Monday, September 23, 2013

Monday's Thought to get your motor running

Monday morning... that day where most say, "oh no not you again so soon", and a few are so excited that they Dance on the tops of their cars and the tables just giddy with the thoughts of another Monday (Joe Graff comes to mind out in INDIANA)...

Fall has made its official debut as Wounded Knee in South Dakota has weighed in with the first frost, folks are saying they are debating that furnace, wondering if they should bundle up or turn it on for the first time as the temps dip down and chills are being felt. The sun is rising a bit later, the dark falling sooner, change is in the air... as are the feelings, the moods of others it seems.  The big Fruit Moon pulled on emotions, tides once again as the night sky was bright and beautiful.

The first thing I saw today was the above picture on "Do No Harm" and I had my first laugh as I thought about it... realizing that many of us live by that in our professions. Do No Harm. It spills over into our very lives in how we live the way we walk, the essence of our lives. We often forget our own boundaries in the process of taking a stand of saying balancing doing no harm with hearing enough or too much... or taking too much on or taking shit.

Life is funny that way... Do No Harm, but take no shit. As I thought more about that sign, I remembered back in the day of hospitals, ER's and talk behind the big trash receptacles with staff about that very thing.  Talks with families who had enough but did not want to do harm, yet did not have the language nor the courage to stand up to another in stating what needed to be said for fear of hurting another. When feelings get involved it is hard to make points without emotions. When conversations are tempered for fear of reactions the essence of the conversation at times get lost.  It happens in the work place, with patients, clients, families and friends. Miscommunications, taking on the pain angst, emotions of another while losing the point that was intended...

Life is too short ... for complications.

Today's inspiration 
>>> Do what makes you smile, makes you happy, makes you laugh <<<

Do that often.

The good news is;
Monday is here, fall is in the air the leaves on the East Coast are showing their most remarkable colors up North... Change is in the air as I sit realizing I use run on sentences... Use the word "and" far to many times ... The final proof of Down The Hallway is underway. It may take a bit longer than I first thought as I find I am an "and and and " long long winded sentence sayer and just keep it going until you will be out of breath needing oxygen before you find the period, until you see someone walk into my office and then gasp wondering who it is as Charmaine was due, but then and ...

So you see... I have some cleaning up of my sentences now to do!!!! 

However, I have my head in the game, or in the revisions, edits rather AND I am in it, on it and doing it!

Hang in there folks, stay tuned...

Do your thing, as others watch in amazement your mad crazy skills wherever you are, whatever you are doing!
YOU were born to stand out...

Have an outstanding week

Walk in beauty,


oshkosh said...

Good thoughts as ALWAYS. One thought in particular was good for me to read. THANK YOU !!!!


fluff said...

Good Morning Dr. Sherry and friends. I am a day late but still wanted to say hello on this last Tuesday of September. Where or where did summer go? I am still looking for March LOL. Anyway, thank you for your worrd Dr. Sherry and wisthing everyone a wonderful day today.