Monday, September 16, 2013

When you are on your back... look UP, then >get up

The view is rather interesting when you are  close to the bottom... you see all the latest fashion of 'sneaks' being worn... You marvel at the folks wearing "flip-flops" walking great distances doing long walks... and talk about their feet that must be on fire from the walking! But oh what a view sometimes when we are on our backs if we just look around! Sometimes the fun, the colors, the view if we only look UP! Sometimes we can take great shots lookin' up from being on our backs!

Patches and Gypsy are on a tear this morning, around the pool, cutting those edges mighty close I'm thinkin as me and my coffee enjoy each other. Sure would hate to interrupt my coffee to save a little pom this morning.
Jeepers on the other hand is in his condo, I'm sure dreading what is to come today as the bandage on his little knee/leg come off. I know I am dreading it, as now it will be exposed and oh how I hope he does not get cocky trying to use it to walk, or gnaw on. He continues to turn up his nose at food, using his eyes to let us know of the pain, and his desires, now that can keep a human guessing and close to the ground from time to time.
Well at least when you hit rock bottom, you know you can either stay there, or STAND UP...
Kinda like that dead end street I'm thinkin.
Revise your thinking; a dead end street is just a place to turn around!
Still think they should change those signs:
We need a switch like that in our brains...
we can command our brains to use that switch!
When you control your thoughts, your feelings and you don't like the way they or someone makes you think, feel or act or re-act

When you hit rock bottom, there’s only two ways to go,
straight up, or sideways!

Wynonna Judd says it best in her song:
 "Rock Bottom."
A dead end street IS just a place to turn around.
As she sings, with such gusto, the good news is:
when you get down to nothing, you got nothing to lose
(except perhaps those who love you, the faithful four-legged who adores you, the mood of the day, the sun shining in your heart, your humor, your thirst for life, your .... you get the idea).

I love that song!
When all else fails, attitude IS everything.
 Rock Bottom ain’t no place to be.
 "When the sky is the limit up on easy street,
              ROCK BOTTOM AIN'T NO PLACE TO BE!!!"

There are days when at every turn of the bend we can feel thwarted.
It can feel like the universe has entered a conspiracy to land us flat on our face or heavily on our butts.
Guess what?
It is not bad karma catching up with us
. It is not a kid or your four-legged or spouse or your boss:
 out to get YOU
treat you badly or make you feel like crap or angry
 with his/her antics of silliness or rudeness or meanness,
or someone peeing in your Wheaties
to ruin your mood, your day or YOUR LIFE.

 And no, in the next life we will not be assigned to turn the hand crank on the Queen Many to atone for past mistakes.

It is only this moment in time that is out of whack
YOU are out of whack in that moment in time.
Hang in there, This too shall pass.
Not all days will be like this.
 Keep your head up.
The road maybe bumpy today.
Pull out that birth certificate of yours... no where, I mean no where on it does it say: Life will be fair, no where does it say you will always like what others do say or act!
YOU cannot control the actions, words or deeds of others,
YOU can control YOU...
Rock Bottom ain't no place to be!

Forgive and forget YOURSELF and others... Humans do human things... SH** happens as they say in the real world... STAND UP and get over it, live a life you can be proud of ...

Ever find yourself stuck in a moment like that.

Take heart, shake it off.

 Keep some perspective, OK it may take a lot of perspective!

Step back and know that as awful as it feels, we do have the capacity to change the moment.
Or, we might choose to just ride it out. BUT know, in the riding of "it" we may run over someone or some things that we later regret... we may get ourselves so worked up along the ride that later we misconstrue why in the world we took the ride in the first place ~ Damn those choices sometimes!

Let the chips fall.
Honor YOUR resiliency.
In the light of tomorrow the sun will return. I hope we are here to see it, and that those we love are as well.

Even when our worst fear comes to pass, it comes, it eventually passes.

Keep in mind that we are not addressing every instance in life, just the constellations of cluster troubles.

You know, those Murphy’s Law days that slap us silly.

When all that can go wrong, does?
 Just let it play out. It will play itself out one way or the other!
 Tomorrow when this brief crises passes you will be able to look back and laugh at the entire exercise in futility that grappling with that moment in time was.
What has folks all "jacked up" today will not be remembered or even thought of by anyone a few hours later... so why get your butter in a flutter? I'm thinkin...
Feelin me here?
As catastrophic as the moment seemed, as promised, it passed. Let the laughter begin.
I mean really really laugh! If you allow and choose to let the "rock bottom" moment take over those great and wonderful experiences... well "Shame on YOU" what a stupid choice you will be making!

Most of the time, I can just step back and just let the proverbial hand cart carry it south, much further south than Florida.

Grab a seat on the roller-coaster that we call life and hang on. These small setbacks are just that; small setbacks. 
Did I mention that I can't stand rollercoasters??? So rather than the rollercoaster ... for me I just stay in my "no pressure zone" works great for me!

At the “end of your rope”?
Tie a knot and hang on tight.
I can say with absolute certainty that this is just one more opportunity to climb back to the top. Try to take the time to notice all the lovely and interesting things on your way to the top, meet new folks.... you might need them next time the fall starts ~
 We have all “been there and done that”.
Stay focused on the good stuff.And my friends there is some absolutely "sick" and "wicked stuff" to focus on!

 Give no power to the everyday junk when it is scattered in your path. See it for what it is and move on.

It’s all about attitude!
Attitude is everything. Live BIG! Practice positive thinking. Just go on and slap yourself silly when a less than positive thought enters your head!
Pinch yourself til you bruise if you even utter a negative word out loud ~
You are worth it and those that love you will be healthier and happier because of it.

STAND UP, STOMP, rush into your day with gratitude and gladness.... when you find your butt on the ground and feeling out of sorts... be sure and notice the wonderment from that angle before you choose to STAND UP! Amazing sights to see while you are down there, but that concrete is hard baby, real hard.... I choose to STAND, to embrace life with all its idiosyncrasies, all its moods, colors, thunder/lightning and rainbows ~

What's new with you today? Of course we all want to know.... 

Walk in beauty,


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