Friday, September 27, 2013

Friday, this day in September

Just for Today:

Just for today I will mirror joy to all I see.
Today I will offer a warm smile and a kind word to everyone I encounter.
 On this day, in this moment I will have a humble, grateful heart.
Just for today, I will remember all who love me, and make the time to drop a card, make a phone call or wrap them in a hug; here and in the spirit world.

Today, I will think only positive thoughts. I will wear a smile on my face. I have so much to smile about ~

 This day I will radiate well being.

Today will be the best day ever because I will not allow it to be less.
This day will hold some magic; oh, my who am I kidding; this day is all about magic! 
I will make the time for special moments and celebrate life in big and small ways, in all ways.

Today I will remember all the gifts the Universe have given me.
Today, I will give my gifts, my talents freely to make the world sparkle like a holiday.

 Just for today, I will put aside worry, sorrow, concerns and worn out attitudes.

On this day I will be my best self all day, every single moment.

Today will not be wasted.
Today is indeed the first day of the rest of my life.
 I embrace all the possibilities that this day offers; and the possibilities are endless.

I await the rising sun with a full heart, a purposeful intention to be glad that I am creating a day worth living ~

And for this I give thanks ~ and so it is!

Wado ~ to all my relations and to you
Have a blessed, remarkable day. May your week-end get started with "Today"...

The fire is burning brightly with thoughts on the wind of hope in healing ways, love on each breeze that finds you... STOMP and know that you are all that you need to be ... and you are thought of fondly ~

Walk In Beauty,


oshkosh said...

I have always loved this picture!! Thanks for the reminder of making these words an everyday practice and attitude. Blessings to ALL.

fluff said...

Beautiful picture of you and your Grandma. Thank you for the inspiring words today. Take care. /Sandy♥