Monday, October 26, 2009


Having just celebrated my birthday I am thinking of so many things and feeling blessed on this most beautiful day! I have decided that life is so magnificent I will just continue the celebration until the end of the month; celebrating with friends both old and new; those I have known for most of my life and those I have never met except on the lines of this wonderful technology of email/facebook and even that silly game called Mafia Wars!  People are so open and receptive to befriending each other and offering well wishes when online. Yes, dear readers, even a trauma and grief specialist now has to admit, it is quite fun to rally the family and "ice" someone for their bad deeds! hahaha.... and of course I am available to provide support and counsel to the grieving families left behind. Keep in mind now... It is just a game! There is no tears without laughter, no grief without joy....
And so it is.... In a world of fast paced living, heartaches needing healed., balance needing to be restored, laughter needing to be heard..
In a world that does its best to make us a little fuzzy around the many edges; some people still manage to have bold outlines.  They know WHO they are ~~~~ They know WHAT they are about ~~~ They know what they can GIVE.  And just like them, just like YOU... the gifts are BOLD, BRIGHT and they are BEAUTIFUL!
So my friends, those of you who I have and have not met...
as I continue to celebrate life, my birthday and all that there is around me, I give you these gifts:
The gift of remembering and celebrating you! Not just today, but every day.
YOU can be the someone who does not compromise on being the person that only you could be!
YOU can be The person who doesn't hold back and isn't afraid to play and dance in the rain!
YOU are The person who freely shares the gifts that only you can give!
YOU are The person who embraces the Warrior Within!
YOU can be The person who finds the balance between healing and heartaches; laughter and tears, grief and joy....
While Discovering body-mind-spirit connection..... living and loving your life with pure intention and mindfulness.

Walk In Beauty friends.

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