Monday, April 22, 2013

Tips on reclaiming your Inner Strength and paying it forward

Beauty is in our country, in our world, in our homes, within our being. If we just take the time to look within, to look up, look down, look all around and count the many blessings of our lives; while embracing gratitude. During these past months, the last week of terror, of fear, or triggers that led us back to the days of 9/11, of the DC Sniper, of lives gone too soon in a world that at times seems to have gone mad; there is still beauty and inner strength that belongs to each person to claim. To re-claim now more than ever while paying it forward in small and large ways to every living person and thing. It is in these ways that we can re-claim our power, walk through our fears and into our streets and communities feeling stronger, feeling more connected with our heads high and our pride intact. We can offer prayers for the fallen, thoughts for Boston, for Texas, for the many cities and communities devastated by violence and random acts of meanness and cruelty while maintaining our inner strength and dedication to being a part of the solution.
The solution is Unity and walking as one on our Mother Earth while honoring our Ancestors and living our best lives in the here and now of it. If you don't like something ... don't do it. If you have done something to bring shame upon yourself or your family; make it right and follow through with actions so that your words stand for something. If you do not think that things are going right; rather than be disrectful or hateful, right what you can and then leave the rest to addressing who they are wrong with rather than become a part of the ongoing hate campaigns that poison the spirit of others and America herself.
You are the most precious resource you will ever have or find and it is in your light that burns within you that another may find the light they need during times of darkness.
Tips on reclaiming your inner strength begin by becoming more mindful of you, your surroundings, the impact of your thoughts and words.

Sometimes it is hard, these days it is especially hard after times of such horror and tragedy. We need not look far for the goodness though. We need only look to the ones who ran "to" and helped in the face of chaos and terror rather than running away. We only have to remember the survivor who lost both limbs and struggled to come back to a conscious state in order to pen on paper that he had witnessed those responsible and then pick them out of pictures, later allowing himself to be photographed with a "thumbs up" for the world to see a true hero against all odds.

We need only see those who stood fast after running the Marathon, who then ran with warp speed to the hospital and sat for blood to be drawn in their efforts to save lifes with donations.  We only have to think about those who came forward to help to remember that goodness outweighs the bad on even the darkest of days.

We look to Texas where an explosion devastated and killed so many there while others were evacuated and lost their beloved homes in a small community.   We find the goodness in the acts of a man who did not even live there, was off duty and lost his precious life by running into hell trying to save lives there. Another hero of many. We only need to hear that the legend and country music artist Willie Nelson came forward within hours and said, this is my home while letting folks know that the concert he is doing in Texas on April 30 all proceeds will be giving to that fire department that lost 10 and will benefit that town now in shock and grieving so much loss. We only have to look around to see there is still much to believe in, much to celebrate, much to be grateful for as we learn there were plans to do more harm and devastation in Boston with explosives that did not happen.

We must look within and yes at times we must dig deep to find that which gets us moving again and find the courage to pay it forward in as many ways as we can to heighten our kindness to others.

  • Never forget that you are the beginning of all things; take care of you, be gentle with you, stoke the fire within you in order to extend that to others
  • Believe that there is a reason to get up, to smile, to find that child like wonder that exists within all of us and play
  • Be real, authenticity is the only way to keep it real.
  • Limit your exposure to negativity whether on the news, social media or other people
  • Dress in color, look in the mirror and remember that beneath that hair or baldness is a brain that is awaiting your command or directions: Let it know and send the command that YOU are awesome
  • Take every opportunity to improve yourself
  • Take a daily moment to check yourself: "Am I doing/being the best I can be" and then act on the answer
  • Be kind to others, it helps you learn to be kind to you and makes others realize your authenticity and compassion
  • Be lavish with compliments when compliments are due
  • Self-Validate, it is different than bragging
  • Appreciate everything
  • Just because you only have 10 fingers 10 toes, don't stop there when counting your blessings
  • Affirm your qualities and own them: (I am .......................good/gracious/kind/generous)
  • Keep your word/promises
  • Limit yourself to what is reasonable and be proud of your accomplishments
  • Start a journal noting how you are doing, what you are doing for self and others
  • Relax and be patient; things did not get where they are in a day, therefore it will take more than a day to get where you want to go
  • Say thank you for your life (again and again)
  •  Be receptive to compliments when you receive them
  • Listen to music, sing, dance, move
 Embrace buoyancy!
Walk in beauty,


fluff said...

Hello Dr. Sherry and friends. Thank you Dr. Sherry for your words and message of uplifting actions by others when helping those in need. It certainly has been a difficult time for many and we keep them in our prayers. Have a peaceful evening. /Sandy♥

oshkosh said...

This popped up as a memory today. Just wanted to see if I could still make a comment---- as I am still looking for my password. LOL Oshkosh