Friday, January 17, 2014

Betty White is 92 years young!

Get the Vodka, get the party hats, get the humor train cranked up... It's Betty White's birthday, and oh how I bet there will be some fine wine and celebrations to honor a legend! I can almost hear the laughter, the wit, the remarkable stories of a life that continues wide open and good times that override the many losses and heartaches that she has worked and walked through. Betty White, a woman that is adored and now has so many young fans it is astounding.

The one and only Betty White... still rocking it after all these years, a woman will tell you her thoughts in a hot second while also standing on issues that others are too afraid or too unwilling to take a stand for.  She has been seen and heard with her fantastic self on photographs with quotes that leave you doubled up with a double dose of reality. She cares not who sleeps with who, who has this or that. A woman who has paid her dues and keeps on keeping on with grace, humor, while delighting millions "her way" in her style.

Happy Birthday beloved woman of great humor and even greater messages for the world to get with in living their life better in so many ways.  From her love of animals to her love of people, she seems to be one that it would be easy to sit with, easier to learn from on the road of life. As she has been known to say, "we spend a lot of time laughing, it sure beats the alternative". She is right on that!  Seems we all have always been with Betty White on the screens; and she has always been the same Betty White! Never aging, only getting finer tuned as the years go by.

 She has filled the living rooms of millions for so many years, it seems she has become a family member for generations. Now we see her as the "spokesperson" for so many groups, the advocate of causes small and large. Her name, her smile, her zest for life along with her thoughts.  Oh how I love her thoughts!

 She will call things as she sees them; she has earned that through her life. She is after all, Betty White! She wants us to have a wonderful life built on integrity I do believe, realizing that if we water our own grass, it will be greener, leaving us better positioned to then help our neighbors based on our own ability to see better clearer while realizing each to their own in the great scheme of things. Betty is connected to the animals, her friend the gorilla CoCo and their wonderful bonding, the animals that talk to her and her ability to hear them. Her ability to be grounded in all the craziness of the world while maintaining humor above all else. Balance is the word perhaps. She is just downright funny. Her take on politics? the world of men in power and their desire to control a woman's body/vagina? She has been quite vocal on that as well, while making no mistake her thoughts on most if not all things current. Yep, gotta love her! She is Betty White! 

From the Mary Tyler Moore show to the Golden Girls and far beyond... This woman has moved thinking, has entertained, has maintained in a world of here today and gone tomorrow. She has buried friends, loved ones, has grieved and mourned more than most will ever live long enough to see. She has and does live her life wide open in hope, humor, happiness. What's not to love about Betty White and that wise wisdom? "If you have no sense of humor you are in trouble" says Betty. I agree.  Not only is she funny, but from some of her quotes I have to wonder at times if she is also psychic! 

Happy Birthday Betty White, long may you live, love, and laugh!

Thank you for all that you are.

May we all laugh just a bit louder as we remember, think about, say thanks to this great lady for providing us all with a few laughs when we might have needed them most. She knows how to take you off your rocker at times. 92 years old today, she is still a badass! 

“All creatures must learn to coexist. That’s why the brown bear and the field mouse can share their lives in harmony. Of course, they can’t mate or the mice would explode.” Betty White

Harmony, longevity, and world peace explained by Betty White... so then, rise up and outshine the sun.

Walk in beauty,


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fluff said...

Hello Dr. Sherry - wishing you and very happy and peaceful Friday.

Happy Birthday Betty White - thank you for the laughter, smiles, tears and compassion. You are an awesome lady. Have a wonderful day