Thursday, October 22, 2009


I opened my emails this morning and to my surprise I had many, many emails! It seems everyone has some great thoughts for me today. Each fantastic in there own way. Some commenting on yesterday's blog, thinking it funny but inspirational, I liked those comments muchly. Some sent great ideas for Healing Heartaches, Stories of Loss and Life, suggesting title changes... oops too late for that now! But I do appreciate the ideas, maybe next book!
But then....
the emails came from the experts: you know the ones... from consulting gurus, people who market for you, tell you how to be happy, how to enrich your life, increase your sales of your book, those that will help you achieve wealth, security, bliss.... Wow, it is a day to be sure.
Now I have to wonder... if people are making six and seven figures telling me how to prosper and find my bliss; well, why must I pay for a stranger to help ME find what I have WITHIN ME???
Maybe it's me, but why are we looking outside for something that resides deep within?
I understand and have been a longtime advocate for talk-therapy to assist along the journey of re-connecting with mind-body-spirit when facing times of dis-equilibrium (transition, change, loss, trauma, grief). But, I am becoming more and more concerned when reading and receiving constant mailings from people offering me free tips and advice and then selling me things for $1.00 + $4.95 shipping to enhance my life!  C'mon now... let's think about this.  I've recently heard more and more people claim that they are responsible for Jack Canfield's success of his Chicken Soup for The Soul than one can imagine and Jack seems to be doing quite well for himself, with hundreds of thousands of followers along the way! There appears to be a great longing for the right words, the right insights that we long to hear, things that will magically help us to achieve what we feel we are lacking somehow. Could it be that we have forgotten we are WARRIORS WITHIN?
It is time to claim our Warrior Within, knowing that it is ours and ours alone. No one will ever know you as well as you do. Stand UP, move and know that you hold the key to you , the riches to you life. You do not need someone else's words to give you permission to stand for you. Those are your rights, your freedoms, your journeys to live.
I am reminded of the recent sweat lodge tragedy in Arizona where lives were lost as a result of a man making huge sums of money from people while promising personal enlightenment. He conducted a Native American sacred ceremony without respect of Native American tradition or people with 60 people in a sweat lodge, disregarding safety, tradition, culture... lives were lost needlessly. Why?

"I had a dream...that the maker of all was Wakan honor HIm, I must honor his works.  (Brave Buffalo)  We are His works and it is good. I wish you enough.
Walk In Beauty.

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jgrusso1 said...

thats right ! we have the power within -we are the power ! if you have to "pay" for advice its surely a scam and not sincere to say the least. Instead of lining the scammers pockets , how about giving that money to a family in need in your community, there it will be appreciated and hopefully payed forward.