Not like it is today. You have to remain alert and watchful everywhere you are for fear of something horrible happening and a life lost at the hand of another person without thought or conscious. Very sad times.

Yes, Spring is in the air but it is still cold here in Michigan even though the Robin Red Breasts came in yesterday. Must have been an entire flock in a 3 block area. Very nice to see them. It is still in the high 30s and 40s. Even had snow in a few northern cities this morning. Sunshine and warmth is nearby. I just know it.
Have a peaceful rest of the day. /Sandy♥