Monday, July 15, 2013

Beauty fun, color, awe,... striking Beauty

THIS is how it's been.... me in the middle, a dog on my head, one at my feet and my bookends in my bed.... usually an arm under each kids' head as we sleep through the night.... or... arm around each kids' waist, holding hands on our backs, watching DISNEY until all hours.LOVE, are you feelin it! yep just like that for nights on end, me and my snuggler's the bookends.... now down to one who I found on the couch this morning! Seems she prefered late night TV to the Nana and I didn't sleep a wink missing my bookends now that Kamryn has returned to the boredom of routine of home as he called sounding quite pitiful last night missing me and the thrill of Florida... Olivia I have yet to find out why she did not occupy the bed with the Nana but suspect a movie might have captured her until she zonked out on the couch... as I felt so very alone and free to stretch for the first time in weeks here after a day of the Dale Chihuly Art Museum with her in St. Petersburg FL where we came close to destroying art as we struck a pose for a picture! YIKES

We do believe in togetherness and Reece's cups at midnight in bed though!

Heaven help ya in the midst of such beauty if you need to get up... noting they are rather dead sleepers and bed hogs along with the 4 leggeds who do snore contrary to popular belief as there is also the often "will you give me your arm...." along with the wake up sound of "Oh, I just wanted to tell ya I LOVE YOU are you asleep?"

Yes, beauty and giggles, laughter, education, awe are all a part of each hour of the day with these guys .... to be fair, we must add a bit of jealousy that sometimes appears from seemingly nowhere as if sprinkled by dust lasting for either moments or longer, then vanishing into the air. It is quite an education.

Some things are just funny, some entertaining, refreshing as you see an 11 year old boy, a new 13 year old girl who for the first time since 2 and 3 spend time together as they get to know one another.  Their conversations blossom when adults disappear, or one goes off to another room leaving them to their own. They discuss the Zimmerman trial, politics, Obama and the love of Disney. They love water, WATER, the gulf of Mexico.... Olivia roots for Kamryn on the court as if she understands the game of basketball and is rooting for her brother with such enthusiasm and love that it is amazing as she watches with intensity. She is laid back like her Nana, easy as a summer breeze. Kamryn likes action, movement, entertainment "doing" vs. being.

Fun, sun, awe... laughter.

He hated leaving, his sadness broke my heart by phone last night.

Yesterday, DLB, Olivia and I were in awe... Dale Chihuly I want that man to create here on the Lanai some of the things we saw, felt and were so moved by as we walked slowly through the museum of yesterday... Olivia and I even lay in the floor to look up at the angles of art/glass in stunned amazement of such detailed glass beauty.  We wanted to learn to blow glass.

Our eyes brain spirits were on overload!!!

Then the canoe, sitting in the dark, on what appeared to be water... all filled with blown glass, the colors the depth, the intensity of color. oh my goodness we were breathless. Trying to take the photos of just the right angles, the color, the "feeling". 

The three of us were just amazed by it all, each step took us away, gave us so much to talk about, to look at through different eyes, to wonder about.

It was a beauty filled day, a day of inspiration that brought us home to talk and talk of glass blowing, sculptures, inspiration and art.  Chihuly is a remarkable man, his gardens and use of glass left us breathless, enjoy the beauty here for a sampling of glass, the colors the wonder....

 May your imagination take you where ever your courage will lead today....

Walk in beauty

feelin it

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fluff said...

Such lovely photos of the blown glass, colors and unique objects that leave the imagination breathless. I saw the video you posted also. Just beautiful. I know Kamryn enjoyed his time there and is missing Florida and family. I hope Olivia still has some days left to spend there. The wonders of children is just awesome. Thank you for sharing Dr. Sherry. Have a wonderful day. /Sandy♥