Wednesday, July 24, 2013

After the Jury speaks, the hate grows, boycotts in FL across the lands

Many have watched, have listened since the beginning in Sanford FL where a kid was walking back home after being in the store. We've heard and heard the media, the many and varied takes on the story, the opinions of so many and now the verdict is in. 
Zimmerman is free. Guilty or free with the end verdict for Zimmerman;
 Trayvon Martin would not get his life back, his potential to grow and become something greater than that moment, the night his life ended by gunshot. Greater than what people projected, greater than the kid that he was and more than the hopes that his parents had for him in a life yet to be lived. It does not matter what I think, what you think, what the media continues to blast or the press thinks. It does not matter the "leaks" from here or there, the cries of those who proclaim themselves men of God in rallies, protests and fueling hatred only to divide people stirred in controversy as more murders are committed daily across our lands.
This boy; Trayvon is dead leaving parents to grieve him, to mourn him and the dreams they had for him in life.  That is the second greatest sadness; their grief delayed by the press, by the trial, by the many people getting in the way of true pain of loss and trauma of sudden loss.

 They have not had time to get "to it", to the work involved in grieving the loss of their son. It has been shock/trauma, lawyers, opinions, press, rallies, thousands of people in their business, and it continues.  The "Stand Your Ground" law has somehow gotten ahead of the bullet that killed this kid.  The focus has shifted from senseless murder to rage/racism/to Stand your Ground to self defense. Now we have Al Sharpton, Jessi Jackson, others involved staging rallies, erupting into riots across the lands from one coast to another... tell me "just how does that help Trayvon or his parents?"
How does that help in working toward building a kinder community, country for the betterment of ALL PEOPLE?

There are bad things happening daily, crimes that are hate filled, that are passion filled, that are mistakes. Make no mistake on this though...
George Zimmerman was NOT supposed to be carrying a gun on his neighborhood watch. It stated that in his papers for watch. Rule 1 broken/violated.  He was told to stay in his car when he saw what he felt was suspicious, or in other words to "stand down". Rule 2 violated, putting him and Trayvon in harms' way.

He was NOT standing his ground as the law expresses, as it was NOT his ground; it was public grounds he was on. He was NOT in his home, not in HIS car, but in pursuit of a stranger who was on his way HOME... and a struggle or "fight" happened...
but what I just can't understand>>> he said that he was "pinned down on his back". Legs arms pinned down. So how in the hell did he get to his weapon and shoot this kid in the heart?  Guess that is one of the many things I will just never understand.

But now we have entertainers who are boycotting as a result of the jury decision, justice has spoken.  We have those rallies, those riots we are hearing about from the media and the press. That alone is enough to make ya wonder.  We will all shake our heads for a long time to come on this as we will wonder how big of a role the media really played in everything that was reported, how much was imprinted on the brains of the jurors, how in the world Zimmerman will ever really be free in the world even with a not guilty verdict as he left the court room.  We have to wonder about so many things now. Safety for our kids, our neighborhood watch *(if we are the watch or the watched)* 

The reality is this; there are millions of Trayvon Martin's in our country; most do not get the news that this case has generated for so long or at all. We find the news clip buried under or behind something by accident, or see it on Facebook posted by someone we barely know.  We hear of those things and think how in the world could such ugliness happen in our world, sordid acts of harm being done, yet seldom hear of what happens to the one responsible.  It crosses all color lines, all faith systems, all ages. From the little ones to the Elders, committed by those of the same race or different races, yet seldom do we hear of the riots, rallies, protests of justice on the steps or hear of it at all. Those daily horrid acts do not get the media attention nor do acts of random kindness.

This was different somehow, this was a kid, a hoodie, a bag of skittles on his way home on a rainy night and a guy on neighborhood watch, in all places >>> Florida<<<.

Now the entertainers are going to boycott us, and their loyal fans I've just learned:
Taken from none other than my beloved Patti Labelle's site this new news. I am so disappointed that she has chosen to stand on the side of furthering the great divide setting us back to the 50's in actions that affect the very fans who have stood by her and so many entertainers for so many years... Perhaps they will reconsider when they consider that.

Florida Boycott..The list of artists that have been reported to join the boycott include Roc Nation's Rihanna and Wale, as well as Kanye, Patti LaBelle, Usher, Mary J. Blige, Trey Songz, R. Kelly, Alicia Keys, Young Jeezy,, Erykah Badu, Frankie Beverly, Parliament, Madonna, Eddie Levert, Rod Stewart and the Rolling Stones.

Reports from a Florida news outlet indicate that the Jay Z and Justin Timberlake's Summer of the Legends tour stop planned for Aug. 16 is still on as scheduled. Rumors have been circulating that the two as well as several of Jay's Roc Nation artists had joined in solidarity with Stevie Wonder's boycott of the Sunshine State.

According to Local 10, an executive affiliated with the tour made the confirmation. The concert, the final date of the tour, is slated to be at the Sun Life Stadium.

Wonder made his boycott announcement at a Canadian music festival, saying that he refuses to play gigs in states where the "Stand Your Ground" law exists as a response to the verdict in George Zimmerman's criminal trial for the death of Trayvon Martin.

Florida, where Martin's tragic death occurred, has been the center of the debate, although more than 20 states have some form of the law.

Jay and Justin did, however, dedicate a rendition of "Forever Young" to Martin during their show last week at Yankee Stadium. The following day, Jay and his wife, Beyoncé, stood by Martin's mother at one of the nationwide rallies held in his honor.
Justice has spoken the jury has ruled on Trayvon Martin. It is time to let the parents, friends and loved ones have time to begin their grief process and work.  It is past time for this Nation to work on healing, on growing, on finding the path toward each other.
 "I refuse to accept the view that mankind is so tragically bound to the starless midnight of racism and war that the bright daybreak of peace and brotherhood can never become a reality.... I believe that unarmed truth and unconditional love will have the final word."  ~Martin Luther King, Jr. ~
What would Martin and John say today?
Walk in beauty

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Anonymous said...

Only you can say it so well Doc. Zimmerman was wrong, another young person is dead, tragically, at the hands of a vigilante.
Press on for a kinder treatment of each other. Look for trouble and you will create it if you can not find it. Maybe we should try to mind our own business and contribute something positive instead of fostering hatred and violence.
I agree none of this has anything to do with "Stand your Ground". Those who think it does are uninformed. Just sayin.