Friday, January 3, 2014

The NorEaster has Hit

January is coming in with a blast of that cold stuff, the white stuff, the ICE as the NorEaster has hit in a big way. The lastest news is asking folks to stay inside as I sit here noting the cold front has hit Florida as well. Wait, this is the sunshine state as we had temps drop overnight, the need for jackets, outside heaters, and even heat inside last night. Oh aching backs will be heard of in many states as those shovels are brought out and hopefully the fancy snowblowers that Santa brought to those in need. The news looks dreadful as much of the land from Ontario down and across is under winter alerts... Stay safe and warm folks, it sure does look cold and threatening all over the lands.

The New Year is coming in strong for so many with hopes for good health, happiness, new goals, ambitions, intentions, prosperity and a new way of walking.  It's the follow through that seems to be the hiccup.  Often it's the snow plows that run folks over or leave a bundle of snow in the path making it difficult to maneuver the path that people have intended to walk.  Old triggers, old patterns, old hooks from others seem to snag or drag or run over the plan that gets put in place. Signs get distorted by snow, sleet, ice.. mixed messages get sent laden with emotions that get in the way of rational thoughts making vision difficult at times. Sometimes reactions take over when actions are needed.  People forget to breathe in and exhale before looking within, looking up in making decisions that will keep them on their new course of action that is intended, with the sign of direction that is planned for betterment of lives.  In that moment, at times, we need to stop everything, to remember, to set our focus based on what has been, what is, what needs to be.  Then walk on. Sometimes the easy way is through what has been the hard way. Who in the world would want to take the hard way all over again? Been there, done that, got the scars.

Snow storms, each flake different, the size, the weight, the beauty ... yet, each storm has the potential for harm, if not careful. Those storms command respect, icicles pretty to look at, dangerous to stand under... as is life.  All needing balance, all requiring people to establish healthy boundaries in order to live through and with.  Sometimes life throws us serious storms, unexpected, old issues from the past, attempts to drag us through the SOS all over again with promises "it will be different, it will be better, whatever you say, however you say, ahh you will feel so guilty if you don't do this or that"... THen out of the blue, that icicle will fall... the snow plows will come leaving the huge pile in front of your drive... and kabam, before you know it, things are the hard way all over again.

Are ya feeling me here? Some storms we can prevent... the NorEaster and the snow we cannot, but we can do all we can to stay safe, warm, to respect all who are in it by lending prayers, thoughts, and good intentions while living our lives.  (sounds like a Gumpism doesn't it)?  We can control us, our thoughts, our intentions, setting our goals, our boundaries and being our best selves while working our individual plans in our lives with enthusiasm, zest, hope and happiness through our own storms, blasts of cold and warmth within.

 For this Friday, that is the hope, the inspirational message. The winter is upon us, the warmth of the fire is burning brightly, the embers are hot.  Sage is filling the air with hopes for each person to step outside their comfort zone enough to reach for greatness while standing strong in their values, beliefs, and self respect.

As Forest Gump would say, "If you put your money where your mouth is, you will look very strange to people"

Walk in beauty,

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Anonymous said...

and Happy New Year...
love the words you have shared with us on this cold and very blustery day here in our sunshine state..
yep, been there done that !
sums it up quite handily for me ..
perspective is the key to handling the piles of snow and other proverbial dumpings of life..
looking within and then reaching out..
paying it forward in all ways that I am able this year.. this day .. one day at a time ~
thank you Doc for all that you give so freely..
from the warmth of my heart , I wish all a safe and warm day ~
blessings in the gales and may the butterfly dance on your
snowbank !!
sign me , ♥