Thursday, July 11, 2013

Lessons From Kids

Beautiful morning after last nights thunder/lightning!
Coffee quiet as all are sleeping here,
even the 4 leggeds are sleeping!
Last evening we were treated to Chef Kamryn wanting to show his skills of "fried eggs in the kitchen" order IN! Olivia wanting to fix up MacNCheese her way... The kitchen was busy prior to MasterChef after a day of the kids emptying the panty, scouring the flours and then alphabetizing the soups and canned goods between swims!  Fun times roll on...  Kam got inspired when he found an apron in one of the cabinets, putting it on and exclaiming, "Welcome to Hells Kitchen"!

Let the good times roll; who wants a fried egg he announced... Olivia was busy making sure the pantry was just so as DLB was due in and we wanted to make all just right as they showed off their hard work, with the same announcement to her as she came through the door; "Welcome home, and welcome to Hell's Kitchen" flipping open the pantry doors I thought she might just fall in the floor!
The kids announced she is banned from further purchases of corn/tomato sauce and soup... as we almost ran out of room for them! Too funny as they tried to teach her the alphabet in finding things there.

We did have a bit too much cake icing the kids noticed, so being the fly Godmother "Lightning" Nana, I figured out a plan...
They took turns with the can that didn't fit in the pantry, it worked quite well. GONE. more room in the pantry. Lessons from kids are very instrumental. "lesson: LET"S EAT IT". Ok I say!

Kids like to "hang loose", "be free" in thought and expression. They do not like talking on the telephone preferring to use one word answers "good/fine/ok".  Kids can flip like a dime from one extreme to the other for no apparent reason rather like adults in that way at times, and seem to never tire of the Disney channel when not doing things that are fun filled.  Kids love to snuggle ....  a 54" couch is quite big and sure looks inviting;  with two kids... having to sit in the middle close to the right, having one on each side leaning into your shoulders with all their might squishing you for hours on end, one Gypsy on the top and a Jeepers on the arm part.  The water was fine after we trimmed those dastardly oak sprouts trying to come back from a stump in the yard yesterday, hot hot hot it was. We then ran like mad to the pool for the splash.  Where we settled for the remainder of the day, until the time to tackle the kitchen while Dot/Mom/Cob took to the floors after showing off her mad skills of balancing a rubber duck on her head walking across the pool, up the steps around the lanai... 
Lessons learned from watching the kids... It's all about balance.

Kamryn's visit to my wild dentist Dr. Chamberlain discovered he is talking and eating with 10 baby teeth still lodged in his head... Not good the good dentist says. The good news is no cavities, no plague, good brushing and flossing the dentist says... Kamryn smiled the best smile at that. No wonder, the dentist was PLAYED BIG TIME... FLossing? I have never seen this kid floss in my life. 10 baby teeth? Guess I need to tie a rope to them and drag him behind the boat as they need to come out quick so the permanent teeth can drop.... I let Dr Chamberlain know I do believe that when not brushing the real way he does it with Reeces' cups and glow worms. To my dismay he winks at Kamryn letting him kmow he has done that himself from time to time! Next up when he returns to VA is an orthodontist to pull those babies and get this show on the road so he can get his braces on... as we hear Olivia talk about lovin her dentist.  who in the world loves a dentist? geez.

Meanwhile last night, DLB entertained the kids with stories of her high school years and as I watched and listened ... they were just enthralled, entertained filled with questions. It was magical... Lessons learned>>> talk to the kids, involve them, engage them... should of seen them when she told them about a car with the hole in the passenger floor board that kids used to lean down to sharpen pencils on the way to school! Now that had them bent over laughing about.... 
REally? Seriously? A camero with a hole in the floor board? A car with football slogans painted all over it? oMG.... 

The things you learn.... the fun you have when you unplug the world and plug in to the moments shared, no judgment, no bias, just fun.

Maybe we'll have ice cream for breakfast... oh wait they won't get up til lunch...

How did it get to be so late in this vacation so soon... slow down time, we're still having fun.

 The 4 leggeds are having so much lovin they just don't know what to do with themselves... kisses, hugs, dances round the pool.  thank goodness for sleep it gives all a chance to be still. Let's see... between fun today maybe we will take all the glass down from high shelves and wash it, kids like a sense of helping when you ask them too, it gives them a sense of pride.
That was some meal last night; first course; fried egg perfect and toast by Chef Kam. Second course mac n cheese by Olivia Chef.
Olivia then taught Kam to make scrambled eggs her style; he made them;  he ate 3 of them and toast saying they were "awesome".

Chef Olivia Mac n Cheese so good, Kamryn asked her to make another pot; then he proceeded to eat three bowls!!! They were in the pantry under "M" where there is a surplus we discovered.

Good lookin pantry; we sent a photo to Joan whose favorite thing is organzing... (sik) it passed the Joan test. Olivia and I just shook our heads at that one with relief we passed the Mama standard of pantry organizing. Yay kids.
DLB so impressed she just stood and gazed at it.  What a day, just what a day, with music blaring and things in the floor, on the table.

Oh my I should rent them out I thought as they sat in the middle of the kitchen trying to match lids to containers of all the tupperware in the house like pieces of puzzles. The delight of being able to "trash" that which did not fit made them both giddy! If I had them another week we could empty the garage I sit here thinking... lovin that idea!

Let them have icing and a spoon they will laugh, they will dance they will be oh so happy to help!  When they think you are not looking they will stand to watch T.V., when adults are not present they will hold great conversations with EACH OTHER ... with no restraint....  

It is rather remarkable as I've listened to both Kamryn and Olivia talk to their Mom's daily. They do not tell of the great moments or things being done. They give one word answers sounding as though they are tired or bored.  In many ways I feel bad for Angie and Joan... I'm usually the one on the other end of that phone hearing "good/fine/ok/yea/no/good/ha/ok/yep/nope/I'm just tired/love ya/bye".  It has to be hurtful to both of them on the other end as they miss them, but want to share in the memories being made by hearing enthusiasm in their voices and share in the time here with them.  I truly don't understand it. Both are able and capable of speaking, know how to use words... I don't get it.  It has quite frankly hurt my feelings in the past and Pis*ed me off before.  I've talked to both of them in detail about sharing their days, their experiences by phone. hmmm. what is that about?

then again, I'm not a fan of the phone, but maybe with kids they don't get it, or is it just laziness, or that they are in the moment? whew it is frustrating i'll give ya that one!
Poor Joan, Poor Angie... trust me, this they are sure having good times. I'll just keep em here and send u smoke signals.

Life is sure a great adventure as we embrace these times of great times making sure that the kids have the best of times making the greatest of memories here.

Now then; how is everyone out there in the world ... I hope life is treating you well, that you are finding joys in and under places and things that give you goose bumps and great feelings from within as the sun finds its way to you... as I learn lessons from kids.. share great times here and leave you with the great philosopher Dr. Seuss for your day!

Walk in beauty


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fluff said...

Great words today Dr. Sherry. So good to see the photos also. They sure are good looking youngsters and growing up so quick. It makes one feel younger to be with them but they can wear you out quick trying to keep up. They are creative, fun, loveable and a joy to ones heart. Also, those furry friends are grand to spend time with. I am fostering two six week old kittens at this time. They sure are busy and so very sweet.

Well, hope everyone had a wonderous and sparkling day. Take care friends. /Sandy♥