Tuesday, April 23, 2013

The sights you will see...

Happy Tuesday to everyone and just everything. Oh the sights we can see when we are open to them as we move about the day of possible are just astounding. First we need to power off the news, stand down from the thoughts that get thrown into the brain and the nervous systems of the social media that infect and affect our way of feeling good about ourselves and the beauty of the world and our communities while embracing compassion and kindness. Too much of the terrible, to much of the speculaton and too much of the nasties can make for a day of doubt and horror that infiltrate the wonder that still lives within and around us.
There are many heroes around us, so much to give thanks for that surround us and our lives so precious that we need to stop and celebrate this moment for it while standing in awe of the Creators amazing grace!

Eaglets will move from the nest and get their footing on limbs while watching the view and preparing to soar, those that are the winged ones along with our youth as they find their wings, find their courage find their voices. Some will leave the nest and many will fall, yet with courage, with love and with strength, they will get up and get going again.  We will watch, we will give them what is needed to take flight again, and we will realize that at some point we have taught them all they need to make those choices as they exercise rights while accepting responsibilities both good and bad.  There comes a time we can no longer protect them, no longer make excuses for them; we have set the foundations and realize it is up to them to build their homes on the foundations laid.
Yes the sights you see can astound you, can leave you in awe can restore your faith and sometimes leave you feeling devastated in the wake or they can leave you breathless at the sight.

 Soar on , notice everything with awe, play as hard as you work, take the time to notice the sights that bring you joy and fill your soul.

Express gratitude, express and show kindness, compassion, faith, love and hope with each step with each beat of the drum. It is the way of our hearts.

Walk in beauty,



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Anonymous said...

and such a great idea to turn our focus on and the media off..
just a quick comment on the fools from Westboro "church" who thought they'd make a hateful and ugly appearance in Boston, at the funeral service of one of the blessed victims..
NOT !! Bravo to the thousand or more Bostonians who fromed a human chain , a wall of protection .. a wall built from their hope, love and kindness to protect a family that has seen more than enough suffering .. the Westboro lunatics were far too intimidated by the wall of humanity that they did not even dare to open the doors of their van ... again, BRAVO !!
this action speaks in high volume of the true spirit of humanity and beauty that may be found all around us ... just sayin'..
Thanks Doc for all you do ~ often your words speak for so many of us , and are expressive of the truth and spirit of human nature...
have a blessed day everyone !
hugging my angels, ♥
sign me, A.