Monday, October 19, 2009


The colors of fall are showing themselves, proud like a peacock in some places to be sure! Will we be ready to focus our Eagle eyes in order to see the splendor, the glory of the days ahead? Can we see the forest through the trees? A newborn doe can't walk sure footed or focus their sight too well in the beginning... mastery takes time for all. The doe that was so peculiar looking, awkward but oh so cute, will move step-by-step and then bolt and run when least expected~~~~ All the energy used to inspire provides humankind the power necessary to achieve mastery, to move step-by-step through any journey we encounter; if we will choose to allow it. Often the endeavor to move is emulated by a moment of respite, an emergence of renewed hope, found energy and then without fanfare we take a big breath and get moving again, we sometimes even "bolt" into action~!
Every new sunrise becomes a little easier, each step a little more sure, and every nightfall less pain-filled. But in the daylight, we become keenly aware of the beauty that surrounds us, the majesty of the crimson and orange leaves as they fall to the ground. We become aware, sometimes painfully aware of the change to brrrrr, from the warmth of the sun in the summer that we knew.
Then there comes a time of transformation and change; growth and confidence in the abilities that have taken time to see and focus with our own eyes. There are many such circumstances that continue to challenge our very beings, just as there are with the four-leggeds. It is all part of the sacred circle of life, the disposition of things; that will pain us, challenge and change us. Each step toward loss and life, growth and healing, that we may enhance our vision. All helping us to engage and witness the splendor of life, remembering colors, while having protection and solace in our memories. We can again notice beauty that has been postponed and choose to dance in the brisk fall sunlight and play in the leaves of change. We may see change and heartache as not so threatening, not so overwhelming. We've chosen to move, to rest, to renew and to take control of our journey and heal. The journey continues, we are restoring balance to our worlds. The power of hope and healing will intensify our endurance as we walk differently than ever imagined while embracing the colors of change.
"Whatever the gains, whatever the loss, they are yours." (Five Wounds)

Walk In Beauty

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