Saturday, October 17, 2009


A Cherokee Leader once said, "it is important to have a vision that is not clouded with fear."
Perhaps this statement could be well taken in the journey of life, struggle, challenge, loss, grief and the path to healing.  Remember a time when we were able to see beyond the impossible by enjoying a vision of how we wanted things to be, how we wished things to be, how we wished things to stay?
As children we could do this or that and it brought unlimited joy (if only to ourselves at that moment in time). It seemed that life reacted freely... but then we had to go and grow up! We learned to love and to invest, we became "civilized", and for some of us our visioned "narrowed" in the process. We should try to re-establish our relationship with the child within and the visions of wonderment we once knew then.
Many times in our path through life; in challenge, struggle, new beginnings, loss, grief and healing it would seem that we develop the vision of a traumatized mouse. ONLY seeing up close and unable to focus beyond the intensely painful moment that we are currently finding ourselves in. We ricochet off walls desperately searching for the security that we once knew looking for that little hole to retreat to. Sometimes the vision is just too narrow to see.
Learning to expand our vision, to see through different eyes is the task. Learning to view our life; our challenge, struggle, new day, love, loss, grief and healing through the eyes of the eagle will give us the needed perspective to grow and heal. It will nurture the warrior within, allowing us to look in the mirror and see ourselves with a new appreciation.
Through the eyes of the Eagle we can see where we've been, we can focus on that which needs our immediate attention and we can have a grand look at the bigger picture, by seeing LIFE, and we can see it all while soaring to new heights. 
There are few things ever spelled out along the journey, but soaring with the Eagle will allow you to focus on what you need, what you want, and the belief that you are a proud survivor in all that you do. To open yourself up and look through different eyes takes courage, strength and willingness.
"There was a time...our wants were within our control...we saw noting we could not get." (Sharitarish)
Walk In Beauty.

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Jean said...

I am enjoying and learning from your blog posts, Sherry. May you walk in beauty as we learn...
Your friend Jean