Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Home to Tropical Storm Debby and the waters

after a flight on my favorite airline
that felt more like a bumpy horsey that you put a quarter in as a child.
Remember those?
But this one felt like one that had gone very wrong as the turbulence just got rougher
and the flight attendants were told to take their seats and buckle their seat belts!
A week of...
Only for the strangest of the strange to happen on the day I was to fly home on Sunday!
As we were headed out the door I glanced again at the boarding pass on my phone; after talking to DLB and hearing of the horrors of the storm and all that was happening on the home front;
and a little date jumped out and hit me between the eyes....
The date of my flight home
on that boarding pass in the middle of Tropical Storm Debby
stated "JULY 1"
Olivia let go of my suitcase with a thud; Joan said "Ohhhh are you kidding me Nana?"
I said, "something is just not right here".
Yet, in my heart of hearts I knew
that somehow in the hurry of booking this late minute trip my trusty assistant, or spirit had taken over.
Calls were made, we were on hold,
DLB was working on this end.
Flights into Tampa were being cancelled left and right,
ultimately I got an extra day with my girls!
Now Spirit works in ways to take care of you, once the shock wears off that never ever have we booked a trip wrong on this end given as much as I travel.
BUT, this time the return home date
was a week off!
And; while in MD enjoying my girls, I had no idea Debby the tropical storm was having a her way with folks on the gulf; flooding streets and homes, and destroying things in the process. Wrecks on the roads, the big ole Skyway Bridge being closed; folks on Siesta Key stranded there with no way back to the mainland (including our warrior here FIRM) who is now probably crafting a boat from palm fronds and swimming to get home! 
And then I spoke to DLB
who let me know
that she had drained the pool 4 times in rain that was so hard here she could not see; had set up buckets to catch rain from the gutters that was pouring over it and dumping it into the pool to keep it away from the house edge.
Then resorting to coolers cos it held more; our grass not visible as it was a swamp land holding waters that fell to the 10 + inches mark.
and when she was able to sit and take a break inside, she found herself wondering and admiring how shiny the hardwood floors were near the fireplace,
only to look closer
Was it coming through the chimney wall? The concrete slab that our home is built on?
Whatever the answer, she and the 4 leggeds were here to deal; and the towels were being used to wick up that water 24 hours with no sleep, to run out and empty the cooler that filled with ease from the remarkable rains, and dump in a poooll that was overflowing, and run out to the pump and then hit the magic valve to empty the pool of inches and inches of water,
to run in and open screen doors and sweep water and its onslaught of waters nearing the glass doors of the home outward of the home.
All the while I had not a clue of
Tropical Storm Debby
and her fierceness in MD
as we looked on the news,
laughed and enjoyed our extra day together, and thought about the strangeness of the flight issue.
We enjoyed each breath, each beautiful moment together.
I got the opportunity to see Olivia at a swim meet; getting up at 6am to be at that pool with more people in purple on one day than you can imagine!
Parents and kids, swimmers
WATER, sun, volume of voices and cheering.
And I had no idea what all was happening here at home
even after talking to DLB
I could not imagine as it sure sounded like a Hurricane to me!
Olivia swimming with the face of a warrior!
Once we talked more;
we all came to the conclusion that I was NOT meant to be on a flight to Tampa Sunday; DLB was not meant to be on the dangerous roads on Sunday with winds and rains that did not allow you to see 5 feet in front of you.
We were being protected
and that was a good thing.
Poor DLB had to get through the worst of it with the aide of 4 leggeds and they don't pick up coolers and buckets; don't do well with towels or use of dryers.
They bark at thunder, they track itty bitty foot prints into the home but they stick close.
And after a bumpy ride home,
I was ready to kiss the ground of Tampa; knowing I would be home
to help and to do, and to see.
I was amazed when I saw such fierce and angry white caps in Tampa Bay;
water that caused spray coming over the bridges and hitting cars from such a distance.
On little streets that were washed out as we heard about tornado warnings, and a life taken in the storm and houses now gone.
the News reported that Debby is "lingering"
and we looked at the beautiful calm bayou at the end of the street;
as it rose and crossed the street;
at folks who still managed to attempt to drive with water over the wheel wells and the spray that came up and over their SUV's
assessed the damage to those hardwoods, and drained the pool in winds that sound beautiful
while looking at debris in the yards around the neighborhood.
Remembering that this
is a 
in hurricane season 2012.
 Yep, I'm thinking it was a good thing to have that extra day with my girls in MD,
but it is good to be home
and today I see the sun
And the winds are HOwling.
This is the end of my street
where the Beautiful Bayou
decided to come on across the street...
 Wishing all a day of joy,
of safety,
of holding on to that which make you feel BUOYANT

Walk in Beauty
"it's good to be home"


Mom/Dot said...

Wow it scares me to see all of that water so close to your home. I have been glued to the TV watching and wondering where Debby is going and when would she go away. I am not sure I would be any good under that condition. I would want to climb a tree but looking at the trees bending over I dont think that would work out. I am glad you are home and safe. Hope DLB does not have to go out in the streets that are flooded and bridges closed today. I am praying for those people who have lost their lives and their homes. I hope FIRM gets off the island soon. I would bet she would make a boat and push it across the island to get home now. Nothing will hold her back. I have missed her here on the blogs. I bet she has a lot to tell us when she returns. Hope she has pictures. Blessings to all today and always. Glad you are back home and safe.

Irene M said...

Waiting out the storm here on the key. Cannot and do not want to return home. Neighbors checking on my house. Quite exciting to see our calm GULF roaring 10-14 ft.
Paid up till this Saturday, but might extend.
Sign me: a FIRM believer in Mutha
Nature's fury

DrSES said...

Well it looks like Dot/Mom/Cob pulled FIRM from the island to the puter here!!!

Talk about some influence... yep that is Dot/Mom/Cob! way tooo gooo!

Good to know you are safe Irene, and that all is ok for you there stranded on the Island, enjoying the view... our calm and lovely gulf is like the Atlantic on steroids it seems as Debby has her way.. Be safe and don't forget your way home when you are safe to return...
Blessings to all who gather here...

fluff said...

Dr. Sherry, so good to hear from you and you are back home safe. I hope Debby is slowing down now. My nephew, in Tampa, sent us a video on Sunday of Debby's furry. That was not good. I pray that any damages made will be fixed quickly. You be safe Irene and enjoy that extra time you have. Wishing each one here a peace filled day. /Sandy♥

Dot/Mom/Cob said...

Ok Irene, the next time you will take me with you. My nephew and his friends and family is supposed to leave here this Fri. and come to Siesta Keyes. What do you think? Should they come and will they be safe? Dont want nothing happening to our boy. Glad you are safe and having a good time. You must let me know when you are leaving I have worried about you. Take care, have fun and dont forget to write. Blessings to all.