Saturday, January 25, 2014

Time to ramp up "Happy"

It's cold... bad things happen to good people. Grief is a hard arduous journey. Hearts bend, but do not break. The news we watch is fraught with "awfulness personified". We often feel and are unable to change things as we absorb the worst of humanity, the actions of others that change lives in a hot second. We sit and shake our heads and wonder out loud or to ourselves, "how can this happen, when will it stop".

It's like watching a hamster on crack with a wheel that is ever turning, but the people are constantly changing, the wheel is moving into communities, cities and across the world while we view it from home, or in our cars listening.

We nurture our own, in our families and sit astounded when we see and hear lies, untruths, and the results that are so far removed from what our dreams for another become. The choices of others, the blame games, the guilt that is felt when all goes wrong... Our bodies, soul, spirit and minds get overloaded from intimate relations to world wide events; from youth to adults and we wonder...

We forget basic realities; the Universal Oneness that makes us connected. The light that burns within us, that gives us the ability to rise during storms of life, through times of great tragedy, through seeing life in all its grace and splendor.

We forget that happiness is ours, if we pause to claim it, to own it, to choose it.  In the best of times, the worst of times, we have that capacity within us, to get us through, to enhance the quality of our lives right here right now.

I think it's time for people to be happy again.

It's time for people to laugh out loud again.

It's time for people to look themselves in the eye through the mirror again; not at their hair, but at their character, at their lips that move when speaking to another. Maybe it's time to record voices to hear the tone of the message, to hear the impact that may be felt while heard from another, the very imprint that is going from vocal chords to heart chords.

It's time, more than ever to come together in ways unimagined in Unity. To stop the party line hatred and unite as one people who fly the same flag of Red/White and blue.

It's time more than ever to bring back some of the lost rituals that used to bring communities together in faith, fellowship, friendship, and kindness.


It's time to stop making excuses for our children, our brothers and sisters, colleagues who outright do the wrong thing.  Now more than ever we see someone who does wrong and the next words from the mouths of lawyers and T.V. hosts we hear is "mental illness".  Mental illness is now being spread like butter to excuse behavior that is wrong, fundamentally wrong but a convenient plea in a time that seems the world has lost its mind.

We watch the likes of a spoiled kid who made it big; the new term "affluenza"; Justin Beiber, Miley... we see the press over and again, the result of poor choices, bad behavior and those who think they are above it all. Next words: too much pressure, rehab, mental illness.

Let's try to say things how they are, try truth, overindulgence, responsibility, accountability.

Let's work for getting into our happy place and refusing entry to anything or anyone that tries to invade the space with less than.

Follow through is key; it's time to take back the night, take back the days where the light within spreads to all making them shine better, laugh louder, dance harder.

It's time to ramp up the happy, to dance with wild abandon, to come into your own on a wrecking ball of joy, amazing grace into your own.

That's my thoughts, and I'm stickin to em'!  
Be kind, be joyous, be real, be happy!

 Walk in beauty,

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