Monday, January 27, 2014

Where but the Grammy's...

Oh my goodness, The Grammy Awards, 2014, now the glitter, the awards are done for another year... We can all say that either we watched it, we were there, or we watched the Pro Bowl, or... we just didn't care at all!

One thing rings true through today, where but the Grammy's could you ever see and hear such diversity?  Where could you ever watch such change in action, hear through your own experiences music that has changed through the years as we must remind ourselves, 'sex sells' in every venue of our world. With that being said, there are some very beautiful bodies who sing these days, who leave little for the imagines of those who watch while straining to hear the lyrics of the song.  They sure don't make music or entertainers like they used to I remarked to a friend last evening. Guess you have to call me "old school" in that way. 

Beyonce stunned the world when she secretly released her latest CD, now that it has skyrocketed with little done except her name, she is on top. Her stage presence was larger than life, her acrobatics and sexual aura delighted many and offended others. JayZ joined her and their love for each other was sensual, was electrical, and again many loved it, while others decided it was not suitable for family viewing... One thing is certain, she is a woman who stays in the gym, and has a stretch of her legs that many cannot fathom... She also has done some remarkably great and wonderful things off the stage and in clothes for kids with cancer by the way.

 The millions who viewed her had much to say as social media lit up, the comments, the opinions... I was more struck that I had trouble understanding the lyrics... and a bit envious that my body has never had the ability for that agility!

Truth be told, I had only decided to attend the Grammy's from my couch to see Willie Nelson, Kris together ... joined by Merle Haggard and Blake Shelton. I remember the original outlaws, the Highwayman; with Waylon and Johnny Cash; their music, the good times that they shared through three cords and a story. It's great that Kris received the Lifetime Achievement Award while he is still living and it was not lost on me that these legends were sharing a stage with rappers, hip hop, new generations of song... Along with Sir Paul, Ringo together once again, as Yoko Ono looked on from the audience. Carole King did a remarkable job, her look her voice, the memories she brought back through the years! 
Seems Willie just wasn't on long enough, or that maybe he should have sang "Roll me up and smoke me when I'm gone"... just for laughs and great times!

It was quite the night it seems as rolling cameras panned the audience, as we now hear of the mass marriage of love occurred by the Queen Latifah!  Even Keith Urban shed a tear or several as rings were exchanged during that remarkable event, that had twitter blowing up with wonderful or hate filled remarks!  Ah, controversy plugged into music, into celebrations and awards... the connections of music being the greatest healer of all things and people. Can you imagine the love that was felt by so many while viewed by over 100 million... the validation, the feeling that must have been felt in that space?

Then of course there was PINK... now talk about an entrance! I was just astounded, as we not only watched her but listened to her as well. A body that is as fine tuned as her voice, both combined a force to reckon with, as she twirled and swirled from the air to the floor... truly a highlight of the night! For me anyway...

 Cirque meets the Emmy's meets a body that won't stop meets PINK... The audience seemed to love it, to reach for her to spin her round and round. How is it, she never lost a note, never seemed breathless, never seemed dizzy?
Just one heck of an entertainer I have to say, and I did get the lyrics! Talk about "core strength", that woman must spend 6 hours a day with a trainer, and train in her sleep on top of that. Impressed I was... and a joy to watch! Thanks Pink, for the show... I stand amazed.

 There were times though I could not understand a word of songs, times I was afraid that folks on the stage were having convulsions as I watched their heads go backwards at odd times and violently come forward and then back again... It happened with more than one act, so now I have to think it is a new style, a new dance, a new move. Taylor Swift did it at the piano... a group did it dressed in white to the resounding beats of drums... (I couldn't hear a word of the song though). The young 17 year old Lorde who won an award, though I thought her 40, she made body awkward movements that had me frightened for her safety, I didn't get that, and a look that appeared came from a dark place.  I hope she was having the best time of her young life though. From legends of years ago, to those I did not know, to those I hear from time to time, it was quite the night for all.

 Remember when?  What do you think of the music now?  

 Daft Punk won album and record of the year honors for the album "Random Access memories" and the single "Get Lucky" featuring Pharrell Williams and Nile Rodgers.Pharrel looked like he stole Smokey the Bear's hat for the Grammy's!  Did we ever think we would watch a show that had Sir Paul, Ringo, Willie Nelson, Kris Kristoppherson and robots sharing the same stage? I sure can't say that I did, nor how they could breathe in those things!

Life, music, soul inspiring lyrics... so interconnected in so many ways. Thinkin' I will just stay with all of it, but perhaps skip the newness of lyrics I can't hear or understand for a bit... I love music that speaks to me, artists that show me their style, their souls knowing that their songs speak to them in ways unimagined. When I watched Keith Urban play last night, how he "feels" music, I got that, I felt it with him... His love of music, his passion. When Patti Labelle takes to the stage, she is the music, the story, the storyteller, the soul of music.  Fully dressed, all present, the "true diva" of song.  They don't make em like that anymore.

When Willie Nelson strikes the strings of Trigger that guitar, you know he has been there, he has walked the walk... and you are about to walk the walk with him, through his words... That is the Universal Connection of healing, of song, of the beat of the drum.

Oh what a night those Grammy's were... As JayZ said after receiving his, "I got you a new gold bowl to drink from Blue".  Let the music play on, as it moves you today and always.

(that's a wrap( from one writer who almost fell asleep at the end!

Walk in beauty,

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Dot/Mom/Cob said...

Good job Dr. SES, my thoughts exactly. The only thing worth watching was Willie, Chris, Merle and Blake. I could have listened to them all night. Pink did a great job she must be beautiful shape lifting that man off the floor. Not missing a beat with her song and like you said you could hear the lyrics. That girl you were talking about must have been to Colorado or somewhere to make her act like a fool. What a shame. Taylor I sorta liked your song but whats with the hair thing? I thought you too was having some kind of attack. I surely thought the girl that was jerking around was having a seizure. Beyounce I used to like you but after that surprise video and showing your buns last night forget about it. What has happened to our real stars of music? I bet Kate Smith would turn over in her grave, you do know who Kate Smith was dont you? I did love Ringo and Paul and loved them holding hands there has been so much said about them not liking each other. Sorry I still dont like Yoko I would really like to take those glasses off her. ha. Enough said I dont intend to watch Grammys again. Blessings to all