Sunday, October 18, 2009

Brrrr. there is a chill in the morning air

In the morning light stretch before you get up... as soon as your eyes open to greet the day, as soon as your feet touch the floor feelings begin to fill our thoughts! Not only do they critique our circumstances, but in a heartbeat they also decide if this is a good day or if it should be one of apprehension. This is the moment to get out of your head and into your gut! The exact time to claim the "warrior within" and to be powerful. Stand quiet in those feelings while painting on the canvas of your day; the way you want it to look, to feel, to smell and to be.
You can tell the misinformed feelings that they are not acceptable to YOU, that you have painted a different day for yourself than days past or moments past. It is a NEW DAY, it is your day... A day for you to make a choice that can allow you to experience happiness and healing above all other choices. A new day that you are controlling right now with your feet planted on the floor, stretching and claiming your warrior within. A new day that you are able and capable of engaging in, embracing and making changes where changes may be needed. These are the times that make a person go against routine, move out of comfort zones and take control of what they want, need, desire in their lives. A time of building and re-building the minutes and hours as they discern appropriate or that just "feel right" for the time, bringing about body-mind-spirit connections.
"When I make peace, it is a long and lasting one. The is no end to it." (Santana)
Taking control of our lives;our struggles,joys, losses, grief, hope and healing is a sign of growth. A desire to want more, and to re-gain balance in our world. It is a choice we make of how we spend our days. The daylight and darkest of nights can be frightening times. The hottest days of summer and the coldest of the winter morning can be painful when feeling out of sorts and forgetting that we do have the option to choose how to think, act, feel about our present and future situation and still honor what was and who we have and do continue to love.
Walk in Beauty.

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