Saturday, July 20, 2013

Change is all around, not pocket change

Change is sometimes
Slow, Sometimes fuzzy, Sometimes Hard

A brilliant beau-tif-ic morning it is!

Results from that "swoosh test of the neck arteries"
Rollin like a River and all GREAT here!
Happy am I!

I tell ya, I believe there is no difference in "De-Caf" and "High Test" in the coffee world! I truly cannot tell any difference at all ~
Still "ramped" up on life, tastes and smells the same to me, so I'm thinking... why have two different kinds anyway?
Just so you can think about "change" maybe, or have a "choice" or make a "change"?
that's it!

Change is the essence of life.
Life changes us whether or not we desire the change, whether or not we cause the change, whether or not we accept the change.
The seasons change
The days and months and years change
Moods change
Tides change
People change
Music and fashion change
Health and wellness change
Attitude and Latitude change

Change may be a brilliant opportunity to grow, cleverly disguised as a struggle or loss. Change may be forced upon us.
 An event in our life, whether welcomed or dreaded brings with it change.
The only real certainty in life is change.

When someone we love dies, our world feels as though it is turned upside down.
Everything is changed.
 Our life changes before our eyes.
 We know that we cannot change this truth.
 We can not go back in time and make the outcome different.
 This is why every fiber of our being rails against acceptance.
We are faced with monumental change.
 It is life’s most difficult struggle.
Knowing all our lives that each of us at some point in time will leave this life has not prepared us.
 The knowledge that no one we love will live forever, does not soften our loss.
Death is why the universe has taught us to grieve.
It is a transition period.
As difficult as it is, we must allow ourselves time to face this change in our lives before we can regain our footing.
Life is not stagnant.
 Know that you can adapt, you will heal, you will grow, you will learn ways to incorporate your loss into your life differently than ever before when you are ready.

Know that change does not always come gently into our lives. As awful as the experience is, we will survive even the change of painful loss.
 Death changes us.

But life changes us too.
 Every life event changes us in some big or small way.
 Though not always welcomed, change is life’s constant companion.

Most change is uncomfortable.
 Because we are all creatures of habit.
 Change makes us stretch ourselves out of our “comfort zone”.
 Sometimes we unconsciously resist even the change we want, simply because we find ourselves in uncharted territory.
In the long run, we shape our lives, and we shape ourselves.
 "The process never ends until we die. And the choices we make are ultimately our responsibility." - Eleanor Roosevelt

Railing against change wastes our energy, stunts our growth. Even welcomed change thrust upon us must be reckoned with.
Lesser changes may even be desired, and still we find that change is often difficult.
 Some changes we embrace wholeheartedly.
 Often we bring about the change we want to see.
 We embrace the change we desire.
This is how it should be.
If we must adapt so often to undesired changes, we must also be ready to celebrate the changes we desire in our lives.
 Yes, this type of change can also feel uncomfortable.
Change brings with it the need to adapt. As with all change, there is a cascading effect. One small shift can set in motion unseen events that follow.

If we are realizing a desirable change, then we should expect some things about the process to surprise us.
Change is inevitable.
 It is possible to embrace change.
 Though we can't change the direction of the wind, we can adjust our sails to reach a desired destination. It just takes desire, and a sincere effort!
 Sometimes, we must surrender what we are in this moment, for what we can become if we allow ourselves purposeful change.
 We must unchain ourselves from the fear of change.
Because life changes us, day by day, moment by moment, is there not good reason to be the agent of this change?

I’ll use again the metaphor of the ship at sea.
Sometimes tossed about in the tempest of terrible storms, sometimes moving gently under still, cloudless skies, the captain at the helm must govern the vessel.
We are each the captain of our own life’s ship.
We must chart our own course, weather each storm, and choose the direction we set sail for.

As the currents, the tides, the weather is ever changing, so are our lives.
 Life is not always easy to navigate successfully, but we must.
 And so, Be mindful of the events in life that change us, bring about the change we desire and act with purpose.
 Create opportunities for change.
 Even pure water left undisturbed stagnates.
Water and life's events are to be respected... the storms can come up from calm seas without much notice ~
Pay attention! YOU are the one to pay closest attention and keep your eye on the horizon ~ trust your gut... and use all your senses
Remember that caterpillar?
Do not allow yourself to be "swayed" by others (even if well intentioned), be respectful by their concern, their suggestions: but you are the master of your ship!
Or for another metaphor:
remember the picture above: that fabulous caterpillar of Tinks' in Palm Harbor, just waiting to join her other butterflies and be amazing?
What a struggle they must go through for that change!
Remember the struggle to free itself from that tight little chrysalis of darkness and into the light?  Now really... talk about change!
C'mon into the light my friends...


Be the change you want to see in yourself!
Know that there will be some/many changes that will occur in which you have no... absolutely no control over during this life.
Change can be that way!
YOU are a warrior, you are a child of the Universe.

Change: will occur, just as the seasons, the tides, the moments and the days...
Whether you are calm, get angry, feel pissed off, hurt dismayed. If you kick, scream, protest or read between the lines of the changing tides looking for shells to pop up, change is happening in around and with us by the second....
Embrace the change and lead the way,
Be the Change you want to see, embrace life with the many changes that you will face in this precious life.

As my friend Tonya sang along with a famous country music star  at a concert with the spirit of her best friend Elke (*who died of Cancer in her 20's) beside her in spirit. Her tears streaming, kicking her feet yet blessed beyond measure she felt it, she has made it her mantra, her life doing through the inspiration of this song knowing that change is all there is to count on.
Don't blink; when spirit moves you to move, get going.
Life is uncertain
go for it!
"Live Like You Were Dying".
Do it your way, your style your time
and you will Love more, Live Large and in Color
during all the many and varied changes that find you.

“We cannot change our past. We can not change the fact that people act in a certain way. We can not change the inevitable. The only thing we can do is play on the one string we have, and that is our attitude.”

Wishing you a slow moving beautiful Saturday
Walk in beauty
author of;
Healing Heartaches
Chronic Pain, Hand In Hand

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Anonymous said...

good morning to all..
I enjoyed today's read about change.
Thank you for a timely reminder to take the time to live in the moment and embrace all of the gifts which are part of our daily life..
I, for one, resist change..
perhaps the idea of stepping out of
my comfort zone is a bit scary to me.
but... having been handed some huge life changes, out of my control and not positive ones .. I have finally realized that there is always some kind of positive that comes with even the most negative .. just gotta work a bit harder to regain your footing ..
Your wise words are always great food for thought DRSES..
warriors we surely are.
S T O M P ~~
embracing my life today..
sign me, ♥