Monday, September 30, 2013

The Wild of Monday

It's time to rock n roll into the week, dance on top of the desk, the car, or if you must on your bed... time to let the good times roll if you will with wild imaginations and move the thoughts into action in good or bad ways...

As I read the morning emails I sat letting my imagination roll as Dot/Mom/Cob described her weekend findings: A ground hog at the river in VA that walked toward her with attitude. She shot, she missed. It moved in under the cabin. I cried.  Only later to return home to the smell of "skunk" infiltrating her home, the wild kingdom now following her as I imagined her shooting holes in the floor there on a rampage. I cried again, thinking perhaps I bruised a rib and read on. Doors open, windows open, she then had visions of babies under the house, a community of skunks while groundhogs were having a party at the river in her absence... what is next in VA, bears perhaps or maybe just Kamryn on a sugar overload?

 Hello Monday, you sure do look good to me! Sun shining, final proofing of Down The Hallway slow but sure, line by line, word by word... as visions of skunks, groundhogs Mom with a gun now stomping through her home trying to scare the critters off go bouncing through my mind. Only to see through the tears of laughter as the day goes full tilt and zooms by here at the end of September the last day of this fast paced month.

Hard to imagine tomorrow begins October in all her glory, but what a day to end on, only to finish that email, jump on facebook reading my buddy Ken Hess is eating Liver n Onions... Enough to flip the stomach if ever their was something so early in the day after such a read. I'm sure if he or Joe Graff lived in VA they would slay the ground hog and stew up the skunk just cos' they are that good!

But for now, Dot/Mom/Cob is left with Kamryn and chocolate, with foot stomping and music, and heaven help us her gun.  She is by now in the pool at the YMCA or volunteering at the Nursing Home weaving great stories to those she volunteers with, and hatching a plan! Perhaps she will sneak the residents out for the day and go on a groundhog hunt, or a skunk search... Wild times in the little town with an escort by the Sheriff lights and sirens to boot!
I can see it now.

The town will toast her, will proclaim the day with her being the SKUNK slayer. they will not have to wait for groundhog day to announce spring as she will be standing on the streets with the dead groundhog in hand! Maybe the whole community can get involved in this and celebrate! Even the local church can put up a sign like the one I found here...

And in other news today... oh wait, that  news bad or is scary stuff, this is much funnier, let's just stay with this! Start the week of right, with laughter, with humor, with imagination and move from there.

Yep, that's all I have to say about that.

Somewhere something awful has happened, something bad is happening... and for that we all offer up hope, prayers and thoughts of healing.

For those serving our great Nation, we support and we offer gratitude.

Walk in beauty,



fluff said...

Hi Dr. Sherry, imagining Dot Mom Cob shooting the ground hog and missing. You know he called out his skunky friends to invade the unders of her house and stink up a storm. Her and Kamryn will have to do some mighty stomping to scare they back out from under the floor boards. Heh Heh - too funny. Well, Happy Monday to you all. Hope it is fine one for you. Take care friends and thank you Dr. Sherry for the chuckles this morning. Dot Mom Cob, be careful with that there gun and watch out for the white stripes waiting just beside the porch and the ground hog family on guard watching for you to come home. You will need a couple gallons of mater juice to get the stink off you then. LOL /Sandy♥

Dot/Mom/Cob said...

Ok, so now I am not only famous for my lovely hands on the front of the Healing Heartaches book by Dr. SES I am famous for my groundhog and skunk. I took remedies for each of them from my aerobatic class. The first being moth balls scattered around your house and porch, this is for the skunks. I think it worked for the porch after I found some little dookey balls on my painting equipment. I called my neighbor and ask what skunk stuff looked like and she explained so that meant the skunk was on the porch. The aerobatic class shared some different stuff for me to use. Sprinkle Clorox all around the yard. Ok, so now I have moth balls and clorox around the yard. I go out often to see if any of the moth balls have moved. No they are in the same place. I still smell the clorox. Now back to the ground hog. I was advised to set a trap and put grape kool aid powder form in the trap. Kool aid still in the trap, no ground hog. The next solution is to get drano and pour down in the hole and they will get it on their feet and wipe it in their mouth and then die. Dont have anyone to crawl up under the deck and put it in the hole. That ground hog looked at me while I was standing on the porch, I shot, dont know where the shot landed as I closed my eyes. He ran right straight for me and under the porch it went. Oh well, I must take some lessons on shooting the gun. I will let you know which one I get. I just hope I dont go to the cabin and it will be laying on my bed. Dont want to come home and see the skunk and its babies in my bed. Happy days are here again.

Anonymous said...

well now, I was just fixin to roll my lazy self off this bed, and got to thinkin I might check to see what's goin on down yonder where the skunks and grounghogs hang out..
yeppers, I knew it !! I'mma thinkin somebod'ys dear ole' grannie better spirit talk some shooting' lessons inside up of MOM?DOT/COB head ~ and mighty quick too ~ sure enuff don't wanna be hearin' stories of feet blown off, or some bullet gone crazy ~ I'd be much more assured to hear that everyone, including those stinky skunks and river critters are all snuggled up fast asleep~
thanks there Doc, for some giggles and a fressh perspective on this monday afternoon ~ been fighting the first round of the flu bug here, gotta love those northern germs sneaking' down on us ~
maybe I can borrow DOT/COB's shootimg apparatus for a hot second~
for sure, prayers are up for all ~ those who are in need and those of us who don't know it yet ~
keeping the television and the media off, no bad news for me, just rather enjoy a belly laugh amoung warriors ~ Thanks y'all.
looking' forward to ' down the hallway ' ~
blessings and butterflies in the breezes~ STOMP !
sign me, A.

oshkosh said...

DOT/MOM/COB----Aka----ANNIE OAKLEY!!! Also known as the Mouse Whisperer!!! I remember when you told us about her throwing that box of Kleenex at that mouse in her car!!!! Thanks for the chuckles---- and blessings to ALL.

Anonymous said...

too hilarious. yup..start the day with a bang.