Friday, September 13, 2013

Friday the 13th...

Happy Friday the 13th from the tribe here... Jeepers is day two post op from his three surgeries in one day for a torn ACL in that little knee... of all days, surgery on 9/11 that is written on the bandage now in neon pink he is in a drug daze and when not asleep stares at who knows what until that little head drops to sleep again or pain wakes him.  It is just awful I have to tell ya, when a kid is sick, or a 4 leggged... Often hard to discern their pain or meet their needs, yet they manage to let you know their pain with the cries or looks. They manage to forget they cannot do when certain stimuli get them into an action and then drop them in a hot second from pain as you watch helplessly but feel tremendously. Once again humor comes to the rescue over and again and oh how I am glad for that. Friends holler at you, offer support while you move through the day and into the night watching, shooting morphine in your eye when it all goes to hell in a hand basket in a hot second. Note to self: wear your glasses and hold the little bottle steady... Note to others, that stuff tastes like crap and it will take away the pain in your eye quickly once you are able to see again.

We managed to once again get through 9/11 with tributes, with honoring with remembering the nearly 3,000 lives that were lost, the loved ones, the families that stood arm in arm reflecting and feeling as though it was only yesterday the world stood still. We all noticed the flags in our communities that were lowered, we paused as one Nation, united in pain, in resiliency together once again as we remembered. One million bikers rode through D.C., men, women, Veterans as they too remembered, as they let the world know we will never forget. I still cannot imagine the sound, the sight, the peaceful thunder heard, the reverence.
They also made a loud statement to the permit granted to those who gathered for a one million Muslim march that day where 25 gathered to protest.  They served notice if you will, that this is America, the land of the free because of the brave, because of those who have served, are serving. They made a strong statement in that ride, but it is my hope that the primary purpose of that ride was in remembering 9/11. It was a ride of Patriots on a day we now call Patriot Day.

 The flags now returned to the top of the poles, riders now headed back if not already home... We are now at Friday, time for a weekend a time to for kickstands down to rest, to restore, to enjoy self, family, friends... A time to enjoy the light that is now changing and the weather that is also in the midst of changing as well. It is that time to soak it in and soak it up doing what feels great and feels best to you. Listen to what fills you up, not what drains you... do what gives you that all over great feeling, not takes precious energy from you... Be all that you are nothing less.

Cherish each moment as though it is the only moment... Use those three questions to lead to the day,
Is it really true before you pass it on?
Is it going to make someone feel good to know it, before you share it?
Will it make you and them better for having heard it?

Go forward into your weekend with gladness.

thank you for your thoughts for little Jeepers and for my tribe here.

Blessings on this the 13th day of September... 

Walk in beauty


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Dot/Mom/Cob said...

Friday the 13th. no black cats, no walking under the ladder. Precious thoughts to Jeepers. He is a fighter and will soon be joining the parade around the pool with the others barking and barking. I hope they are holding up good knowing their brother is suffering. He looks so sad and droopy. I hope you all are getting some rest. My heart aches for him and for you. Yes, the flags have gone back up lets just hope the country will not forget the 3,000 people who left us so soon. Lets hope we will all join together and support the USA. We need to join together thru the good times and the bad times. Blessings to all especially our troops and their families.