Tuesday, October 27, 2009


We are forever in transition, continually moving; changing directions, doing differently, liking the changing seasons and storms often more than we could have ever imagined. If we were to stop and take some nice deep breaths, maybe think about where we've been and where we might be headed... we would know that if is required of us it is only to be flexible! Not just flexible in seeing things in more than one color; one ideal, one belief... but bending without breaking. Knowing that we can see chaos around and not fall down under it!  It is our duty, or as the Cherokee would write, our "a da du da lv ned di" (obligation), to Move and Bend., without creating a rift in our own soul and spirit, thereby maintaining our mind-body-spirit connection.
After all, you and I both know that a house cut in to cannot stand! We are not so different than that visual you just held in your minds' eye.
However far we might stray in any direction, we must get it back together in our own house, the house within... we must bond with the law of our own spiritual being, which is to love our-self allowing us to love others' richly and without limits or condition. The journey and struggles through life, love, heartaches and healing will challenge you, your beliefs and all that you can imagine. At times it is a difficult journey to be sure. Be gentle with yourself while remembering the willow in the wind, STRONG ENOUGHT TO BEND without breaking. Enjoy the beautiful breezes on this fall day of October.
"I take you by the hand with all my heart... you have spoken comfort to us" (Little Beaver's Wife)
Walk In Beauty


Lizzy said...

Thank you for that...as always, you seem to say just the right thing at the right time. *HUGS*.."Your" Lizzy

dvakam said...

So very true cuz~~

Janeth said...

Wise words... Thank you for sharing... Love always.

chris said...

very topical--thank you it's not what you say but how you say it

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the "willow" image. Especially today. Bending as necessary. Strong enough...
Not always tough, but always strong enough.
Important self-speak.
Thank You

Anonymous said...

Thank you Sherry,
Empowering message again today. Here I was only seeing the drizzling rain and you see the breeze and the willow. To view the world through you view is more beautiful.
Only You,