Friday, January 24, 2014

Turn your radios ON, Jan 30th

Modern technology has made it easy to connect on the radio. The lovely news is that Chaz Wesley contacted me from Tulsa OK, and asked that I join him live on his radio show on Jan 30th at 5pm CST, so I'll be at the ready, here in Fl, as we connect from here to there on his show. 
 I'll be live on radio Jan 30th with Rev. Chaz Wesley, at 5pm CST. Chaz has a radio show called "From Grief to Grace". He let me know that the show will be titled, "Krumpled Kleenex" (think he pulled that one from Healing Heartaches!) I'm honored.  

For those who wish to listen to the broadcast as it airs live, the link is: 

I Look forward to knowing you'll be listening! JAN 30TH, 2014... 

From grief to grace is often a journey that begins with a diagnosis, a journey that may begin with a phone call, a journey that may begin with the loss of dreams, hopes, the loss of the "way it was, the way it was supposed to be, the way it was planned." It is sometimes through darkness, through stumbling, through hitting your knees when too weak to stand...
OR it may just be that grace takes one through loss, grief and growth. It is individual, it is the movement of energy through the Universal connection of something much greater than ourselves ...

I am looking forward to shared time with Chaz; I met him in KS long ago when speaking for Stephen Bright and KS Comfort Keepers ... He is in Tulsa doing great things, sharing his light with so many there. The show will will be filled with spirit, with music I am sure he has planned and by now he has read Healing Heartaches that I sent to him, hopefully he has read Down The Hallway as well.

From Grief to Grace, from Grace through Grief; it will be a time of connection, I'll be listening for you there...

Jan. 30th 2014 at 5:00 CST.

on Unity Online Radio Weekly, just click the link above to join in

 Rev. Chaz Wesley
Transformational Coach
Tulsa OK.

May you be warm today, be safe today, be bombdiggedity in all ways ... 

Walk in beauty,
author of:
Down The Hallway
Healing Heartaches
Chronic Pain; Hand in Hand


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